Lo spaventoso uomo bianco [SPECIALE HALLOWEEN]

It looks like a page from… Slenderman… AHHHHHHH ZEN: Ok bois, let’s film this video DANIEL: Come on! Look what I’ve found! There’s another one here! Wait, there is one here as well It’s probably just a prank Well, let’s get ready to shoot Welcome to The Lazy Sun’s
Halloween Special! Tonight we’re in a dark forest inhabited by spirits, fairies, werewolves,
witches and much more! That’s why we brought here
our favourite expert: Dr. de Sanzis Dr. de Sanzis, what happened to you? Don’t worry, I’m fine These are just fake vampire-teeth Thank God! What’s today’s topic? Today we’re talking about vampires
and how to defeat them They are extremely dangerous As they are known to turn into llamas
and spit on their victims And they drink people’s blood, who then
become vampires themeselves… But how can we defeat
such terrible creatures? To keep them at bay
you can use holy water But Wa’er will work just fine Or you can use garlic For example I’ve eaten 5 bruschette
before coming here And we can smell that indeed… But wait, there’s more To kill a vampire you need
to puncture its heart With a wooden stick Or expose it to sunlight And then… I’m sorry Dr. de Sanzis
but we ran out of time again No, no… Goodbye! And now it’s ads time At least no water this time… Is this holy water? IT BURNS! Your skin is so ugly
you can’t show yourself outside? Not even your mirror can stand your sight? Enough! New Dr. Acula’s wrinkle cream Full UV protection and a lifting effect For an immortal look I have to say this beauty cream is… Bloody expensive What is this? I’ll go check the generator I’m coming too “If you read this, you are dumb” Another page? Here’s another one Slenderman! It’s just a man with a mustache AAAAAHHHHH What was that? Again? Well, let’s move on with a peculiar guest He’s a famous Holliwood Star: Jonathan Dinnerbrain Good evening Thanks to everyone Welcome to our Halloween Spec… Oh, I’m so sorry I’m used to it Jonathan, you’re a professional actor
and you played many roles Sure, I started playing in “Dawn of the bread” Then I played a cameo in “The Walking Dad” I played more than 50 different roles How did you manage to interpret
so many different zobies? You know, directors think that
zombies are like chinese people We all look the same But you should never
work for free in Hollywod Everything there costs
an arm and a leg… Literally You also follow a very
strict diet, don’t you? I mainly eat brains Like this one But they’re getting harder and harder to find The other day I attended a
nationalist rally for lunch It was very disappointing I found nothing to eat There were tons of appetizers but not a single brain around And with all these people
going abroad for work There are no more brains here Study, get a degree and
keep on learning Or else what am I going to eat? Tofu Brains? Wait, how can we be shure that
you’re not gonna eat us? You’re a bunch of teenagers who make
videos on YouTube instead of studying All your neurons put toghether
wouldn’t make a full meal Special thanks to Jonathan Dinnerbrain But wait I’ve just been told that our trusty researcher
just made a new discovery During his studies in New Zealand Here’s the report Hello everyone I’m Nicholas Headvilla,
from Auckland’s university I’m going to talk about
our latest study We followed 2 packs of Koalas
which came here from Australia After a while they joined forces And formed… A KOALITION Slenderman is real We found more pages and
he appeared in front of us What? So you’re the one
scaring everyone here I thought you were taller Don’t give me that look Could you tell me where is the
“Porco Rosso” restaurant ? Pardon? The “Porco Rosso” restaurant Where they make pig-shakes? Exactly! So you’re telling me you were just
looking for directions? I’ve been roaming through the woods
for ten years Looking for someone to tell me Where’s the “Porco Rosso” restaurant This is so sad You needed help but you were discriminated
because of your look But I have a question for you How dare you come here and
ruin my show!? Security! And that’s all folks See you next time! Well, we made it once again Time to go home “Like and subscribe”

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