' Local Hero' by Belfast Poet Stephen Knox

this one is called local hero and it spurred a famous footballer from Northern Ireland he played for Burnley and was in the World Cup in 1958 for Northern Ireland so it's called local hero when I was just a boy I watched Jimmy MacElroy racing the grass of turf war the rhythm of his name matched the riches of his game in days when players pay was poor he's honored by a stand that looks across the land blessed by his soft and silky skill he played with perfect pitch moved like a Golden Snitch his memory goodbye it's worth Whiston when I was eight years old I scored the winning goal and danced a jig of victory joy as I became the man the hero not the fan just call me Jimmy McIlroy

3 thoughts on “' Local Hero' by Belfast Poet Stephen Knox

  1. Great job well done thanks for sharing 👍👍🇬🇧

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