London Airport – Kids’ Poems and Stories With Michael Rosen

London Airport Once my brother said “why don’t we go to London airport for your birthday treat?” “We could spend all day there, London airport looking at the planes it will be great.” “Yeah,” said my mum. “it’ll be great.” Mum Said yes, so we took sandwiches and chocolate and drinks; I was really looking forward to it. When we got there, my brother found out that there was this bus that you could go on. A kind of trip round the runways so you could get right close up to the big Jets “Great, really great” So he got the tickets and we got onto the bus and as we were getting on I said “Brian” “I wanna wee” So he goes “well you can’t now, This is the last bus today. It’s just about the go we won’t get on another one” Brian, I wanna wee So he goes look you can’t, you can’t now it’ll wait It’s not that long a time to wait. So we got on the bus started on the way we went the driver starts going “We’re coming through runway 4 now if you look to your right. You can see two planes” “I’m dying for a wee” I said “it’ll go away” says my brother. “I wanna wee.” I said “what’s the matter?” said the man in front. “He wants a wee” said my brother. “Well, you can wait, can’t you?” said the man. “No!” I said. “Well, don’t do it, here will you sonny?” He says “can we stop the bus?” I said “don’t be daft” says my brother “we’re on the end are we on the end of runway 4, You can’t do a wee on the end of runway four” and the bloke driving the bus goes “if you look out of your window; You can see a baggage truck”. “I’m going to wet myself,” I said. My brother says “look, there’s concord just think of something else will you?” “I can’t” I said “it’s hurting” “I’ve got to do it. I’ve got to do it.” The bus went on we saw more planes and more planes And more planes “You haven’t wet yourself, have you? my brother says. “No!” more planes more planes More planes “here goes” I said then the bus stopped. I rushed off the bus. I got to the toilet and Everything was lovely once again Wonderful, and then we went home mum, said “Did you have a good time boys?” and my brother said “it was great, really great” “and how about you?” She said to me. “How was your birthday treat?” Alright, I said Alright but I wanted a wee, and they wouldn’t let me” And I cried

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  1. Don't know why, but I could see the kid on his face! how weird is that?! That was yet another lovely poem and performance by Michael Rosen!

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  3. A similar thing happened to me when I was 8? I had to use the washroom but we were we gonna get home in five minutes. But my Dad and I eventually got home again.

  4. when you said runway 04 I could straight away tell you were referring to heathrow
    i am such a nerd

  5. I wish Michael would do an impression of a bus driver more often.

  6. Nothing worse than when your sibling enjoys your birthday treat more than you.


  8. you're the best
    can't believe i only saw these videos just recently.

    also, iwantawii

  9. I really felt that “and everything was lovely once again” when it happened.

  10. "Just going to an Airport and not going on a ✈! That's a bit pointless

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