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yes I'm on the committee of Lanna comedy writers I started coming a few years back and I was asked to join what is now a six person committee running it the start this year the purpose of the group is to support an offer a platform for other writers we get everyone from any ability from people who are just interested in comedy to people who have a lot of credits the comedy scene can be very closed off to new people and this is an option to bring something along where you know whatever level you're at you'll get it read and hopefully get some constructive criticism there's not many places like this in London where you can I regularly meet people who all have the themes or shared ambition and love of comedy and I've just written a sitcom and made it actually and I think we're coming here you'll see how other people are doing it and the structure of comedy and what works at the last matey two weeks ago we had an episode of what we hope will be around and comedy writer podcast called the Bureau of lost things my episode was Simons all of them really it's set in a fictional Bureau that deals with lost things whether actual or metaphorical for characters and they get up to certain antics and so forth even though it's not a science there are certain things that you learn just by being around it like how humor works and how people why people laugh so I think it is a bit of a craft and like there's people even in this group that I can get right but they don't send it because they don't know they don't want out there because it's hard it's so hard to get something back that says you know we didn't like it so it's not necessary the best people that make it if the people who just can handle happen who kept them again and again and again and that's why you shouldn't give up but at the same time I understand why people might not want to put it out there because you always going to get something with comedy it's so subjective you're always going to get people you don't like your stuff and don't understand so I think you have to be a little bit mental to be in it I started writing when I was about five my brother was born I wrote a comic starring him as the hero I mean for me writings always been a compulsion but in terms of writing comedy it's that old cliche of if you went to a rough school or a violet you lived in a violent neighborhood if you could make the bullies laugh then they wouldn't hate you as much and I think that's where it started and it sort of carried on after that but yeah so I've been writing a long time and not necessarily comedy you start off thinking oh you know my writing can change the world and then you end up just wanting to be read by someone we need a lot of luck all you need to just be so as it in because the one thing I think that differentiates people do make it and don't people who just don't give up and they like don't mind being rejected which is really hard if you're going for it like year after year it constantly being like this isn't for us this isn't funny that I hear that stuff is God you know but it must be a strong love because I still keep going for more rejection so there's something there you think of people like Robin Williams I sponsor yeah sort of got some relief for a comedy a performance for a long time but it doesn't buy all the depression I think what you know one of our comic geniuses in this country Spike Milligan though he'd have weeks when he'd just stay in bed and he don't weeks where he would just you know create this marvelous comic world and incredibly prolifically I think if yeah it's that whole tears of a clown cliche isn't it the number of stand-ups you're out there just depressed but on stage are the funniest people you'll ever see I do think that yeah one way of dealing with dark and difficult times is to try and joke about them but it's it's it's tricky because you know there are certain things that the environmental situation or conflict some of the things that are kind of the worst things in the world and destroying the planet but making them very funny by being so well observed and so slightly outlandish but not so outlandish it's texture out the real world comedy traditionally it's been a great way of pointing out the absurdities of the world by exaggerating them maybe comedy can make people think but whether it can change things is a bit your question

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