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  1. This is a terrific demo for slow-motion ASL. I'm glad I found this video today 🙂 Love love love the video. Sad ending though
    I have one question… when your left hand is "looking back" what is your right hand saying? is it representing different events stirring up? time passing? just curious. Thanks.

  2. Thank you! =)

    My right hand is saying "Falling" as in the rose's stem falling in air after I dropped it as I am looking back/reflecting. Its meaning is up to your interpretation. =)

    I tend to like to leave the meaning behind my ASL poem/stories to be left to people's own interpretations with their own personal experiences.

    Did you turn on the captioning when you viewed it? If not, try turning it on and see how much different it is from your initial viewing.

  3. thank you so much for the response! I did not have captions on when i watched it before. It really did change how it looks. 🙂

  4. Scott R. Miller – Interpretation of:  
    ALS LIT – Poetry Examination #2  – ASL Poem ThatSimple1Guy – Looking Back
    Looking Back – ASL Poem
                In the poem titled “Looking Back” We find a young man falling in love for the first time the world stops, feeling rejected the world continues.   
    There are a few features which capture the feeling and tone of the poem.  First the poem is performed in black and white; the person’s head is not visible we only one only sees the mouth and the torso throughout the performance.  The use of NMS is also nonexistent for effect.  Also we find that the woman and is always on the left of the presenter which gives a clear picture of where she is located.  Also I would like to point out that this poem is slow, relaxed and soft in tone.  There are no hard or fast actions of the poet.  This meter (tone) feature shows that this is a tender memory.  As to possibly say that love is wasted on youth.
    The poet uses meter in this poem for amazing effect.  We have the world going by the people talking walking, driving in their cars, birds flying life happening when our poet sees a beautiful woman.  The poet uses rhyme also by repeating the bird the people the cars for emphasis. Looking once people begin to slow, and then the world comes to a stop. Like a deep breath, that moment stops in time fixed radiant. The poet uses the lack of movement with eye to emphasize that the air itself is still and he is at in awe from the beautiful woman.  At 0:24 – 0:034.  I find the poets head movements very important.  The eye gaze in this poem allows the watcher to understand what is important and why this would be the only NMS/Use of space in the whole piece.
    One could argue that the rhythm would be the world going by in this poem until the world stops. Then the rhythm then changes to become the love for the woman.
                The woman exits and our poet finds a beautiful flower which he gives to the woman with a simple role shift poet becomes the woman who discards the flower which may  signify the discarded feelings of our poet who is looking back – falling, looking back – falling, looking back -falling in love.   This also looks like the sign alone therefore it could be interpreted by falling in love alone that the poets heart was broken alone. This rhyme feature is used to show that this happened over time silently.
                The final feature is the use of handshape fingerspelling of the word F O R G E T. Meaning that this is something that was deeply impacted.  The interaction between the poet and the woman will never be forgotten.  This could be never forget the sweet love I felt or the way you discarded me, or how it feels to fall in love for the first time.   The word friend is used at the end which means that it feels a bitter sweet ending and that the love is now gone but never forgotten.  

  5. I love watching this. I almost don't want to understand it. You may have inspired me to learn sign language so I can learn poetry. 🙂

  6. So beautiful and touching. The slowness makes it seem like you're still grieving over this lost love and how you want to be able to love someone deeply but when you're rejected your world seems to stop and the rest of the world goes on without you. A truly creative poem and I feel that this is something everyone should look at even if they don't know sign the beauty is in everything about this from the slowness to the Gray color. Thank you for this lovely poem it's simply amazing

  7. I’m so happy someone made a sign poem much easier for us (hearing impaired). To understand

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