Looking for Lazarus (Unsleeping City #5 – Part 2)

(static) (dramatic music) – I feel like you’re not
telling us something. – Yeah. – In what context did you meet him? Did you, I don’t know, get caught in a rat trap in his apartment? – Oh okay, let’s not be rude. – Yeah, let’s not– – Oh, I mean– – Was that rude? I’m on your page though, I’m sorry. – Apparently. – Kug, we’re not trying
to put you in a space you don’t wanna be put in, but we, I mean this is, this
needs to be something– – I wasn’t always a rat! (Ally gasps) – What? – What? (somber music) – I wasn’t always a rat. – You chose to be a rat? – I did.
– From what? – Were you like a parrot or a turtle? – No, I was a human, I was a guy. – [Lou] What? – [Siobhan] What? – You were a dude named Kugrash? – No. – That was exactly what my question was! – Exactly!
– It’s– – Who names their child Kugrash? – My name is not– – Were you like a stockbroker? – Yeah. – Really? – What was your name,
what’d your name used to be? – My name, my real name, is Bruce. – What?
– Bruce what, Bruce what? – Kugrich. – Okay, can I go on Google
and search Bruce Kugrich? – Yeah, go ahead and
make a investigate check. – This is huge for me. – This is crazy. – The idea that I’m looking at a rat man that used to be a full man named Bruce. – And he’s wearing a crown? – I got a four. Is there another Bruce Kugrich? – There’s an extremely
successful movie horse breeder named Bruce Kugrich on there. – Movie horse breeder? – He breeds horses for
movies, like show horses. – I show everyone, oh my god. – Wait.
– You breeded horses? – That’s why you’re good with animals! – No, I don’t– – This all makes sense! – How do you get into that kinda job? – I got– – It has to be your parents or something. – Gotta be a family-run, right? Horse breeding, movie horse breeding? – Point is, I’m Kugrash now, but I knew this man in my old life. – I’m a drug dealer, man, it’s fine, just tell us everything
about who you used to be and how you knew this guy. – Yeah. – I, you know, that part
of my life is behind me. I wasn’t, I was– – Look, darling, we’ve
all had different lives. I can tell you, let me tell you about my good
friend John Wilkes Booth. He was – Whoa.
– Whoa. – a fabulous actor! – That’s a big drop.
– Fabulous! – [Lou] Okay. – I’ll say I wasn’t as
bad as John Wilkes Booth. – If we’re all admitting secrets, I wasn’t always a firefighter. (laughing) – Okay, there’s no way he just– – ‘Cause you were a kid? – I was in high school,
and then after high school, I became a firefighter. – That’s not a secret.
– Wow. – That’s just a normal life. – Ricky– – You lived.
– You go through two phases. – Is what you’re saying.
– High school then firefighter – And then firefighter.
– or are you leaving something else out? – I had community college
for a year and a half. – You get a text on your
phone, Ricky, from Esther. (phone buzzing) It says: “At Clinton Hill
Chantry with Alejandro. “We may have found something. “Are you with Pete?” – And text, “That’s awesome. “With Pete right now. “How are you? And “yeah, sorry, go ahead.” (phone buzzing) – The text back says, “If all of you guys are there, “you should come here at
your nearest convenience. “You can come tonight if
you need to or tomorrow.” – I’m pretty tired. – I just made this big salad. – Honestly, I’ve got so
much rollatini in me. – I’m worried… I wonder if it, we can go
tonight or tomorrow but, I don’t know, I have a bad feeling. – Yeah, I kinda do too. – Let’s go.
– All right, let’s go. – Let’s go tonight. – Salad and hummus and rollatini to go? – I’ll get the Tupperware! – All right. – Cool, it’s like midnight. You guys hop on the subway
to head all the way to– – I’m hopped up on
coke, so I’m good to go. – You guys get on the
train, you’re heading out, it’s a long ride from here to Brooklyn. – Can we take a short rest on the train? – Oh, absolutely, you can
all take a short rest. – I’m listening to the Prodigy. – I just keep stealing looks at Kugrash, trying to imagine what
he looked like as a man. Being like, did he have a big beard? – I have an app that can give people sort-of makeup and stuff like that. – Yeah, let’s do that. – You can’t.
– Let’s do that. – No, I, I wasn’t– – Makeover. – He just looks like a smooth ball.
– I’m two feet tall. – Oh my god. – He looked like this.
– He’s so handsome. – Wow!
– He looked like this. – That just looks like a thug. – Kug, your cheeks are so rosy. – That’s crazy.
– Yeah, y’know. – Your jawline is so pronounced. – Wonderful. You guys arrive at the
Clinton Hill Chantry. Ricky, you’re very
familiar with this space. You walk up, you see that Frank is there on the front of the door. You see he looks up and goes, “Hey there, Ricky Matsui,
how’s it goin’, bud?” – Pretty good, we just
came from a wedding. It was beautiful. – Oh, beautiful, who got hitched? – A pigeon and a little fairy. – Beautiful, I love it. Que bella. You see he says, “Well, I
bet you understand Esther “and Alejandro have been workin’
their butts off in there. “Oh, got a bunch of new friends. “Hello, I’m Frank, I’m a gargoyle. “I’m only a head and I’m
living on this door forever.” – Oh my god.
– So that’s about me. – How’s it going, Frank? – Oh!
– It’s been a while. – Misty, it’s good to see you! – Good to see ya, always
good to see ya, Frank. – Eh, you know, well you
look good, I gotta say. By the way, I wanted to mention something. You think you could get tickets for me to come see your show? I can’t make it ’cause
I’m stuck to this door, but I just, you know. – Oh yeah, oh and you know,
I was thinking I have friends who’ve been looking for an actor to play the part of Jacob Marley’s face in “A Christmas Carol” and they’ve been looking high and low and I was like I know
somebody who could do that. He’s perfect for the part, so
I can send your information along to them if you would like. – Oh my god, would you do that? – Absolutely, for you absolutely. – I can’t believe it! Yeah, that’d be great! Jacob Marley, I wear the
chains I forged in life! – Through acts of greed, absolutely. – Sounds like a play. (laughing) – Frank is elated. You guys enter into the
Clinton Hill Chantry. A much smaller and less
metaphysically intense space. This is sort of just a
three-story brownstone that is the same size on the inside that it is on the outside
for the most part. You guys walk in, you see
the missing glass pane where the questing blade popped out. You walk into a large library room. This is one of those library rooms that it’s books lining every single wall and one of those giant tables that is like a study table that
could fit 40 people at it in the center. These (chiming) lamps shedding
golden light over the table. You clearly see Alejandro and Esther. They did not sleep last night. They have not been asleep since. They’ve just been here. Books all over the table everywhere. Coffee cups everywhere. You see Alejandro’s flat cap is off. He’s got his shirt rolled up. Esther’s the same way. You see that she’s got a little
thing of coffee in her hand. They both look up. Esther says, “Great,
you’re here, you made it. “Awesome, great, great, great. “We may have found something.” Alejandro looks over and says, “And there I beheld him. “In aspect of, no, sorry, her. “No no, it. “There I beheld it in
aspect of a gray child “that I had searched
for, for many long years. “This being Nod, the realm and the being. “Monarch of the sixth borough. “The child, the gray orphan, “the spirit of the dreaming realm “beyond the streets of
the city I had known.” (book slams) – So the dream world is the sixth borough. (Ally clears throat) – This gray baby. – Sorry, what is it called? – This gray baby. – Oh.
(Emily laughing) – Sorry. I’m sorry, one more time. – How many languages you guys all speak? – I speak some French. – Just English and some Spanish. – Can’t I just admire it and enjoy it? – Oh, I feel really bad and I pull out–
– I’m just saying I speak five different langauges fluently. I have a bit of an accent,
but this gray baby. – Ah, that’s true. I hand him a bunch of Juul stuff that I grabbed when we were at home. – Oh, wow!
– This one’s cucumber picante. – Ooh!
– You’re gonna love it. – This is really good. I like, honestly, a lot of the flavors come with cucumber, but I’m into it. – Alejandro! What does that gray baby stuff mean? – You see that he does
a little mage hand thing and replaces the cell in the Juul. Puts it in, he goes (inhales). – Alejandro, you know I hate this. You know I hate this. (bubbling)
You gon’ get popcorn lung! You gon’ get popcorn lung and then whatchu gon’ do about it? – You see that he goes up and you see that he makes a little smoke
Empire State building with a King Kong on it going like this that sort of floats away. – That’s sick.
– Amazing. – It is sick, isn’t it? – That’s sick. – This gray baby is Nod, the gray orphan. This spirit is to the
degree that a realm of chaos such as the realm of dream can have order, Nod is the spirit of hope and dreams. Nod is sometimes referred to as the Monarch of the Sixth Borough. That you have met Nod is remarkable. Do you remember what the
gray orphan said to you? – Uh, yeah yeah. The gray orphan said a
couple of different things. Once they said everyone who
ever came here had a dream. And… I don’t know what else they said. – What was the Lazarus thing?
– I had something written. – Well, Lazarus said– – Esther speaks up and
points at Ricky and says, “We, by the way, have
been combing for Lazarus. “The gray orphan is never
referred to as Lazarus. “Anytime we’ve been able
to find any writings “about anything happening.” – I think they’re different.
– Heed the words of Lazarus before it’s too late. – Alejandro sort of twirls
his mustache and says “We have not found any reference “to a Lazarus in the dreaming.” – But Lazarus is in the Bible. Could it be the Biblical Lazarus? Raised from the dead?
– Raised from the dead. I have a question. So the dream world is referred
to as the sixth borough. Is there a time in history,
Alejandro or Esther, where the dream world was more tangible or more accessible to other five boroughs? – You see that Esther nods and says, “The dream world becomes extremely active “and tangible in the
presence of the arrival “of a vox phantasma.” – Also, you can take
the L and go really far. (Emily laughing) – But you have to go
all the way to the end. – Past Canarsie, it’s long. – Okay, I think I went to a Curves out there one time.
– I don’t think you can do it. – You can’t do that anymore. – And I think you can’t do
that on weekends, right? – Yeah, yeah, or nights.
– Oh, it’s that weird, it’s a shuttle bus situation on the weekends.
– Yeah, you can get a shuttle bus, but the
shuttle bus can only be seen by the pure of heart, so it’s hard. – It’s a whole deal,
but they do have great, these tiny little buns. I can’t remember the name of them. Anyway, it’s worth a trip but just.
– Dream buns, okay. – So the baby, do we know? – You see that Alejandro
looks over at you and says, “The Biblical Lazarus is
not a bad place to guess. “There are beings within the city “that would have some
knowledge of these things.” – What would happen if you
raised someone from the dead? Would they have a soul? Or would they be in need of a soul? Perhaps a laundered soul. – You see Alejandro shrugs and says, “It depends on the
matter of their raising.” – If they were raised by infernal or perhaps nefarious means? – It is possible to consider this, yes. Kingston.
– Mm? – There are some beings in the city that are aware of such Biblical things. I don’t concern myself
as much with religion as I do with the study of the arcane, but I’m trying to think of
people in the city that would. – Oh, Willy. – Can I show them–
– You see he looks at you and he says, “Willy?” – The golem. – You see he says, “The
golem of Williamsburg “might know something. “Yes, this is very true. “I think it would be wise. “Peter, would you be amenable to perhaps “going to sleep on the table here “and allowing myself and Esther to “keep a watch on you with our third eye “while you venture into the dreaming?” – Sure. – That might be for the best. Something very strange if afoot. – You see Esther looks up and says, “I don’t think going
to Willy’s a bad idea. “I think the make sense.” – Also, Bethesda Fountain
has been compromised. – Oh, yes.
– Yeah. – We sent the angel down
to Washington Square Park so that’s, but–
– Oh yeah, we have a, I don’t know if this is
for you guys can do this, but we have a bunch of
ashes that we recovered of human remains. – Esther takes those, nods. – One of them’s cocaine. I made a mistake, but we don’t know that. – You see Esther takes them, says, “I’ll take a look into this. “For those of you that need to rest, “you should go ahead and rest. “Pete, if you would stay with Alejandro.” – I think I have to see
my brother maybe tomorrow. Did I say I was gonna see him tomorrow? – You didn’t specify a time. – Well, I’d like to see him, so I think I’m gonna head
back to Staten Island. – Cool, you head back to Staten Island. You’re staying at the chantry. What’s everybody else doing? – I wanna mention something. I just wanna kinda pull
Esther aside for a second and be like, hey, I know
this is kinda weird, but do you still see your mum? (suspenseful music) Do you talk to your mum? What’s she up to? – How do you know about my mom? – We were friends a long time ago. Is she okay? What is– – Make a deception or if
you’re trying to be deceptive. – I don’t have, no, I
don’t need to be deceptive. We were friends, but
we’re not friends anymore. – You see she looks at you and says, “I haven’t seen my mom in a long time.” – When was the last time you saw her? – (sighs) Probably when I
was, I don’t know, five, six. Even before that she was in and out. – All right. – I walk up and (laughs). And pull out my phone. Oh, Esther, I was gonna
send you this picture from the wedding. It was crazy. It was beautiful. But then we had to fight
some rats or something. But this is, do you
guys recognize this guy? This old guy in the picture. – I don’t recognize him,
but we can take a look. – He was hanging out with some vampires. – All right, there’s a
lotta ground to cover. Ricky, do you wanna stay here with me? – Yeah! I mean, yeah. – Awesome. It’d be good to have someone
here in case anything goes down because we don’t know what’s
gonna happen with Pete. The rest of you guys. It’s getting late, you
guys did have a full fight against the rat king. What are you guys up to? – I’m good to go. I can go see Willy right now. – Cool, you’re gonna head to Willy. You’re going to Staten Island. Misty and Kugrash, what
are you guys up to? – I’m gonna go back to my apartment and gonna probably call my
show’s director on the way and be like look, yes, I
know I’m missing rehearsal, but this is, look darling,
I already know the steps. Do it without me.
(Emily laughing) Give the understudy a chance to practice. – And then I’ll go to the tunnels. – [Brennan] You go to the tunnels. – But I wanna let Kug know
if you wanna come, you know. – I appreciate it, yeah.
– Okay. – I gotta, I’m good.
– Cool. – All right.
– Rad. You guys all split up, go
back to your various places. – What was that wisdom saving throw for? – It’s still late.
– Yeah, same. – Who rolled poorly on it? – I got a one. – Ohoho. – On the wisdom? – More like a four and then a one, yeah. – Let’s see who’s the closest
to where they’re headed. Ricky, you’re just staying here. So Ricky and Pete are staying
at the Clinton Hill Chantry. You see that Alejandro says, “All right, we get a little
pillow for you here, Peter. “We have some sleepy time
tea for you, as well.” – That’s great, I was gonna ask for tea. That’s so great. – Sympatico, ah? All right, here you go.
– Mmm. – And you say he says, “Now be lulled into slumber.” – I pull out Instagram. I’m gonna be up for
another hour-and-a-half. (Emily laughing)
– You see he says, “No, no, no, be lulled into”
ONE eye goes gold “slumber.” – I have immune to sleep-related harm. Would this be harm? – You see that he stands there
and nothing happens to you. He goes, “Okay, this is
very embarrassing for me “because that always kinda works.” – This is first time–
– I’m just liking everything. – He says, “Okay, I’m
gonna try a little harder. “Ooooo, got to sleep!” You see Esther says, “Let’s leave him.” – Yeah, okay.
– Let’s do this. Esther starts walking around
with you in the chantry. This is sort of, you’re
spending some one on one time, just down time with Esther. What’s going on in Ricky’s head right now? – Just like,
(romantic piano music) this is my shot, kind of. Just like she’s so cool. I’m just thinking of just
trying to sound cool. So it’s like, there’s
a lotta books in here. I like to read, too. Something about we have some
time in the fire station where I can knock out a book sometimes. – You see she sort of
smiles and says, “Really?” – Yeah, if you have any
recommendations for a, I mean, I guess I don’t read a ton, if I’m being completely honest. – Yeah, I guess I’m–
– I’m open to it. – Do you want one of these books, Ricky? – One of these be fun for you?
– Sure, what’s this one? (laughing) – You pulled a huge book.
– It’s big, wow. – Go ahead and give me an arcana
check if you’d be so kind. – What’s my arcana? Well, I rolled a three,
so probably, yeah, three. – It is written in a
language you do not speak. You have no idea what this is.
– Amazing, wow. – Make a–
– Each page is, the letters are this. (laughing) – Make a persuasion check
for me if you’d be so kind. – Okay, 18. – Okay, 18. – 18, you see that Esther kind
of leans against the table and bites her finger, trying to stifle. She’s trying not to be mean. She goes, (sighs) “Would you like me to “walk you through this book
that you’ve shown such–” – That’d be awesome, honestly. – Okay, so this is a book of axioms. Do you know what an axiom is? – No. – So there’s different references to it. It means a different thing
in philosophy, for example, than it means in arcana. In arcana, an axiom
refers to basically a law, a rule of magic.
– Cool. – You’ve opened up to a
page which is actually very pertinent for
casting magic in New York. The imperial axiom. Imperial, empire. – Oh, empire rule. – Yeah, the empire rule.
– Right? Oh, yeah. – You see that she’s walking along. Give me an insight check by the way. – Eight.
– Eight, cool. You’re gonna be going around. A little bit of a sense
of something tingles. A little bit of your divine sense tingles as you’re walking through a room. She looks at you and says, she’s just kind of
babbling on and being like, “So the imperial axiom basically states,” you see she looks at the book and says, “Because of the extreme difficulty “of creating a permanent magical effect “within the tumultuous
arcane landscape of New York “an object or enchantment which is abjured “or ensorcelled or from being crafted, “conjured, or created.”
– Ensorcelled? – Yes.
– Keep going, sorry. – No, that’s all right. If you have any questions,
feel free to ask. Object or enchantment which is abjured or ensorcelled or from
being crafted, conjured, or created in a given location can be crafted, conjured, or
created in its abjured locality if it is first crafted,
conjured, or created within the five boroughs of New York City. And that’s the imperial axiom. Also sometimes known as Sinatra’s Law. – Oh, um. So I didn’t understand
that, I’m gonna be honest, but it sounded awesome
the way you said it. – If a magical effect
or object is barred or, I’m trying to think. There’s lots of things that
you can’t do in certain places or for certain reasons. They’re abjured, they’re
borrowed, they’re warded. (Brennan rolls tongue) However, because of the imperial axiom, if you are able to create or
conjure that magical effect or object within the five
boroughs of New York City, you can then conjure, craft, or create it within the place that
it is normally barred from being crafted or created. So it’s just a kind of
interesting law of magic. There’s tons of these that we
have to learn and know about. – It’s like a loophole. – It’s a little loophole,
but this whole library is full of loopholes. You look up and get a really weird sense. You’re looking at a giant
map of the five boroughs of New York City except
that the highways on the map are in this sort of pulsing red. And your divine sense kind
of tingles a little bit. – So what’s the deal
with this glowing map? – Glowing map? Why don’t you tell me what you think? Give me another arcana check. – Two. – What do you think it is? – Well, so these are the highways, right? – Yeah.
– And they’re glowing. The traffic’s really bad
right now it seems like. (laughing) It’s bad everywhere. There’s a lot. – Give me another persuasion check. – Two, wait, five.
– Almost a 20. – Five. Do an advantage.
– Change dice. – I’ll give you a little inspiration here. (Zac blows) – Okay, 16. – You see that she just busts
out laughing and she says, “I’m sorry, I’m really not trying “to be an asshole.”
– It’s not traffic, okay. – It’s not traffic, no, it’s not traffic. You are–
– I didn’t feel like it was traffic. – No, it’s not traffic. That’s a good guess, that
is actually a good guess. This is what we, the
loose term we have for it is the highway hex. Basically, unlike the
subways and the bus routes that run basically with
the grain of ley lines here in New York. A lot of the highways
seem to run against it and it actually creates kind
of the tumultuous arcana, the type were talking about
when we were talking about the imperial axiom. You know, the BQE, the Major Deegan. A lot of these highways
end up creating pathways of energies that dilute ley lines, which makes teleporting into and out of New York very difficult. It basically makes a
little bit more isolated. – So it’s like interference. – That’s exactly right. It’s like interference.
– Nice. Cool, okay. – You see that she says, “Absolutely.” – So why? So this is just a map
explaining that that exists? – Well, we don’t
understand a lot about it. We don’t know. We’re trying to figure it out, as well. You know, a lot of these things. You see she has sort of
a sad look on her face. She says, “A lot of these
things are a work in progress.” – Does it have anything to
do with the amount of people going back and forth? – That’s part of it. The traffic actually does
a lotta the work of energy because obviously people have
an inherent magic in them. Even a person that can’t
see the unsleeping city still has a heart and a soul. Kingston, your friend, gets his magic from real people every day. – Wow. – You better–
– Wow. – You see she looks and says, “I’ve been up for more than day, “so I think I’m gonna hit the hay. “Let me show you to your place.” – Awesome, yeah. – She takes you to a
little bunk in the chantry. She says, “There should be shampoo “and towels and stuff if you need it. “Let me know if you need anything else.” – Okay, thanks. – And hey, I appreciate
the scholarly effort. – Thanks, it’s really hard for me. (laughing) – You see that she looks
like her heart breaks and she says, “I always
thought you were a bit of a “macho kinda guy, and
I’m grateful that you ran “into the fire to save us all, “but that’s sorta the kind of thing “that guys like you do, no offense.” – Oh, none taken. – You see she looks and says, “You trying to learn that stuff “really is brave, and I’m
not downplaying that.” – Thanks, appreciate that. Then I just take off my shirt. (laughing) – Make an insight check. – I got a eight.
– Oh, that’s a good one. – She makes some kinda
expression on her face and says, “Have a good night, Rick,” and
walks away down the hallway. Great, we’re gonna cut over
to our man Kingston Brown. Kingston, it’s a short walk actually from here to Williamsburg. So you walk dead of night
1 o’clock in the morning. What’s going on in Kingston’s head as he walks to Williamsburg? – I think it’s just a lotta trying to put the pieces together of Bethesda Fountain bull,
that weird man at that wedding. Man, what’s goin’ on? What happened to the New York that I love? I mean, I still love
New York, but goddamn. We were doin’ okay and then Pete shows up. He’s a good kid, but come on, man. Everything seems to be going who’s this gray baby,
Alejandro’s smokin’ again. – Give me an investigate check. – Great. 19. 19. – You know where you need to head. You go down by the waterfront, like Kent. You can look across the
river and see Manhattan. You’re walking up. You start to walk through
this old neighborhood. It’s southern Williamsburg near the water. It’s late at night. There’s a lotta families
in this neighborhood, so hardly any noise of anything happening. And you begin to hear a lumbering. (bricks scraping) You round a corner and you look and see an eight-foot
tall brick hulking golem. You see that the golem’s eyes glow. And you see that it is digging through pavement for something, turns around (guttural breathing), eyes glow, looks over at you. – Whatchu lookin’ for, Willy? – Kingston Brown from uptown. – What’s goin’ on, man? – You see he puts a hand up and goes down, boom, brings you in for a big hug. Says, “You look good, Kingston Brown.” – Thank you, man, I appreciate,
you don’t look bad yourself. Redder than normal. – He says, “Oh, what can I say? “Some rust from being
down in the scrapyards. “There are a couple of trolls
that come by to bother. “With them mashuganas,
it took all of a week “to find them all.” – Mhm, mhm, hey that’s tough, man. But how doin’? You livin’ well? You good? – I live by the might of Gol. I am happy to be animated still. You’re looking thin. You eating stir these days? – I eat, but my mom’s trying
to get me to eat more. But you know, I mean just
between work and more work and then the city and all
this, it’s hard to make time. You know, I made a salad tonight and I didn’t even get to eat all of it ’cause I had to come down here. – Eat if you want, we should
go buy a bagel in somewhere. I can move (bricks scraping). You see his bricks integrate
with a wall next to him. I can move through the
wall, grab maybe a bagel, a schmear or some lox, what do you want? – I mean, yeah yeah, I’ll take a. No lox, just bagel and schmear. – He nods, (bricks scraping), starts lumbering down the street. He says, “By the way, there is a nest “of dybbuks nearby here. “They are spectrals, hard
for me to smash them. “You mind to take a look?” – Yeah, of course, sorry. You’re gonna have to say that again. You know, sometimes the lack of a tongue and that fact that your
mouth is mostly bricks, I have trouble.
– What, I should have a tongue made of of meat like
someone who is a human? – I’m not saying you gotta
have a tongue, Willy. – Why is to come down
here to beat me harder? – Willy I did not come
down here to fight about whether or not you have
a tongue, all right? – I can tell you for a fact, I should be so lucky to have a tongue. – Uh-huh, okay. – You see go down the street. You get to a bakery. You see that he (bricks scraping)
melds with the brick wall, disappears for a second,
and comes back out, the bricks open up in his chest, and you see a nice
toasted everything bagel with a schmear on it. – Thank you, Willy, this looks delicious. – Think nothing of it. It’s important you stay fed. – Yeah, oh sorry, what were you gonna say? – There are a nest of
dybbuks possessing spirits that are nearby. Would you mind just (brushes hands)? – Yeah, of course, happy to. – He takes you around the corner. You see for sure there’s a hive in an old gutter of a building of just some very minor undead spirits that are hanging out there. – Okay, turn undead or destroy undead. – Yeah, you raise your hand. What do you say to this nest
of dybbuks as you see it? – All right, get outta here, ya dybbuks. (laughing) – You see they all fly away. And don’t come back! Kingston, what a mitzvah. I appreciate you taking the time. – Of course, man, I’m happy to help. – What do–
– Now, I wouldn’t come down here at 1:00 a.m.
just to say hello, y’know? You know I love a good
bagel, but it’s late and I should be sleeping, but I wanted to ask you. What’s goin’ on with Lazarus? – Lazarus.
– Yeah. – Oh, that’s some Christian
schmuck in the Bible, I think. What should I know for? – Well, I mean, it’s just
we got somethin’ goin’ on. You know that gray baby? – Gray baby. – You know the gray baby? (laughs) – A gray. Why should the baby be gray? Take the baby to the hospital. The baby’s– – Hey, you’re talking
to a nurse, all right? I know what a gray baby– – What should I know for?
– The baby should not be gray. Anyway, you know Nod, right? – Nod, yes, I know. I am a creature, of course,
of the waking world. – Well, there’s something
going down with Nod, and there’s this gray baby
that just keeps talking on and on about Lazarus and me and Alejandro and some of the other people were talking. We were like who hear knows
about this religious stuff? So I thought to come to you. – So this something in the dreaming told you about this what,
Lazarus from the Bible? – Yes because, oh well the other thing I forgot to mention is you
know Santa Claus, right? Santa Claus got his list stolen and you know that both Satan and St. Peter have been
using that same list. – Heh, what a mess. – Okay, Willy, we don’t need to get into all of this Christian versus
Jewish stuff, all right? We been said–
– You said it, not me. I’m just saying. – Uh-huh, all right, well do you know anything about Lazarus or is there anything you’ve heard, any rumblings? (gentle piano music)
– Lazarus. Are you sure this the
Lazarus from the Bible? – Well, you got another Lazarus
I should be lookin’ into? – You see he looks out over the water. Beautiful snow across the
water of the East River, and looks out at the Statue of Liberty. Now, there. – Emma Lazarus. – Now, there is a woman. There was a woman once, Emma Lazarus. She wrote the poem inscribed in that fine, beautiful woman’s book. (sighs) That’s the true liberty. – I’m sorry, Willy. You trying to get it on
with the Statue of Liberty? – What, a golem can’t dream? – I’m not saying, we just never
talked about ladies before. I just didn’t know. – Well, what do you know? You’d like to, wouldn’t you? – Oh, o-o-okay. You wanna bring that up? – No, I’m just saying.
– You know what, actually? Oh, you just sayin’, all right. – Listen, I don’t mean to fight. It’s look, you’re a mensch. You come down, you help me with dybbuks, I am happy to answer your question. I’m just saying tell me that
is not a fetching statue? – Okay, if a statue could. I’m personally not attracted
to statues, but sure. That’s a beautiful woman. – What am I, chop liver? You saying I’m not a handsome statue? – I’m not, okay, we’ve
never talked about being a. I mean, do you think
I’m an attractive man? – You’re very handsome man. I would probably say that.
– Okay, fine. You’re a very handsome stone golem. – (gutural speaking) means a lot to me. – I’m sorry I didn’t say it before. – Well, you might start
looking for Emma Lazarus. Kingston, shalom my brother. It is good to see you. – Hey, thank you very much, Willy. Poker sometime? – Oh, please, we missed you from the game. Come by anytime.
– I’ll be there. – Give my best to Victoria and Winston. – Of course, have a good night, bud. – You see he nods,
smiles, (bricks scraping), heads off down the street
and you got a name. Kingston heads out. This is going to be our friend Sofia. You head back to Staten Island. You’re on your way back
to your family’s house. Make a perception check
for me if you’d be so kind. – Nat 20. – Nat 20. – Yeah!
– At last. – Just out of the leopard box. (Emily laughing)
– Open my box. – You’re heading down the street and before you can even realize it, you bump face-to-face
with Isabella Infierno. – Oh my god. – Oh my god. Sofia, running into you on the street. How you doin’? – So late and you’re by yourself. – Well, I was outta town. And you see she picks up a bag. It’s a bag from David’s Bridal, and it has a wedding dress in it. – I vomit. (laughing) You know you can’t get married until I even see divorce papers. I haven’t even gotten divorce papers yet. – Oh? – If this is about Dale. – We don’t need to have a legal wedding. A lot of what we do is
really off the books. It’s just a party for our friends and family to come and celebrate our love. – I tear open the thing
to see her wedding dress. – Cool, make an athletics check for me. – Gonna win with her. – Oh my god.
– Yeah. – Oh my god. I got a 22. – You snatch the dress out of her hand. It is the most beautiful gown– – I vomit again. (laughing) – You see Isabella picks it up and says, “Sofie, you’re a mess. “I wish you the best. “And listen, if you really want an invite, “I’d be happy to send one your way.” – I actually would. I just came from a wedding and it was a really beautiful experience. I’m looking to add more to my weekends. (Ally laughing) Assuming you guys can afford
getting married on the weekend. – Oh. – Or are you doing one
of those Friday weddings? – We’re doin’ a destination wedding. – Oh yeah? – Yeah.
– Where? Just so I know. – She says, “We’re gonna go
out all the way to Montauk. “Have a wedding on the beach. “June.” – Dale hates the beach. – Yeah, but I love it, and he loves me. Bye, Sofie. You see he walks off down the street. – Just so you know, I woulda never guessed that Dale would do to
me what he did to me. So this feeling of confidence and love that you have right now, enjoy it while it lasts. – She shrugs, moves on. – Wow, that’s what a Nat 20 gets you. (laughing)
Jesus Christ. – I’m sweating at the palms. – Yeah, me too! (laughs) – What does Sofie do after that? – Sofie had a really specific plan before she ran into Isabella Infierno. Lemme see if she can collect herself. I think I’m gonna look at my phone and see, I think I’m gonna. Well, I wanted to contact two people and then I had this really specific thing. I was coming home being
like you know what? I’m gonna finally do it. I’m gonna go, I’m gonna empty the mailbox. I’ve been avoiding it ’cause
I don’t wanna see his name written on letters. Stuff is still coming here for him, but I’m feeling empowered
by my new friends, so I’m gonna finally do it. I don’t know if I can now. So I might not do that. I am gonna. – Give me a wisdom save with disadvantage. – Okay, with disadvantage, okay. (Zac gasps) I did get a Nat 20, but I also got a two. – Oh, fuck.
– Fuck! – So wisdom save is gonna be five. – Sofie needs a drink. – Okay.
– Oh, no. – All right. I’m gonna go to the bar. I feel like I had this
really specific plan of what I wanted to do and I don’t know if I can even do it now after that exchange, roleplay wise. Yeah, I guess I’m gonna go to the bar and I take out my phone, trying to do what I was planning on doing, but then instead I’m just gonna text Dale. – Cool, you get lit. – What do you text Dale? – I think I just say I hope you get sand between your cheeks at
your beach wedding you. And then I delete it, I
delete it, I delete it. And then I just say I wish you the best. (Ally moaning) And then I send that. I say I saw Isabella. I wish you the best. (Brennan sighs) And then I order a shot, but
as they’re pouring the shot, I just take the bottle from them. – You just grab the bottle, yeah. You get blasted. – I had all this
responsible detective work I wanted to do.
– My god. – That’s okay. – And now it just feels so
false for me to do that. – I think that’s the roleplaying choice. – Nevermind. – That’s the role playing choice. Misty, you arrive back
at your lovely penthouse and you see a gift there. – Oh, I love gifts. – It’s this huge, beautiful silk tarp over something very tall standing. It must be a piece of art or something. – I don’t even have detect magic. It, I’ll open this present. – You whip the silk
off and a six-foot tall beautiful standing mirror
is here in your apartment. – (gasps) Oh! I find the perfect place
for it in my apartment. – You set it up in your bedroom. Go ahead and give me a
charisma saving throw. – 15.
– 15. You are back against the wall. The mirror fills your bedroom with light. You see standing on the
other side of the mirror, wreathed in light, is
Titania, Queen of the Faeries. – I kneel. It’s been such a long time. Oh my good, you look great. – Silence! (glass breaking) All the glassware in
your bedroom shatters. – Oh, that’s fine. I can get other glassware. I’m sorry. I’m quiet. – My name. My name. You would steal glamor meant for me. You would usurp the glory that
was intended for your queen. 400 years ago you ran away and just because you
hide in a place of iron and smoke does not mean
you can deny your queen! Light tears away. Your clothes rend and your jewelry kind of falls always for a little bit and you can feel her trying to
rip the shoes off your feet. – Can I cover the mirror back up again? – Yes, make an attack roll to
try and cover the mirror up. – What is that? – Dex plus proficiency. – 15 plus proficiency is 18. – You grab the silk,
hurl it over the mirror. The light fades and you feel one of the bones of your hip break. (Emily gasps)
– Oh. This stupid body. I call Kingston? – Kingston, on your
way back to the subway, you get a call from Misty. (phone ringing)
– I answer it. – Kingston, I’ve had a bad fall. – You fell? – I fell. My hip, I think I’ve broken my hip. – You broke your, okay. Can you, okay, well can you walk? Of course you can’t walk. I’m on my way. I’ll see you soon. – Thank you, I’ll tell
the doorman to let you in. – [Lou] Great. – You rush to Misty’s. You arrive there, set the hip in, and probably this is where you’re gonna have to crash tonight. – Can I spend the night, Misty? Is that all right? – Please, use any one of the guest rooms. It’s fine.
(laughing) – Okay. – An apartment with multiple guest rooms. – Kugrash, you head back to the sewers. What does Kugrash do as he
heads back to the sewers? Just sleeping? – Yeah, I think he’s feeling… What time is it right now? – It’s 1 o’clock in the morning. – Okay, I think he’s kinda had a rough day and he’s gonna kinda try to
just find a place to think and go to his little hole in the tunnels. – On your way to the little hole, near a subway station
you a see a little basket with a bunch of cheese in it and you see there’s a
little note on it that says, “Wherever you are rat
Jesus, know that I love you. (Ally laughing)
“From Wally.” – Wally! – I love Wally. – Kugrash breaks down crying.
– Aww! – And then does Wally live nearby? – Yeah, Wally lives nearby. – I was go to Wally’s house. (Lou laughing) – You go to Wally’s house. You walk in, you see it’s late at night. Wally’s at his kitchen table. A very small little apartment and you see that he’s face
timing with his brother. You see he says, “David, come on. “We don’t know that he’s gone. “He might still be missing.” You see that the guy on
the other end of the phone is a sorta businessman looking guy. Sorta of the average wearing a fleece. He goes, “Wally, it’s late. “Look, Dad’s on some island somewhere. “He’s never coming back, all right? “He’s gone. He left us.” You see Wally says, “I don’t
think he would do that. “I know it’s been a long time. “I just don’t think he would.” He says, “Look, I gotta go, all right? “Take care of yourself, Wally. “Come check in anytime.” The little FaceTime thing ends. Wally looks up and you see he says, “Well, at least I got the Christmas card.” He puts a little Christmas card
up on his fridge from David and David’s wife and kids and it says, “Merry Christmas from the Kugriches”. Wally goes (sighs) “All
right, time to go to bed. “Gotta brush my teeth, though.” (Brian laughing)
Starts brushing his teeth. Okay, fully under the blanket.
(laughing) – I think Kugrash isn’t ready
to confront Wally right now, but I wanna give him a good sign, so I do that parent Santa thing. I eat the cheese and I
leave it out on a plate and I just write on a note,
“Rat Jesus loves you.” (Brennan laughing) And I’m watching you. – I’m watching you. – And then I say, “In not a creepy way.” – Oh, so heartbreaking. And then Kugrash goes
and sleeps in the sewers. – Pete, you enter–
– Kugrash, what? – You enter the dreaming.
(chiming) What does Peter do once
he enters the dreaming? – He’s probably having
just some weird dream that’s similar to life but
he’s probably making a deal. – You are making a deal. You’re in a beautiful neighborhood. You see that there’s a cool guy with a little handlebar mustache. Someone’s riding a Fixie around,
there’s cool coffee shops and stuff like that. Selling some drugs. You see that one of the
people turns to look at you and says, “Oh, hey man,
you’re Pete the Plug, right?” – Hm? – You’re Pete the Plug, right? Are you gonna hook us up? – Yeah, yeah, what do you guys need? – Well, we’d love to get out, I think. – Totally. – Do you got anything to help us get out? – Yeah, yeah, yeah, lemme see. I pull out some mushrooms
and like, yeah this? Are you gonna go camping or something? – We’ve always wanted to go
to New York. (chittering) These mandibles extend and start clicking and you see that all
the people around here begin to turn insectoid. They take your mushrooms,
start passing them out, and around you a rip in the dreaming opens and you see a neighborhood
in New York City, and these things begin to fly out. (bugs buzzing) They become surrounded
by the umbral arcana and you see that they are
headed into real New York City. – Thanks, Pete. (chittering) Storm in. You snap awake as quick
as you can on the table. It is morning. – Okay, I find Alejandro. – Alejandro’s there. (gasps) Peter, what did you see? – Okay, I was probably in
Williamsburg or something and these people wanted to get out and I gave them mushrooms
and then they said thank you. They all turned into insects
and ripped a hole and left and got out and went into
an actual place in New York. – You let them out? – Yeah, in the dream. I was just selling.
– Peter, what you do in the dream matters! – I don’t know. I was just doing what I would
normally do in the day to day. – What you would normally do is– – They didn’t even give me money. – Oh, God! You see he opens up a window. You see that he’s doing
a clairvoyance spell onto a neighborhood. You hear screams.
(crowd screaming) You see he goes, “My god, my god, I-I-I.” You see he says, “I must
run and find Esther. “Collect your friends. “These people are in danger.” What’s Pete do? – Sends out a mass text. Do I have your guys’ number? – You wake up hung over. You wake up in the chantry upstairs. You wake up in Misty’s apartment. You wake up in the sewers. There’s trouble. You see it’s right next to
the Steinway subway stop and you guys all know where to go. – Start running there. – You guys rush to the subway stop in various
– Wait, wait. I can’t rush. I’ve just broken my hip. – Your hip has, Kingston does some– – I use magic to heal people.
– All right! All right, all right, all
right, all right, all right! – Let me do this the normal way. – He’s not a regular doctor. – You guys rush.
– He’s a nurse. – All get on the subway. Kingston, you give a little bit of help getting that subway there extra quick. – Of course. – And (blowing) you guys rush
up out of the subway steps and here the chittering
of strange insects. I’m gonna need everybody
here to roll initiative. – All on here? – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. – That’s all for this week
on The Unsleeping City. Tune in next week and see what’s bugging our intrepid heroes. (chittering) – I hate bugs! (Brennan laughing) – That’s it for this
chapter of Dimension 20. But wait, what harkens on the wind? (bird cawing) Speak to me, bird. More full episodes? Of Dropout.tv’s own Dimension 20 available with a free trial that you can sign up for today?! Hopefully our viewers are brave
enough to answer the call. (bird cawing) There he goes. You see that all of the tears
in the umbral arcana here are connected as though by strings to their puppet master Pete.

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