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I hate losing things So I think what if there’s a place somewhere where everything you ever lost goes somehow or other all those things you ever lost found their way there to this place maybe there’s a huge hall somewhere with hundreds and hundreds of doors and one of the doors has got your name on it I see myself going to this huge hall one day The way in is not very big but once you get inside it’s enormous it’s cold and dark and damp and there are thousands of people there and they’re all looking for the door that belongs to them the door with their name on it everyone is asking everyone else here have you seen my door? what’s your name? and people are saying things like yeah, no. No, I think I saw it over there or err don’t bother me I’m looking for mine so I begin to look and I walk about and I ask someone. Excuse me have you seen my door? Yeah I think it’s over there she says So I go over there but it isn’t so I go on wandering around the big hall I ask someone excuse me have you seen my door? and someone says yeah uuuum up the spiral stair it’s on the second floor on the way there someone stops and says have you seen my door? and I say no I haven’t sorry I climbed the spiral stair onto the second floor but my door isn’t there either so I go on wandering around the big hall and someone comes up to me
and says have you seen my door? have you seen mine? I say yeah it’s at the end by the steel doors And it is it’s my door it’s got my name on it I knock on the door Who’s there Me We were expecting you the bolts draw back the door opens and two old people let me in and shut the door behind me it’s all here one of them says it’s all here the other one says and they’re right there’s my penknife from Switzerland
that I lost when I was 12 the old watch I lost in my car accident my blue anorak with the hood that I left on a railway station in Paris yeah my round gold sunglasses that I once wore in a play to make me
look as if I was blind the football that was a birthday present that I lost on the same day I got it over a wall in the burnt-out church they’re all there, yeah a black and white and green towel A Moroccan leather wallet they’re all here says one of the old people they’re all here says the other have you
got a bag to take them away in? Says one here’s a bag to take them away in says the other so I fill up the bag with all the things that I’ve ever lost until the shelves are empty come back in to see us anytime says one come back and see us says the other you know where we are now don’t you this is one you know where we are says the other and they shut the door I hear the locks and bolts on the door And I walk away into the crowd into the huge hall and everyone is still walking around
asking everyone else do you know where my door is? a tall man with the steering wheel in his hand
says to me you seen my door have you?
No I say, no no, I don’t expect you have he says I look round to see if I can remember where my door was It’s out of sight too many people are in the way so I say to myself one day I’ll try and find my way back there but something tells me some little voice in my head says I bet you’ll never ever find that door again You’ve had the only chance you’ll ever have so I make my way out of that huge dark hall with the thousands and
thousands of doors and the thousands of thousands of people and I hurry home with my bag and
I get back to my room and I spread out on the floor
all those things that I’d lost and I’ve now got back again and that makes me very happy, yeah

36 thoughts on “Losing Things | POEM | Kids’ Poems and Stories With Michael Rosen

  1. Thank you Michael for performing your poems on video! Over 25 years ago I remember listening to your audio cassettes of these poems…this takes me back! Great fun.

  2. This is amazing. I love your work. Amazing that comments are enabled now.

  3. What a lotta loot!

    I've lost a lot of stuff in my time too, Michael—electronic games, books, audio tapes, the list goes on and on. Thank heaven for eBay and Pinterest…

  4. i like how he remembered exactly where, when, and how he lost the lost items once he saw them

  5. My name is never gonna be on one of the doors. ONE of the doors! 😭😭😭😭

  6. I wish this place actually existed there are so many games I lost that I wish I hadn't

  7. Micheal: I hate losing things!

    Me: Don’t we all hate losing things, or having our power out, or have someone steal stuff from you, or have people lie to you… uh oh!

  8. What if you lost your baby and you had already collected all your lost things? You would never see it again 🙁

  9. didn't Kids Next Door do an episode on losing things where they all get collected?

  10. The tow old people are a bit creepy

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