LOTUS TRB PG ENGLISH UNIT 10 The Archetypes of Literature

this conference will now be recorded during a next topic the earth type of return do I not look is the Korean cryptic he was a major influence on around you martyred at would our temple criticism is the type of trick in represented by focusing recurring with certain property some focusing the Kremlin's and odd times that the estate means of the Greek world means beginning you think the all time is in the narrative symbols images and character types of use that instead of using a word we can use symbol for example as I think you might have seen our proves if the director source ruined cottages it means something disaster happens if we so see whose flower or sunrise tells me something new to this these are the archetype methods ma would give pop recent hot staple pattern of poetry in 1934 two years the Buddhist herbal market is also in here he use an example the book the golden bomb could involve return by Thomas chart Fraser who is s stop please under it was the first book dealing with cultural and mythologies so wooden is written by Sir John this is a question he was then Fraser was the comparative mother consists of articulating he says an NGO a golden bird is sitting on the Golden Ball this book posture seminal text on meet up with origin with this book the identify the food identified the elephant and patterns of width and rituals that record in the legends and st. Maurice of any diagnosis the book identified element cutter submit pictures in this book the golden bar phasor identifies the practice and the mythological beliefs we all have thought you're beautiful but even repeat to religion that word religion and the modern what we all have with Oracle producer una personal later talk about Schneider worker these are the political the more you talk to you about the images here that death rebirth with these person in our personal death we put and the middie symbolized by the get final August that is maybe a autumn season and rebirth the spring of the Board of Education that is their spring sees here presents it's inclusive take some increment merciful say underworld God was taken to the underworld by guitars the so finds mother Demeter is the goddess of the orders she was so soon that she stepped the world with the power of our knowing that that press upon is taken to the underworld she was grief-stricken and so she didn't do anything though so the world is sucked into or fall and winter that is optim and it winter only utter in the underworld her so friend it seeks out of world commodity instead of full see it only six for market seats given by head hours it has give total emigrant Percy happily six because of possible she was forced to spin the hop year in the underworld first Henry the autumn and winter or the dip and dip rebirth the other of a years over six months she was permitted to be late mortal relevant character in our world with their mother it represents spring and summer the rebirth in the dead meat so the winter after spring discounts summer comes because of the boom of pomegranate eaten by personified this is the middle then another since we further antics and watch depth psychology we call Jesus called the Sun is also here hot-tempered cryptic his theories ablation – later – unconscious and in extra that is correctly this word all Stansbury's corrective unconscious in concave perspective winds are the culturally L operative representation of the contents of the he says with the cultural you from them pianist an algorithm everything has his own followers which Sade culturally elaborate after the first dates not the kind of density because basically you won't say human psyche is the world of archetypes and then game psychology this thing is between personal and collective unconscious the catio unconscious is the object of sight so the collective unconscious is the term used to biology he applied the two knots of Prayer a predator not tied to the three more diem images the site is viewed and the collective unconscious the other words the priests used to bind future we if it isn't the two master he knows a current narrative the same voltage axis that means enough type of images that is the toy the words the face with all and he will reach erases more of human behavior gaulden theory of the collective of us is the deep social discontent not replacing this thing is unnecessary hypothesis with any theory important that a chronic state or simply there who will they got there whoever they got there that is the toy with give will tonight Robert laws with the right the children's Joseph double or the earth practitioner multiple other the it takes the depth of rebirth TVs of police leave or take Wilkinson and they use the seasons and outer rim second of the human drive for this earth title then he chased that is event company is the earlier in the Union for the century and colleges time of ancient mariner are the other obstacle thieves he wages in our state david company he talks about infernal inferno and in somebody this name of the ants a murder in which yeah third output cross coming along with that theory once the old fortress was killed that anything's collapsed and then a chance for the other optional images are the journey underground every accent parasite images remotely and libel libel hero scab would he hit loudest and factor woman these are the images for all time not great they appraised it a book the anatomy of katissa it will be asked in 1957 in this he developed the odds table in this he combined typological interpretation of D by C has taken the example from this Bible then he uses the seasons for Rick original for his ox table scheme there is comedy he uses the season strong body with spring romance with this former tragedy with item and subtle there could be some of literature shipping related to science it in criticism easy a critical science whose center the condition we share critical service critical sites to simplify if nature is the central division of humanities it improves improve you the Train the consistency and critical signs the treaty the central design qualities the commodities improves is free uncross now a person states history is a real common tree full of Judo or four seasons the sudo proposals embrace some positive attitudes not negative positive hickety salar gas world will route judgments the social and psychological compulsions same people that much exit then the new Turkish critic saw John grow answer grid what this is the footer of heuristic the impact of trade said on the data what impact they we kept on reading a book the important region of the reader is the about the liquid is then he says study up pitcher is simply Peter st. co-star in simplification typically so study of literature is simply Peter the texture of the work of art is Tom Brooks and the amperes the book will be complex enough refers to prosody the presentation we all become two points only one because structural analysis of the work of on structural analysis and essential piece of makes complete sense listen it affects our honest analysis and to get their complete since complete sense job mr. Lowden our foreheads of me what the other wants to see the oils Falls what points to what work is duties they reboot the point and it's you and from that point that critic takes once it was delivered to the point anywhere then the creepy takes for the disgusted the retiree psychology connects the foyer with the point every quiet have a warm Authority symbols and images and there are no fallacy announcers false mask the general one is zero returning conception of Dennis that is proof little patent is existing real true clear to our birth the other is pseudo biographical concept award me spices he says catism cannot be system it she says Ofsted is not to be beautifying the structure and also it was the quarter form of it is immediately he near or far in a foyer we need drama the organizing principle is recurrence of tracing and spirit is occurrence it is without rhythm component and species temporal and connected the rhythm of duty maybe is narrative and pattern the oldest narrative is is completed the older the image may be a willful prekow and the universal structure a total pattern or rhythm practice original origin origin these are derivative only if we panic oh man the myth of gentlemen power discipline the myth is the octopi meet with all he gives the meat the dog the spring and the world guitar string and birthdays are the mix of birth of the hero of revival that you need some more and married our triumph is not the midst of a poor colleges of the sacred marriages and the entering into paradise I think this is the one person asked in 2017 the cetera then the sunset autumn death peace these are the myths of all of the dying God the darkness in the resolution peace or lists of time of this purpose the places the border ball and the textbook on reducible sorry or properly studies literary tradition so to both places what about Jung's ambiguous then the reciprocity service to live religion more complicated as the divine is always interested you will one artifact the very students a human our God is a character in human story for ability let us take this part is lost that God is the character one thing you know now movement we're talking in the in in the in heaven the course or talking the call soothes the man and says these to lose his creatures typical our creates not mine they are create another God in the world in our lung the two percenters own says so in the God just captured are the Popo saying that this God is pleased enough why am i created the car the code says I created man the man says I created the also in the producer of it so he it guilty some in religion the God is treated as a human artifacts then he sues the world's there are fire six world one is the human world in this the comic images are symbolism communion order proceed handle of a tragic vision is there any energy or an individual or isolated man human in the animal world the form equation our communion community of domesticated animals prophecy or damn our little world they're down etc the project we sing is a piece or bird of prey rules vultures cymbals dragons repeat this if in this room no one just simple something bad is going to happen some evil has to in the the world of accretion nigga Reez apart a tree of life protein in life heroes are ruthless he solves that aggravate his morals oil dream world Saint Vyas forests obvious wish number 93 at the tempest the project reason the sinister forest like cosmos inferno a tree of death but upon Amaro then he talks about it it takes the mineral world the mineral world the comic recent easier city or a building or a temple or appreciates true the tragic Bishop is Hazzard Rock who is in uninformed world there is naturally formed one other things are reformed run from the world for me who say not every world the tragic vision is yeah see flood exit and saline toothpaste on the my iegs is an example for the for me to sign that media sufficiently the tree the golden girl in the golden ball the committee of changes and also phosphors island tempest in anatomy of catism not Rafael talks about Oscar get hostile energy is related to their stance suffers the positive energy he first appeared in the clearance of the tools of utterly slave man and cue it is is the first other used the image and then we'll ship and this supports colander and so another by spinster discussed by Milton Adonis by Sydney diocese by an order here other this is the first used to form in which he is first a god of beauty and this is the boonies was pushy breed Felicia there is now trapper Nam when ISO has money and the points of aku 421 yeah and the non will not see sensor the Cougars got Golden Bough jumpy Librium size is the consensus science like that and the human world these things to write out this doing tell me this time I will – okay wait I will quit yakking let us out rascal 8 o clock ok ok ok

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