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Love A cliche subject to ponder upon
Yet binds the world together. As I melted in those arms
When you pulled me closer to your chest I felt contended
When your lips lingered on my forehead The endearment in your touch As we entangled our limbs In the most humanly way possible Made me fall for you even more So much, now it’s torturous for me
To stay away. Suddenly in those eyes. I saw the old pages of past. I started to read you as I mused over us. I felt Love when I saw youSitting in front of me Reading a pride and prejudice
In an old library. I Fell for those eyes Reading so captivatingly Nose scrunching now and then Fingers turning page of the vintage enchantment. Days past as I turn the pages of that old romance My head rests on your shoulder as I catch a glimpse of you become the glance of me. I Fell in love again with those brown eyes Scrutinizing my every move Lips slowly brushing My bare shoulder And fingers caressing The back of my palm I”Is that finally Love?” I was interrupted by my thoughts A Smile crawled on my lips as I saw you sweetly snoring on you on my chest Yes, I answered running my hand through those dark curls. What a lovely day. So well spent

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  1. Bht bdia ..good job👌👌👌
    .pr bus ki horn ki awj pr dance krne ka man kargya😂😂😂

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