‘Love later life’ a poem by Roger McGough | Age UK

There is no cure for ageing because ageing isn’t an illness but a way of life. And some are better at it than others.
The secret? Think yourself younger than you really are.
Design a website, invent an app, Take up Zumba, forget to nap.
Time flies they say but it’s us that fly. Time sits on its hands as we rush by.
In the blink of an eye, the brush of a tear you are old but valued still. Welcome to the fold. Age UK is here to help with the
challenges we face in later life.

11 thoughts on “‘Love later life’ a poem by Roger McGough | Age UK

  1. actually it is estimated by the google engineers that after 50 years minimum we will be able to prolong the life time of a human being. aging is not a disease definitely but it may be a "cure" out there. or a way to delay the process of it.

  2. ive met the lady at 30 seconds and she's the most lovely legendry lady! great advert x

  3. We all get there soon enough so embrace the wisdom the years give and never stop living life to the full.

  4. don't give in to old age do something like I did when I hit 65.my wife,pam and I started a skiffle-billy band called "the 6-5 specials" after the 50's first pop show.we raise money for local charities and really enjoy it.there,s now 4 of us and we're all from near Birmingham,west midlands.check us out on you tube under the 6-5 specials skiffle- billy band.many thanks.jd

  5. Great ad. You are old, but valued still. Very positive and encouraging! 

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