Love Nikki – [Honest Opinions] The Poem in the Wind aka Bard Nikki

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today we’re going to be talking about the new event that love Nicki released
it is going to be barred Nicki I already forgot her real name let me go check it
out real quick so it’s called the poem in the wind and I just thought that this
reddit post was really funny because like I really relate to that right now
my diamond counts is at the lowest of low it’s been Louis it’s ever been and
I’m feeling a little shook because of that I just thought that this post just
accurately summarizes everything about it and not only is this event going to
be kind of expensive in my personal opinion it’s a concurrent event with the
arts of war return and people have been kind of divided on what this event is
called because I thought it was for Wars but then turns out it was art of war but
then now it’s will of war so whatever whatever floats your boat I guess and
just to recap before we go react to the trailer this is called the bard Nicki
suit because she literally looks like a bard and she’s acting like a bard and
everybody’s going to call her apart so that’s why she’s going to be called for
earth Nicki and not the weird long name which is the poem in the wind so she is
going to cost fifteen thousand dinars with three tries and the events map is
kind of just like a story stage map where you just battle with your
different outfits I’ll be doing a guide when the event does come and then it’s
going to also be a tiered event so unfortunately you can’t pick and choose
whichever part of the outfit you want so now that settled let’s go on to the
actual trailer so I really like the trailer because the song is a Bop and
there’s something really nice and eerie about the song the actual overall
trailer itself is very pretty and you can see bard Nicki just disappearing and
walking in the background like fruit so here she is in her glory there are two
animals around here there’s a cute bear there is her banjo which she can play
and then there’s a cute little squirrel and a barrel and a bell and a little
keyboard harmonica thing I just to clarify this suit does not come with the
makeup the makeup comes from the racing suit over here and yeah she actually
doesn’t come with the makeup making it a 1500 diamond suit without the makeup and
just the pose so now you’re wondering is it worth it you might be struggling
because you know there is a hell event returned do you want to finish that one
or do you want to finish this one and compared to other outfits we’ve had in
the past is this an outfit that’s worth it or is this an event that’s very
expensive so I decide to do my work and then I checked out all my past videos
where I took all my past videos and basically just summarized how many
diamonds it cost from the nearest event to one of the further events so here it
is I know it’s awkwardly cropped but I just
took it from my YouTube page and you can see that the hell event that’s running
alongside this one it’s going to be around 15,000 diamonds I think a little
bit more and before it came back it was around 13,000 diamonds usually he’ll
events when they come back they will cost a little more so it’s like if you
do like this event and you can finish it I strongly suggest you to finish it
because it’s just gonna cost more and more as time goes on and then there was
the Bogle howl event we just literally had that was around 13,000 diamonds for
me to complete the four main suits but then that doesn’t include the 25600
diamond 2d suit and then the one before it which is coming storm that was
cheaper because it was 700 diamonds for one suit in the 1950 diamonds for both
of them so given that this event costs 1500 to complete coming storm was
definitely cheaper because you get two suits and both of them are posed and
then star fantasy was real life money 999 diamonds for god of glory and then
1800 diamonds for both of them and the Bobo suit was a recharge which was a
hundred dollars and in Cerises box was a pavilion that was around four thousand
diamonds while the childish doll was a charge of $30 and just to move on just a
little further to have a good grasp of how many diamond suits cost in the
previous year events you can see that the night visit one was around three
thousand nine hundred thirty five diamonds so that’s around two thousand
diamonds for each of them and then the Wonder magic was nine hundred and ninety
diamonds for one of them in 1904 both of them rose elegy was around 3,000 to
4,000 diamonds because it was a pavilion the hell event was around 6400 diamonds
and snow trail was two thousand six hundred to two thousand eight hundred
diamonds and you can see for yourself for the rest of them so I would say this
one is more on the average side leaning towards the little bit more expensive
side given that number one there’s no make up and number two it only comes
with one suit and number three it doesn’t look that special yes I really
like the fantasy vibe and yes it’s a green suit so I think that because this
is a different type of outfit I think I can look past the being on the more
expensive side and saying that it’s average I won’t say that it’s super
worth it but I have to say that it’s average and apparently each of the items
actually have a description which describes the lore of the entire loved
Mickey universe requests eyeless battles came to be so you could possibly just
get the items to read the lore but I’m sure somebody that’s not you who has
enough diamonds would get this and would also share the Lord to you so that could
be me that may not be me I don’t know because I didn’t participate in the
coming storm I just got bored of it I didn’t think the suit was that pretty
and I decide to go away from it I’m kind of intrigued with this outfit but again
I don’t know how versatile it is because this is a darker green outfit and you
don’t have enough dark green outfits to use I do like the hair it’s kind of nice
but I wish her hair was also green or like she just had it a little different
vibe because having a green hair would be really nice since we don’t have any
green hairs at all like think about having a green ponytail that would be
pretty lit I have to say honestly like navin I’m looking at the animals just
whatever the pose is also whatever because you need to put on her entire
to be able to use her pose I believe if not if it’s like separate from top to
bottom which I also think is a case I forgot where I read it I think that it’d
be okay I want to just make sure that I really do like it and I don’t want it
because of the hype because 1500 diamonds it’s not that bad but if
something comes after this event which I like even more then you know what I mean
like I’d probably go for that one into this one I think in my personal opinion
you should do the hello events because the hell event gives you a lot more in
return you get a background for completing a suit you get diamonds or
coins or spam that every time you complete a note and then you get free
tries this time so I think you keep feeling free tries every time it returns
but this event will become more and more expensive every time it returns compared
to maybe this event which might come back for crafting who knows but I
personally think that the will of war would be more worth it if you like the
event more or if you like the events equally as much if you don’t like bull
of war and you like the bard one obviously that’s a no-brainer you do the
bard one but if you like the will of war one and not the bard one again
no-brainer just do the will of war one it’s just in the case where you like
them both equally as much or you can’t decide between them so that’s my two
cents about that what do you guys think do you guys think that she’s worth it
you want to change my mind because I might be I might be getting it if you
are guys are able to change my mind about it
right now I’m kind of sitting on the fence and I’m leaning towards no and
before I leave you guys I just wanted to give a quick shout out to my thumbnail
editor jasmine because she has started her own YouTube channel and her YouTube
channel revolves around ETS edits which I freaking love because BTS is my love
she also has a bias towards Eevee because you could see over there her
name is Mira Tay like taking her most recent video is a balk I can’t play the
music because of copyright issues but basically I’m gonna do a little
voiceover dude and then the beat dropped and holy Dan
so if you wanted to check out the video for the full experience of that go to
our YouTube subscribe to her and check out her videos out we both really
appreciate that and also don’t forget to like come to subscribe to my channel
because that would help me a lot so thank you guys for watching I hope you
guys enjoyed I will be posting a guide when the Aventa does come to our server
and i’ll see you then you

100 thoughts on “Love Nikki – [Honest Opinions] The Poem in the Wind aka Bard Nikki

  1. personally love bard suit♡
    it’s green, fantasy vibe, could also be used as a green pirate :3

  2. I really like this suit but unfortunately I'm poor at the moment so I'll have to pass :(((

  3. Meh, imma skip on both and prepare for something I really want to get. I'm a poor V0, I spent all my dias on the previous hell event, I can't even tell how much I spent on Ace's suit and never got the last piece, I got Kimi at least ;_;

  4. Wow another event to spend diamonds in 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  5. Finally I’m an #earlybirb
    Honestly this is my biggest accomplishment in life

  6. That ending was not good for my heart! Taetae being this hot is illegal, not having dimples

  7. I only like the hair – the pose looks a litle weird.

    Keep Up The Good Work~!

  8. I think I’m not going to complete it because there is a lots of events going on and the return hell even UGH I need a break

  9. Four Dreams… Art of War… Now female Peter Pan… >×< I mean I hope this returns not as a re craft, because its beautiful!! ^~^


  11. YouTube isn't notifying me when you upload or for the premieres. It makes so sadd

  12. So, I like the hellevent but I want the last drop and I don't have enough diamonds (900). So I was planning on not joining the event and not any other event as I rly want the Royce and Nidhogg suits. I was planning on saving up to a safe level e.g. 7k diamonds (that's a stretch lol) and then start rejoining events. BUT I LOVE THIS NEW EVENT- never thought I'd love a green elfish suit this much! And I think the price is fine for the pose and the background items, especially since I don't rly have something like it. IN CONCLUSION, I AM TORN! someone help me decide- if I stay like this I will never be able to save up diamonds………. I was thinking that I'll make it my last event but IK that won't happen…

  13. I never get the suit i want most at hell events and i did 2 note before ,3th note is more expensive and it may not be what i want. And i dont get why returning events get more expensive when it shoul get cheaper?! So i ama going for the bard it is different, beautiful hair, green and has a nice soft vibe

  14. Hiiii effie I'm going to Chicago on Saturday so I'm packing but I love youuuu
    And I hear euphoria

  15. I'm trying to think about if I should finish 1 more node for will of war..I want the mountain suit but I'm afraid I'll get fire xD

  16. … I have 100 diamonds now. The lowest of low in months ;w;

  17. I told myself I'd skip the next event to save up dia for the next hell event, but I have an NPC in my DND game that looks exactly like this suit so I guess I have to get it now 😭 At least it's fairly cheap

  18. I am not spending any rl money for awhile. I ve spent over 300$ the last couple months!

  19. I'm only like 10 pulls a way from the second node of AOW….which is already cheaper than the bard suit cuz of free tries lol
    And now that I got that ugly fire suit out of the way…I'll be happy with whatever suit I get next XD

  20. Its really hard to try and stay a V0 when all these hell events just keep hitting us-

  21. Is it just me or do they literally water down the colors to some pale pastel theme instead of the rich, vibrant ones in the trailer? And it's not the first time I'm noticing this. I'm so tired of all the pale pastel tones I can barely see on my phone 🙁 Also, I could live without the make up but I would kill for that forest background…

  22. I like Bard Nikki suit but im going to skip. I’m working on restoring my stash of dias after hell and maybe something pretty comes after this one🤷‍♀️

  23. I guess I'm lucky since I don't like it that much, I was mostly excited about the make up until I found out it's from another suit. I mean, it's pretty, like, a lot, but I just got Kimi and Lunar from Four dreams and I'm getting one outfit from Art of War and I'm left with 1k dias. I don't want to be unprepared like I was for 4 dreams when the next hell event comes up, I'd rather save up dias. It's cute, but I'd never use it.

  24. #earlybirb I'm skipping the Hell Event because I'm broke. I'm a broke V5 and I spent all my dias on the Hell Event. But I'm doing the green suit because I dont really have any green items.

  25. #earlysquad
    I'm skipping this. I don't think it's a "wow" suit and stuff, and i'm saying up dias

  26. I agree with you. She's plain for 1.5k. Like let's be serious the first node of 4wars is 1.8k

  27. I’m skipping both this event and the hell event because I won’t have enough diamonds, I’ll be around 400 diamonds short ;w;

  28. 15,000?! which is da mistake? I hope it's just 1,500….I can't get that much…because I used all my diamonds on the other event…;-; at least it's 1,500 tho.

  29. Ooh, I think I might get this but then again the war thing has good stuff too.
    Does anyone know when we are going to get the vampire suit? Or the 4 god’s one? Because those are ❤️ 🔥

  30. Art of war is my first event when I started and I didn't know it was a hell event that time because I was new ofcourse, but I was glad I was able to get the first tide 😓😌
    So am working on the 2nd tide.

  31. I don’t think I’ll spend on wars event as going to 4th node for just for one fire item isn’t worth it so I might drop a bit on the bard cause it might go with the beer recharge suit.

  32. The will of war suits aren't really my style and aside from free attempts I won't be participating, and didn't participate the first time it came around either… plus will of war is insanely expensive, and so was cloud realm… I wish, if they were going to keep throwing hell events at us, that they might do one more like old album, which was pretty inexpensive and had a TON of suits. Will probably be getting this bard suit instead, even though my diamond count is making me cry lmao

  33. What suit did you guys get on the first node from the Will of War hell event? I’m curious since it’s my first time having this Hell Event

  34. I actually love this suit because I'm a sucker for fantasy suits? I'm weak OTL

    You convinced me I dont really need it, but tbh theres a lotta suits I "dont need" that I inevitably go all in on.

  35. Bards are my favorite class so I'm weak and will probably go for it…plus I completed the ones I wanted for the war one so I'm like, okay yeah…imma go for this suit

  36. If the hair was green and the suit had a makeup I'd get Bard Nikki but Will of War has my attention right now.

  37. I really like this new suit but also I couldn't participate last year on will of War because my phone was broken. So I don't know, I might not participate and wait for it to comeback and just participate in the hell event before it gets more expensive.
    Idk guys, send help!

  38. Sorry for missing the live chat for this video 🙁 Honestly, I don't like the suit that much…And that applies for Will/Art of War as well. Guess I would save my diamonds. I expect something more spectacular in the near future. If not a little event, then for sure Blood Moon. In my humble opinion, you should save diamonds, but it's up to you 🙂 Lots of love ❤

  39. Bards are my favorite class to play in DnD so this suit is a must for me, but I can definitely see how others might skip because of Art of War. I could do both but I'm saving my stockpile of diamonds in case of a surprise Blood Moon or something.

  40. I like more the Bard Nikki i dont know you guys but i will get it😋
    Sorry for my english😂…

  41. I finished the hell event last time….but idk about 1500 for this…. ehhhh

  42. I LOVE that Love nikki is giving us a bit more free diamonds! It isn't much but it is generally generous for our server! This event is actually pretty cute for me. I like it but I would prefer to save my diamonds for another event. Good luck to all! #QUALITY VIDEO as always Effie! Your videos always bring a bit more joy to my day!

  43. I could finish this but i'm supposed to be in diamond saving mode for the nect hell event and already loving the first event that comes out is pretty bad ;w; I hope I survive

  44. Considering I completed only one node from Art of War and I have diamonds from the Dark Bobo suit, I figure it's a sign that I should complete this comeback. Even the items I want from Bard Nikki end up being free with the free tries. The stars are truly aligning…

    Great and helpful video!

  45. but i just started saving up my diamonds after 4 dreams and now THIS ;-;

  46. I kinda like the suit, but I can’t see myself using it, so I’ll just skip it and save my diamonds for something I really like and will use. I mean, I did accidentally spend 1500 diamonds anyways, so I’m just not into spending diamonds on something I wouldn’t use. If I had the diamonds, I would get it since it is a bit cute, but ehhhh! Great video as always tho 🙂

  47. Yo my love nikki is stuck on the elex screen ive tried force quitting the app,checking my internet conecxion and restarting my device

  48. I've been waiting for this suit since it was first announced of CN. I actually skipped another suit for this one because I think it is just so pretty! I know it doesn't have a lot of versatility, but I don't care. I love it and I can afford it, and I much prefer it to the Art of War suits (which I've read a lot of the people who own them don't really use them because they lack even more versatility). I think a good tip is to wait until the last day to see if anything "better" is announced, otherwise, I don't feel like you really care for it so I think you should skip it.

    Also, I was under the impression that once a Hell returns at X increased price, it doesn't increase in price again (at least, I read that on LND). Meaning, the current Hell cost will be the same when it returns for a third time. Maybe I am wrong? If anyone knows more please correct me!

  49. can we like take a second and just, calculate how much diamonds/money love nikki has been making us (wanna) spend? :') probably more than 30k

  50. Ya know if LN gave a list of the small events they plan on doing with every hell even or at least the next 5 small events its make things more easier on saving dias but they won't do that for us or anyone maybe I:

  51. The suit is okay. I don't a lot of green outfits. I have 6 or 7 outfits that green. Bright green it's my favorite color. But, this suit isn't for me. I pass for this since I finally reached the third node. 3 out of 5. Yay!!!!

  52. Ooo may get it, 20 spins away from Prosperous Reign so it's a maybe!

  53. It would be worth it if it had make up and another background item ..maybe
    Not getting it even though some parts are very nice

  54. Ehh I really want the mountain suit from the war event, but if I don't get that one then I would have wanted the bard suit instead. If only I could pick to get the suit I want rather than it being random… ;-;

  55. This suit is so meh to me. I only like the banjo which i think we can get free. So yay. 1.5k dias?? Yeah nah.

  56. Ehhh I'm not impressed by the suit and also don't like any in the art of war. But I feel glad to not like them because this is so much time to save up

  57. I think I’ll skip this and only do free tries cuz I’m doing will of war, and I’m struggling with that so I shouldn’t do two events at once

  58. Effie, hell events don't become more expensive every time. They are more expensive the first time the come back, and the price stays the same afterwards. Come on

  59. Not pressed about either event, I'll happily do the free tries and save my diamonds.

  60. I go for free tries only. When you don't have enough dias, you learn not to like all suits haha.

  61. You really put a lot of effort into this! Thank you!!!

  62. I am going to go for it, but I completed the hell event last time so I’m just doing the free pulls to get the rest of the extra suits. I also like this style and the inspiration too!

  63. Thank you so much for this video. Very helpful. Your discord group is also very helpful. I am going to try hard to save up diamonds for this event. ;A; I'm V0 though.

  64. I honestly just like the hair from the "Bard Nikki" so I'm not gonna get it

  65. Her hair is nice lol that's all i can say owo btw I'm not getting it

  66. I did the math, and I won't be able to get a full suit in Art of War. Might as well save for future events instead. I don't really like the Bard suit, either

  67. I didn't know about our current event and spent 1500 diamonds trying to complete the recipe thing before it started (I didn't look at the prizes for the recipe completion and…the regret) and…things are not okay in diamond town fellas

  68. I don't think it's worth it, besides I'm blowing all my diamonds away like sand to get the 2nd node on Art of War,,,and then when I'm done im stockpiling my diamonds for whatever else.

  69. Not my favorite suit but it’s nice to see us get more green suits. I only like the hat, shoes, and dress. At lest we get the hat for free:)

    I think for 1.5k she cost a bit too much and no makeup either. I think she should of been priced at 1.2k

    Oh and you said she costs 15k to finish🤪

    Oh and yes it’s better to go for the hell event.

    I forgot to mention that the event music in the video reminds me of the Atelier series and the video itself too.

  70. I watched this video to late
    I wasted my diamonds on bard ,_,

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