love poem about white draco on rocket league |Lightningmaloy|

hello YouTube my name is lighten Blois today we have a very special video we have a love poem devoted to my white treecko’s that i unbox so this is the poem in guys feel free to use this on your grill just tell them you read it somewhere it goes you know if you go like our barber King made it yet they ain’t gonna get it so this is how this yeah you’re the white in my sugar my darkest nights you’re the light that lights my way my love for you is that white as in snow I may not always get the goal but you put a smile on my face the love I have for you is brighter than the moon nothing in this world is as bright as you you’re my one and only wheel only thing I really had changed for that for a girl honestly is you might want to take out your the white in my sugar cut that out and put you’re the one and only girl so wheel you’re the one and only wheel for me or the one and only girl for me and there you go guys leave in the comments what the girl told you and I had confirm it is cute by one of the moderators girlfriends so please like comment subscribe yes I know they’re stupid but come on look at look at these wheels these these wheels the love deserve a love poem all right I love you like Draco’s your mind your mind you’re the only wheel for me you’re mine and I love you so night YouTube night remember I’m the Bobby King and these are my lovely Draco’s see you for the next episode

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