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Hey Adam hey Ellie, what’s up? Just wondering could I read you something? Yeah, of course Go ahead We’ve known each other almost a year I see you every day And every time I see you nothing seems so grey You’re an awesome cool and nice guy that makes my heart leap When I look at you, I think You’re so thoughtful kind and sweet Your eyes are like a deep green pond, which twinkle like the stars beyond with hair, that’s dark and wavy It really makes me crazy We have a lot of really good fun. We get along better than everyone We make a really good match. It’s super plain to see so all I want to know is Will you go on a date with me Wow Ellie Wow That’s a super sweet poem I can really feel the sentiment of it. I don’t know who the guy you wrote it for is, but he’s gonna love it. Oh Adam – But if you are looking for a few pointers I can give you some because it’s not that good The rhyming structure was kind of weird you started with second and fourth line rhymes in the start and then moved into pairing rhymes in the middle There’s also a lot of really basic language. You should chuck some of the words into Maybe get some better ones? Also you used a lot of repetition Maybe if you pull back on that it would be a little bit better. In fact maybe it’s even a little bit too long if you could cut it down by like a third but It is a super nice poem Ellie. I don’t know who the guy wrote for is, but he’s really lucky. good luck with it Just kind of wish it was for me. Adam the poem Whoa, whoa, whoa whoa, whoa No hugging Cameras Cameras Cameras Cameras Adam there are shelves out back that need stocking not you Ellie You are on front desk I hope I haven’t interrupted anything but back to work. Thank you

100 thoughts on “Love Poem – Bored Ep 119 | Viva La Dirt League (VLDL)

  1. Congratulation Ben and Rowan for the 3th place winners at PUBG Invitational Charity tournament!!! More PUBG Logic content please.

  2. For romeo and juliet, it was their families. For most space anime romances, it is space war. For adam and ellie, it is stupidity that keeps them apart.

  3. You gotta admit though, for once, Rowan is right. That's not exactly the best place for romance.

  4. Where are you guys? I am at Pubg invitational and looked everywhere. 😭😭😭😭

  5. no no nono no no noo whoa whowhoah whoa whoaahhhhhh ….lol …I have two videos to watch everyday this and pubg logic bacpack

  6. Oh no, they almost came through… but than again, cameras everywhere… with this psycho watching… ahahaha

  7. ahhhhh no cant watch this
    brings back terrible memories
    of me as a kid……………………

  8. HAHAHAHAHA Rowan is such a dick in this show. I bet he is super nice irl.


    Press F for respect for Ellie.

  10. One of those times when you're REALLY not sure whether Rowan is just totally oblivious, or a giant douche.

  11. When you get rejected so many times that you can't expect someone to propose you…

  12. Oh my goodness that was painful to watch on!!! poem was cringy but it only got worse with Adams response. Still totally ship that.

  13. You guys are speaking a little bit weird. Do you have some kind of brittish accent, or are u just chill as a refrigerator?

  14. I gotta start using "cameras… cameras, cameras" as a DISTRACTION
    technique in my life.

  15. This episode hurts like the Epic NPC Man Episode with Rowan and Brit! :'(

  16. When he said it's for someone else, I just couldn't watch it anymore. It was so painful to watch beyond that.

  17. Oh man, i really thought Elldam was finally gonna happen😢 you can't do this me😭 you can't f***ing do this to me💔

  18. I’m stealing this for next time I need this for that special person 🥰😍🥰😍🥰
    Or just for the postman 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  19. Even the foreknowledge that a Bored episode couldn't go without a plot twist that ruined everything couldn't ease the pain of that one. If any bored video ever deserved a happy ending, it was this one.

  20. Ellie is rlly cute, Adam how could you not get it? PS: Wait is that a Rainbow Six camera on the ceiling ? 😀

  21. Thought that was for truth or dare, turned out to be so sweet.

  22. I wish they would do more Bored episodes. I want to see more of the Adam and Ellie love story.

  23. You guys subverted that expectation masterfully. Great job!

  24. Oh Adam, Adam, Adam….. Buddy, bro, my man…. We need to get you wised up on women.
    PS. Ellie is right about your hair and for the love of all things dinner related, go on a date with her. Good luck mate and don't order anything with onions. Or cheese. Or onions with cheese. 👍😉.

  25. Ellie is most beautiful woman who a man wants to live with. Does she write poetry for me?

  26. Yeah, guys don’t get hints. If you don’t tell us plainly, it will fly right over our heads.

  27. Oh that poor Adam at the beginning I thought that she rode it to somebody else but I didn't thought on that

  28. I mean in Adams defense, the poem was pretty awful. Sweet, but awful

  29. i will hunt you down, find your house, ambush you and punch you in the face rowen

  30. 😂😂😂😂😂 didn't see this, i would love to be rowan in these type of situation but i am the alan.who is not here. Like me .

  31. Why why did this happen Adam you should have just listened to it and I totally thought he was going to think the poem was for him but it was actually for a different guy

  32. Expected her to read something thats sweet at first, but then gets more and more creepy, only to reveal at the end that Rowan wrote it for her.

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