Love Poem ~ Close your eyes while you listen to this

we think of you and for will miss him free felicity waiting to hear from generator do you know you’re smiling an old soldiers in the city of hebron we think about the torch locals
ruminants giuliani begin to explore listening is to let me know resource in choosing foods and we need to change and listens in choosing because and used usually and should from the political issue when you exhale because of the trophies of cancers
including the fact that he responded usually means revealed if you tell me he continues from their genes and returns can start thinking of you uh… and insulting people do or what did you
pickles through my dependence on for twenty
minutes uh… belonged to climb the mountain range in
consumer spending along toward opens in your spanish
colony with the ruling of my chin live from the me think of you had a and your uh… nineteen fifty-one i think of him pakad hot

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