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You say you know what I feel. Then what I
feel? You say we’re still. Still what? It’s just
your will. You say you feel the chill. I don’t wanna
seal. You say what is real. But real is what I feel. I say I feel nothing for last five years.
I say it’s ok to your words that I’m drear. I say you must be dreaming. Than I’m not your
dreamer. I say so what’s wrong? For last five years. We say we are not together. Really?
No we are not. Then why you han’out with me?
We say Oh MY GOD. I’m gonna quit it. No. We cannot. We are together. Really? They say we are crazy. Do you really care?
I think they are right. But they are unaware. They say we’re in love. Tell me, do you share
it? They say we are not. But they don’t really
care. Why you wanna be right? In all of these topics?
No I am not right. I’m wrong on these subjects. Why you wanna be left? So you want me to leave
you? No I just asked. You ask me. You ask to? Why today you’re so mad? Do you know what
is madness? Madness is something bad. Do you think I am
badness? Yes. I think so. And also I think you are
sickness. That’s why I’m sick. I’m sick of you. Sameness. Please look in my eyes. Tell what do you see?
I see that you love me. No I don’t. But I see.
Please. I’m begging. Don’t lie me. What do you really see?
I see the love. And the freedom. I couldn’t foresee. No there’s not. But ok. So. Look in my eyes.
Don’t be silent so long. There is the surprise. Oh c’mon. What’yo mean? What’s the surprise?
I’m sorry but all what I see is the cry. You’re trying be nice. But don’t try. Let
it be. Let it go. Let it fly. Let it cry. Let it
see. Let your feelings. Your thoughts. Let your
soul tell truth. You’re trying be nice. But don’t try. I’m
with you. Are we together? Forever? We are.
Then why we have never been happy? We fly. What do you mean? We have never flew.
We have and we do now. Just because I’m with you. You gotta be crazy. You completely went mad.
But I love you my baby. Please repeat what you said.
I’m with you. I’m with you. I’m with you my love!
I am with you too. I love you sweet heart. I’m lying on grass. My eyes are closed.
I’m dreaming of that time. When we get to know.
Because I feel what do you feel. Be we still don’t.
I know we will. Because we want. I don’t like long distance. But it is.
Our love. Our feelings. I know she seeks. I seek long time. So we succeed.
Long distance relationship I’m already sick. Come closer. Please. Give me some sign.
You have to believe. I have to rhyme. Why all of this happens? What is going on?
Tell me what’s wrong with me? Don’t tell me you’re gone.
Why all of this happens? Why I need you so strong?
Do you really care? Why the distance so long? I ask a lot of questions. I’m sorry. I don’t.
I don’t wanna be rude. And I hope I’m not wrong.
Why I know what you know. If we’ve never been met?
Or maybe we’ve been. But no one of us felt. Maybe yesterday we were walking in the street.
I glanced at you once? then what you did? You smiled to me. But I didn’t cognize.
I noticed some glance. But I wasn’t so wise. You’ve been watching me? Really. And what
did you see? Why I didn’t see you? Because I wasn’t free?
Free of what? Why you did not try talking to me?
Because I am not ready? And when I will be? Listen. You don’t understand it. Situation
is bad. I love you so much. Now I don’t understand.
Why if you love me. You didn’t say hi? Why you didn’t come closer? What you mean
that you tried? I see what I want only? And I don’t see real
things? What reality is? Why I don’t see what’s real?
I’m sorry. I don’t realize anything. I know only one thing – my love is so close.
and I feel it. I feel. I’ve been fall in love. A lot of that stuff.
It’s been my style. Love makes me live. But not a craft. Love
makes me live. meanwhile. I live on the Earth. Here’s love is like storm.
Life is a store. But can you buy it? I’ve been in this sense. I know what it is.
I knew what it is. When I was a child. So here we are. You and me. My Darling.
Tell me what you need. Can we go back? Or we gotta starting.
All over again. Right? All is over. No it’s not. Please. Don’t make me be broken
hearted. You are my girl. You have to sober. Please don’t struggle. You have to go back.
It’s just a new cycle. We’re walking in the night in opposite sides.
People are looking at us. They’re erratic. We’re walking in the night in downtown bright
lights. People think something. Or they don’t care.
Now we’re walking side by side. Our fingers are clasped. We’re together.
Whatever what happens to us. We’re together. No matter what’s going on through the times.
We’re together. I’m happy with you. (I) appreciate it so
much. With you I know who am I. And I love just
to watch. I love to watch what you’re doing. You’re
a such… To say beautiful woman – to say nothing. I’m
crashed. I don’t know how to say. There is no words.
I have never met someone like you on the Earth. I swear you’re best in the whole Universe.
You’re like my God. My soul. My Source. What am I doing? Making my declaration of
love. I pronounce I will love you. And will never
enough. I will do what you say. I will be who you’d
like. I will love you like Earth loves the Sunshine.
Perhaps I was wrong. So I recognize. I’m sorry for all. So I have to purge.
Yes I made the mistakes. I was under delusion. Through your high mediation I created new
vision. I created my life. Just because you were right.
You were right next to me. You are my light. You are all of me. Now I am all of you.
You are my fate. My fortune. My doom. I am your karma. I am your friend.
Do you have friends? Why you don’t have? Well I think you should. At least I’m your
friend. I’m everything now. If you’re tree. So I’m
land. If you’re feet. So I’m ground. If you’re sea.
So I’m sand. If you’re cliffs. So I’m stream. If you’re
canyon I’m grand. What you’re going do next? Let’s go to some
trip! Have you ever been in Paris? So LET’S travel
then! It is so romantic. Moon — lights floor of
the room. People speak French. So we will speak soon.
Lovers are speaking French in next room. We lying in silence, Ils parlent de l’amour.
I don’t wanna sleep. And you, my love too? So let’s go to the street. Let’s walk like
they do. We huddle up to each other. Because it’s too
cold. We feel something between us. Something untold.
I whispered to you. How strong my love is. You replied that your love even the stronger
sense. I whispered – thank you. It is the greatest
time. it’s honor for me. You said – no. Honor
is mine. What do we do next? Well I see the sunrise.
You say. Wow it’ so… yes. It’s like paradise. It’s around 6 a.m. Welcome to the new day.
We are happy together. We will be. anyway. And we’re walking. We’re laughing. We’re giving
the hugs. It’s like Closing credits crawl behind us.
From horizon
to heaven. And they say – all is right. It is not happy end. It is happy start.

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