Love poems by that crazy chick pt 3 Breezy

he told me I'm crazy and said you just don't know what passion is he said I'm difficult I said that do you know that everything takes work and none of the things that's really good comes easy he said I'm afraid you might track me is there but you're not an NBA star millionaire or Brad Pitt you really think I'm that dumb get myself a test score value Chris Brown is my baby girl gonna be called mill deal is there a royalty for baby like I'm so reason uncle royalties the other one is trying to act like a gardening tool like your biggest aspiration is to be some home acting like you're the coolest oh cool but the truth is I've got most of the thing you let it sit in my left oh and I know you think you're the game and all but i'ma play the game wasn't ready for and when push comes to shove I go all the way see I'm about the ride or die and you're gonna see that today I really did like you and I was down for it but now that all the cool colors are coming out I've got something to say too the only thing I'm trying with your hair line for a complete phase-out stupid

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