Love Poems for Gamers!

hey guys so I know it is that time of the year again where everybody who's kind of similar to me is once again left out because we are single valentines day if you didn't catch that and I actually wasn't planning to do a Valentine's Day video this year because it's always the same thing every year I'll be your Valentine ROI it's awesome but I don't really know you but you're not even really sick yes I am how are you still single because I spend all my time talking to myself I what's wrong with that nothing at all okay good does that love you love you too Ruth it kiss me okay yeah anyway I was thinking about what do I usually do on Valentine's Day and what am I gonna do this Valentine's Day and then it just digging like a light bulb that turns on from a snap apparently my Valentine's Day is my video game that's been my relationship the past few years every Valentine's Day I end up playing video games because all my other friends are busy so rather than trying to pretend that I'm in something that I'm not which is a real relationship I decided to write some poems for all the people that are like gaming love form there's one of those moments where I got really excited and just started writing without thinking this makes absolutely no sense especially if you don't play any games you might not get any references in this video and if I don't mention your favorite game maybe I'll do it another time but these are the games that I play or the games that I know so for all you gamers out there's poems are for you and they're also for people to give to gamers I guess if that being said here's a friggin ridiculously weird video so I've been playing a lot of destiny it's a new game for those of you that don't know this forum right here is about putting yourself out there and asking someone else showing them how wonderful life could be if they joined you were you party with me I'm destiny I could take you to places you never did see from the moon to crota to the vault of glass so high even fallen cabal and vex you'll never need worry about getting hurt I'll be there by your side everyday on lexer from the weekly tonight fall every bounty you see will do it all faster than a Thrall could rush your TV so will you party with me and destiny will you point and dance in my fireteam I'll take you in as a new it is destined for you to let me help you reach light level 32 thank you dude that's pretty good service when is dota 2 and I know a lot of you guys play League of Legends or on but I play dota 2 i played Frozen Throne Warcraft so that's what I stuck with this form right here is quite the opposite of the destiny pool it's all about equality this is a problem for people who wants to take charge it's saying that you don't always have to be the Alpha you don't always have to bring home the bacon you don't have to be the carry because you're the support and anyone that plays dota or league of legends or Han or any of those games you know exactly how important the support is carry me o carry me I can be your support I don't need any kills I'll assist you in your be a draw be advised I'll go cm or lit you solomid sniper award that River ditch or no one will gank you if any are missing at all over miles apart I will never not call and when you want to push you can always count on me couriers on its way with the smoke in some trees dive that's how hard and finish that rax as your loyal support I've got all of your backs and then oh no no no no what what the hell is she's probably one of my favorite games csgo why not the gold part but counter-strike counter-strike 1.6 whatever based on Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet there's no skull here but you get the picture in fact here that that's a light bulb this is a story for all you romantic sout there csgo may see us go yay for our love is divided by T conceit a like Romeo and Juliet our families will fight they know not of all love they know not of our lives we must meet in secret so I'll write to you in riddle behind box where cats walk weird or smoke in the middle and when you arrive take my hand we'll survive in the darkness of tunnels like our love we will hide all the memories will share Lowell tunnels by stairs but in trouble draws near when both families head here and as they approach faster than p90s fire we know all that is left last kiss we desire and as they close in there's one last decision CS go with the blade name see us gold grenade yay sometimes less is more and the proof is in Minecraft this poem gets straight to the point I built block of you show all my love I built block of you ground and above graphics simple but meaning strong I built block of you love lot I'm long this form is for all those people out there who absolutely love someone who does not love them back and this is how you can win them over with this story of Slenderman that was so creepy we're in love you don't know it I watch you from afar the darkness of the night as you walk home through the park you turn on your cell phone to give yourself light when you spot me no love just fright please stop running I just want your love it's the kiss I have non but I can still give a hug but you keep on going I guess that ends our date until next time my love I'll be waiting at your place last but not least I'm not gonna forget all the people who actually are in a relationship fighting is inevitable it's gonna happen and this poem based off of Super Smash Brothers is for all you couples who have been together for a very long time I know that we fight and we argue a lot you see I game every night without giving a thought about you and me but that's simply not true when I play Super Smash Bros all I think about is you cuz it's just like your peach spoiled princess and whiney or maybe your Zelda yelling at link to come find me when I play as King Bowser it's like I'm playing as you and you're hungry you're tired or in a bad mood and like Kirby and Jigglypuff you eat and then sleep but when you wake up your breath is like Donkey Kong's feet you're Mega Man and Samus at the end of the day you build up your rage and take it all out on me and it makes me feel like Sonic because I want to run from it all fly away like a Charizard or like Captain Falcon and fall but then I remember you're not just a character in this game you're my player number two and no matter who you are we're on the same team so although you may whine like you are my mother although you annoy me like a little brother although you may smother me like no other you will always and forever be my Super Smash lover oh hey oh my god what your breath is Tommy Kong's feet it's not my breath it's my moustache but moustache so thank guys so much for watching if you want to see the previous video click the one on the right if you want to see bloopers and behind the scenes click the one on the left and if you want to learn more about the Doppler effect just listen to what I'm doing because this is science see that your tribute crack

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