Love Said to Me — poem by Jallauddin Rumi

[Music] I worship the moon [Music] speak to me of the soft glow of candlelight and the sweetness of my mom [Music] last night I lost my grip on reality and welcomed insanity love Sami she said I showed up now dire tears and be silent [Music] I said love I’m frightened and it’s not you [Music] not said to me there is nothing that is not me [Music] I will whisper secrets in your ear [Music] just nod your head be silent [Music] a soul wound appeared on the path of my heart how precious is this journey I said love what moon is this love said to me it’s beyond anything you’ve been known I said love what faces this human angelic love said to me it’s not for you to question they’ll be silent I said love please tell me I’m dying in anticipation love said to me that’s exactly where I want you dying and always on the edge [Applause] you live in this Hall of images and illusions leave this house now and be so I said love does God know you’re treating me this way love said to me yes he does and now [Music] be completely completely [Music] silent [Music] you

3 thoughts on “Love Said to Me — poem by Jallauddin Rumi

  1. Beautiful. Who is the singer? I spent a city retreat with Ellaya on Yom Kippur. Very special.

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