Love Your Defects – a poem

Everyone has defects
that’s the God’s honest truth From extra toes on your tootsies
all the way up to a snaggletooth But here’s the thing that no-one gets
and I said this at the start That EVERYONE has defects
so they don’t set you apart There’s nothing weird about your
so called flaws because not a single person can
call out yours without knowing that they have
something as well. So next time you look
at your ‘weird thing’ and think that is isolating
know that every single person you know has at least
a few wonky cells Instead of thinking bad thoughts
about your thing and falling into wallowing
here’s something on which to cling we all have at least one of the following Birthmarks, stretch marks,
freckles, and moles. Swamp butt, loud farts
or even webbed toes. A lazy eye, protruding ribs,
a lumpy butt, or dead toe nails Chicken legs, a weird coloured dick Monobrow, vestigial tail. Hunchback, bouts of excema
all ages cursed with pimples Slow blinks, an extra finger hairy nose, or hairy nipples Red eyes, rolls of fat
chapped lips, waxy ears A randomly placed dry patch
or cursed with a neck beard Jelly ankles, snotty nose
muffin top, or wrinkles. Those weird bending elbows little cysts on your testicles Heart murmurs, both anxious
and congenital perhaps you were born with
both sets of genitals Clicking jaws, deviated septum bit too large thumbs stinky hairy rectums. Acne, backne, a bung knee or the weirdest of all… a belly button that’s an outie Everyone said yes to at least
a couple of those things before the list was done. And if you didn’t, and you have
no defects? Then YOU are the weird one. These are the things that make us feel
wrong and all alone. When really they’re the things that make
us most like everyone. Being not quite right is being
part of the human race! More than 7 Billion attempts right now,
and not one perfect face. And I know that this is cheesy,
but I propose we stop calling them Defects. Because they effect every single one of us let’s rename them

4 thoughts on “Love Your Defects – a poem

  1. I liked the positive vibe you had in this one. I hope all those people who hate their own bodies hear this. I liked how people who have no defects are the weird ones. That made me smile. Thanks for posting this.

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