hi guys so recently I’ve been rambling a lot about BTS but bear with me this time is something more than just rambling about BTS so inspired by the BTS love yourself Tech I have something special for you so here you have it this is a little poem for you or more like an essay or like a dissertation just a couple of words that I put together yeah okay let’s begin this okay first of all I want us to do something together first close your eyes and think of the funniest thing that has happened to you this past month a tweet your pad fell on the dryer I don’t know cats are weird okay now there’s a little smile that appear in your face right even if it’s tiny you know what it is dazzling it holds a million Suns which is a little terrifying to think of but beautiful it’s like that bright star you saw once in the sky it’s like a puppy learning to run okay fun now take a deep breath and let it out did you fill your lungs filling with air isn’t it wonderful your whole body is working to keep your life a pretty little part everything is connected and functioning to keep you here every little cell is doing its job so you can help out to take care of yourself take care of your body put your hands over your stomach and squish that skin there now squeeze your thighs and squeeze your arms whatever your way is there is skin there and it’s a squishy and it’s often it’s cute and it’s beautiful so don’t be ashamed of it hey remember that time you felt like everything was crumbling down when you only wanted to sleep like ten years remember when the tears wouldn’t stop coming out you just wonder how long would the pain last well look at yourself in your pajamas eating a bowl of cereal maybe watching this in the bathroom that’s something I do you got over it the tears dried and the pain went away didn’t it yeah it left scars but you kept fighting until the pain was nothing but a faded memory you champ one more question have you heard yourself laugh yeah yeah I know my voice is horrible with all them there but just for once listen to your own after that beautiful joyful sound you make when something makes you incredibly happy anyway that is your voice echoing your soul how amazing is that it’s magical now think of your favorite song in the whole world you must know right now I’m thinking elitism how many times have you seen it at the top of your lungs while cleaning the house while studying while driving how many times did you imagine your broom being a microphone 75 that’s oddly specific I bet you look hilarious pretending you were in front of thousands of people but you know what I bet you it beautiful too because at that moment you felt that you were on top of the world no fears just you and the feeling that being you was completely fine you were safe by being yourself your dorky awkward clumsy self the true you was shining brightly and believe me it must have been beautiful or even wearing makeup are you not wearing makeup well you know what it doesn’t matter that is up to you whatever you decide it’s fine you’re still amazing you’re still talented usually you need you’re still strong you still can keep fighting okay that’s one I promise do you remember the last time you looked into the mirror and smiled the last time you were able to see the pimples and the bags and the circles under your eyes and the chapped lips without filling your gut twisting in shame I believe it was a while back and you know what that sucks because you’re such a beautiful creature with the crooked teeth and the big nose with that little moustache the one go away unless you wanted to stay in which awesome because massages are we did this she built hair and the tired eyes I can’t imagine why you hate them why did you hate something that is a part of someone so strong and talented and brilliant as you someone who has seen fear and pain in the eye and I said you know what I’m gonna keep your eyes someone like you who is right now watching this video and hopefully smiling after feeling that maybe life wasn’t worth it after all you put survived and keeps fighting every single day you are supposed to be here you with all your flaws and with so many things to learn right in front of you how could you hate yourself when you’ve been so strong when you’re standing right here right now you’re a life pat yourself in the back you’ve been doing great because God knows life is not easy but you’ve made it this far I might be an insignificant no one for you you guys have no idea who I am but I know in my heart that you are supposed to be here not like here my room here in the world so please believe it and please love yourself love the laughter and the hair and nose in the skin love every little single part because you know what you deserve it you really do well I hope you guys liked it I hope you felt a little bit better after watching this let me tell you a little bit more about why I decided to record this video I know my channel is a lot about comedy the comedy is my first thing to do in morning like I have to joke as soon as I wake up because that’s how I come from fear NP no just kidding that’s so sad okay no comedy is what I go for with my youtube channel but yesterday I wasn’t through Twitter and like you know I think obsessed with PTSO every single account I follow is voting in di her doors which you can do too and then I saw that the tag BTS love yourself hashtag was trending on Twitter and that’s awesome for those of you that don’t know BTS latest album is called lovers of her and it has all this concept of loving yourself obviously so in this hashtag every single fan was posting selfies and being like you know what I love myself because that’s what the hashtag was all about and I saw it and I felt so moved to see so many young people being confident enough to post their pictures and all the other friends were retweeting in and they were leaving comments and they were liking the pictures and they were all like you are so beautiful you’re amazing you’re so strong and people were sharing their stories and I just thought it was so beautiful and I got so inspired that I wrote this as long a thing because sometimes you forget how important it is to support other people and to remind them to love themselves so that’s why this video is so important to me and I actually teared up a little bit yesterday when I was writing this because it is something that I would tell myself and it is something that I truly want you to listen because things are not easy whatever your age is whether you are 15 16 20 25 30 40 things are never easy and words of encouragement are important and kind and nice words are important too and sometimes that’s those things you can find them in any social media or in YouTube so that’s why I decided to record this do you think it is too cheesy then I’m sorry but I am too cheesy like that but I wrote this from the bottom of my heart and I hope it helped a little bit thank you guys for watching so much for giving me a little bit of time of your day if you enjoyed this please if you one give it a thumbs up but most importantly share it with someone who needs it or watch it whenever you need it you can watch it anytime you want it these words are always going to be true from me to you I do think you’re beautiful and wonderful and you’re worth it in your life and you should be here so they are always going to be true these videos for you is yours so do whatever you want with it if you want you can subscribe to my channel too I post a lot of comedies like I said but I also want you to start posting more videos later leave some nice words for people in the comments because that’s what the world needs right now I’ll see you guys next week and until that love yourselves and it’s something I don’t know I’ll see you next week okay just a little PCA authors not whatever I know it’s impossible but if someday the BTS guys watch this and the BTS crew watch this thank you so much for creating such a concept your kind Souls and you are truly amazing and yeah okay thank you so much for caring so much for your friends you guys are awesome and now I’m gonna go cry just kidding I’m gonna go clean and write because I hate cleaning

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  1. IUUUUGH BTS… Holy mother of speaking to a camera, you've earned a new subscriber so you better upload loads of videos, cause my feed is pretty infested with cat videos, blacksmiths and sad anime songs. All the loves to you keep at it! kudos to you little one. <3

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