– Hey guys! Looking for a way to celebrate this Valentine’s Day with
your significant other, but have an insignificant amount of funds in the bank? Well, use a credit card
and don’t worry about it. (sad trumpet music) Just kidding, that’s a terrible idea. Don’t do it. Instead of committing yourself to a lifetime of credit-induced debt, go ahead and use these helpful tips for some low budget, yet high lovin’ Valentine’s Day gift ideas. (sparkling) Idea number one involves getting in the kitchen and making them something they’ll love. Just cook them their favorite food, or an aspect of their favorite food if you’re not that good at being a cook. Now, if you’re sitting there thinking, “I have no idea what
their favorite food is,” go and ask them, and then think deeply about whether or not you care as much as you think you do. Think about that. Tip number two, everybody wants a beautiful bouquet for
Valentine’s day, right? Wrong! But beautiful flowers
can get expensive, fast, so here’s a trick I used
all the time in college. In California we have a lot of naturally growing wildflowers, so what I used to do is I would just wander into people’s yards, or down the street, or around the campus, and collect and create a beautiful bouquet of my own. Look at this beautiful piece of flora. Fauna? Fiona? Ooh, ahh. Rosemary grows wild here. Also these are cute little flowers. Also none of these were
taken out of people’s yards. That’s terrible advice,
don’t actually do it. (Hannah sniffs) “But Hannah, in February my hometown “is a snowy wasteland.” (tires on ice) That’s ok. For those of you who actually experience the season of winter, I recommend making origami flowers. It’s easy, it’s sweet, and if you can do it well, it looks great. (Hannah spits) Wait for it… (Papers rustling) Holy shit, it looks like a million bucks. Actually, that doesn’t look half bad. Step number three also involves creation. Craft your own beautiful card, write them a lovely poem, create a robot girlfriend. – Hello. – Number four: Help them save money on waxing by offering to pluck those hard-to-reach body hairs. I’m not going to show you guys an example of this. But, use your imagination. Number five is also about saving money. A great gift is a pair of house slippers, but those can get expensive, too. So take the Orange is the New Black route and make your own out of maxi pads, like these! Cozier than you’d think. Don’t knock it ’til you try it. Whooo! Ahhh… (thud) Tip number seven: make them a mixed tape or a playlist of love songs that came out the year they were born. If they were born in the 1940s or 50s that will be great, because that was back in a time when romance was real, and sex was a deeply,
deeply shameful topic that no proper person would discuss, as opposed to love songs today which are like, “Girl I wanna (bleep
bleep bleep bleep bleep) “In your (bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep) “Til you (bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep) “with your (bleep bleep bleep) “on the (bleep bleep bleep) “And a (bleep bleep bleep) there too. “(bleep bleep bleep bleeeeeep).” Five, six, seven… Was that a good video? Oh yes it was, did you like that video? Oh hey guys, this Valentine’s Day my gift to you is finally
putting Ollie in a video. Ollie, say hi to everybody. “Hello.” Anyway guys, I hope that you enjoy this Valentine’s Day and are celebrating it truly with someone you love. I’m celebrating it with someone I love who smells like pig hoof. All she wants to do is bone. Anyway guys, thank you
so much for watching. Subscribe to this channel for new videos every Tuesday and Thursday, and, yes, don’t worry. You’re going to see more of Ollie, but right now she’s a happy little puppy that can’t sit still, and that’s ok. Mwahh, have a great day.


  1. Stuck for V-Day ideas? It's not too late, just listen to Harto! Results may vary, offer not valid in Utah, void where prohibited.

  2. I love your videos Hannah!! You always make me laugh!! Lots of love from Germany <3 🙂

  3. currently sitting here dying laughing in my dining hall. also ollie is so cute. A+

  4. LOL!  No MDK but she STILL managed to fall off the char! LOL!  That why we love ya, Hannah!

  5. For Valentines day, I'm making paper copies of my had, and saying "let me lend you a hand!" "Great" Idea, amiright?0

  6. hahaha LOVE this! We totally want to make origami flowers now- what could go wrong with that? xo

  7. I love the idea for a playlist of love songs from the year they were born! Very cute and origonal 🙂 I might have to use it!

  8. THANK YOU!!! puppy cuteness death Actually I love all your videos, and feel like a horrible person for only commenting on the puppy…

  9. OMGOSSH I was going to tell you that you are adorable and to keep it up. and now you posted your puppy. and now I'm ALL IN. OMGOSH how adorable <3 Anyway, keep up the awesome videos 🙂 You're adorable and hilarious!

  10. Finger Quotation Mark Winter Finger Quotation Mark = Me freezing my a$$ off cause I live in the real winter, no quotations marks lol #SunWhereAreYouMyFriend

  11. "She's a happy little puppy that won't sit still."

    I'd maybe use that to describe Hannah

  12. Hannah, I think you are so beautiful. However, robot Hannah is very scary. Let's not do that again!

  13. Why do you have a picture of Tyler Oakley behind you? Lol ohhh Hannah XD

  14. I made a chocolate bowl and filled it with whipped cream and fresh berries…then I dipped strawberries in chocolate and drizzled them in white chocolate.  Looked great! was not expensive.  P: which helped cuz money.

  15. when she said with who she is spending the valentines and looks up… she looked at Sarah. bye.

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  17. Was she one the movie camp Minnetonka? Ps. Ily 💕💗💜💖😞

  18. Funny and attractive (salivating)…greetings from Latvia (yes, an actual country in Europe)

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