Lucy Loud’s Family Poems 🦇 The Loud House | Nick

Hello, fellow poetry devotees. Today I present uncharacteristically
positive poems about each of my siblings. Let’s begin. Lincoln. Man with a plan, hair like a ghost. Inseparable from Clyde,
like butter and toast. Together their missions often get foiled, but through each hurdle,
they persist and toil. Still, his favorite activity,
Mondays through Sundays, is reading comics alone in his undies. Lincoln. Why do you always have to read
your comics in your underpants? ‘Cause reading my comics
with my clothes on is uncomfortable and distracting. And you know how I like to be comfortable
while reading comics, now scooch! Luna. She’d rather carry a tune
then carry a coffin, and speaks in song lyrics
every so often. ♪ Time for me to go solo ♪ ♪ You know what they say
YOLO ♪ Eww, you just used the word YOLO! My sister, Luna, a musical muse
who jams any genre, pop, rock or blues. I prefer rocking by digging a grave but when it’s show time,
Luna dives for the stage. If I had to name our favorite moment, it was the time we teamed up
and we sure owned it. Luna. Lyrics by Lucy. Music by yours truly! Lori. Lightning fast texter,
glued to her phone. At all costs avoids no signal zones. – Her Boo Boo Bear, Bobby…
– Boo Boo Bear! He loves to see her, except when he’s stuck
in the Mercado freezer. Can you let me out? I was trying to get you a soda! Leni. Pondering, wandering, lost in thought. Runway walks down every hall. Runway selfie! She’s there for you,
unless at the mall. Leni. The mall? Lemme clear my schedule for the day! Delete, delete, delete, delete! Oh, whoops… this is your phone, Lori. [sighing] Luan. Punch lines, pies to the face, funny means business
in this sister’s case. What’s the buzz around here? Constant puns… We could just give her a CAT scan! A single wheel,
watch out for that banana peel. Luan. I’m starting to see the appeal! [laughing] Lynn. Nimble dribble, sideline kick… Goal! Meatball sub, hockey stick. Lynn. We’re number one! Ohh… time for number two. Lisa. Science on the brain
but our family objects, we’re your siblings, not test subjects. Lisa, mom and dad said
you’re not allowed to use your siblings as experimental guinea pigs anymore! The concoctions she creates,
those loud booms and bangs, her indoor explosions
always wake up Fangs. Lisa. It’s science, you wouldn’t understand. [screaming] Lola. Princess flash, winning sash, long pink gown, toothless smile,
pageant style. Eyes forward, chin up, tooshy clenched. Royal crown. Her sweet tea parties
are the nicest of nice. I’ll make it extra sweet for you! But if you plan to cross her,
you better think twice. Lola. Hey, someone put her funeral dress
in the wash with all my pageant gowns! [screaming] I can’t rip you apart
if you’re already dead! Lana. Dog bowl empty, her tummy full,
if you ask why, she’ll give a mouthful. Lover of the plunger,
expert engine fixer. Eh, it was no biggie. Her friends are messy,
mud, her elixir. Lana. Lily. One big tooth, tuft of hair,
a heavy duty diaper is all she wears. Learning to speak… [baby noises] Not yet in school. When it’s nap time, waterfall drools. Watch the drool! Wow, that was a lot
of good feelings, sigh. I’m off to my dark place now
but comment below with your favorite poem and until next time,
have a mournful day.

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  1. “Join Lucy Loud as she unravels her family’s poems in “Lucy Loud’s Family Poems”.”

  2. Happy Halloween in to all and I mean to all I mean you to see

  3. Wow … voice host the show voice Lucy, usually the sound of the men

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  5. If Lucy would write more poems for someone, I would choose Mom, Dad, Clyde, Bobby and Ronnie Anne.

  6. This was fantastic. All of these mini videos on the loud house are awesome because we get to see more of the characters’ personalities. I love this show!

  7. I loved your poem about your sister Luna Lucy. She really knows how to put the lyrics in music. Keep on being a great poet Lucy. I love you.🖤💀📖🕯

  8. I love the loud hous
    But no speak english
    Saludos a ustedes los americanos :3333

  9. Nickelodeon do you think we might see a trailer for the loud house movie which will be on Netflix?

  10. I love this can't wait to watch this tonight and my favorite is Lisa Lola and Lilly too and I like you Lucy too I also love to hear you said sigh on the show on Nickelodeon

  11. Well, I got some fun facts poems about the 6 different Troll Tribes and the Bergens. Trolls sings, dance, hug times, having lots of fun, use their hairs to do tricks, and create 6 strings of Music (Pop, Funk, Classical, Techno, Country, and Rock). And the Bergens having not any of them until they eat a troll to be happy.

  12. Um hey Nickelodeon do you think you could do a YouTube video of lori loud leni loud lucy loud lola loud lisa loud and lily loud in wild western outfits please. lori's will have light blue western cowgirl clothes Brown cowboy boots and a brown cowboy hat. leni's will have teal western cowgirl clothes white cowboy boots and a white cowboy hat. Lucy's will have black western cowgirl clothes black cowboy boots and a black cowboy hat. Lola's will have pink western cowgirl clothes pink cowboy boots and a white cowboy hat. Lisa's will have green western cowgirl clothes Brown cowboy boots and a brown cowboy hat. And lily's will have lavender western cowgirl clothes dark purple cowboy boots and a brown cowboy hat. Prepare yourself Nickelodeon for lori leni lucy lola lisa and lily loud's best looks of the wild wild west YEE HAW. So what do you say Nickelodeon. P.S. Nickelodeon lynn loud Sr Rita loud luna loud luan loud lynn loud lincoln and lana loud has wild west look with a cowboy hat and cowboy boots and western cowboy and cowgirl clothes expect lori loud leni loud lucy loud lola loud lisa loud and lily loud. So that's why I said this very nice comment out to you thank you

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  14. (Pointing to Leni Loud)
    Hello. No, not talking to you, Leni. Lucy, I think the cinnamon roll over there would be interested.

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