MA in Poetry Studies – Lorcan Roddy & Catherine McIlduff

I choose the MA in Poetry at DCU because I had a lot of ties with the college I was doing a course there in secondary school teaching for english so I wanted have a specialism in poetry studies and I wanted to have something else to back up my degree It appealed to me because I have a particular interest in poetry and when I looked at it I really like the breadth of the course and everything about it looked very innovative and interesting it was a very flexible course it was run over two nights per week and that left me time, when I was working to get everything done i felt that I’d be able to fit everything in I also liked the idea that there were no exams involved and that part of it was continuous assessment essays and then there was a thesis We had very small groups, almost like seminar groups were everyone was able to say their piece and felt comfortable expressing themselves I think that the poetry master gives a good chance to look at poetry from early romantic periods right up to modern poets I think that being able to see all these different styles in writers really helped me to grow and develop as an artist I work in adult education and now after the experience of being a student here in DCU I have a totally new perspective and I can bring that back to my work with me Another great thing about the course, was that we to to take our own interests into it so I got to talk about the development of modern Hip-Hop it was really a different perspective then the standard on the page poetry that you would think about my favourite part of the course was the single author module and actually before I started the course I had never even heard of Elizabeth Bishop we studied her and we looked depth at the breadth of her work and I found it really exciting to find to find out all about someone you’d never even known before and by the end you really grew to love I think that DCU has been a fantastic college for support both financial support such as academic scholarships and the student assistant fund as well as mental health support services this course has acted as a springboard for me it has rejuvenated my interest in studying and I would like to go ahead now and do a PHD in poetry studies.

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