Macdara Woods reads 3 poems from Collected Poems (2012)

the welder embracing silence I have lost the striking of the ark he said stepping back into the light I have lost a contact between hands and I the contact between sound and tongue remains between the image and the brain but I have lost the contact between what I see and what I know I am the thin skins living touches gone the cunning of the hand Maenads it is dark and there is a smell of pines as always when the summer heat is over after rain the sun is back and symbols have become the thing itself this is the south where great matters are discussed in doorways on the lower level of the parking lots I was talking to myself reading circles in the dust when the crash occurred today I saw ms jackie smith horned and elegant walking before me in rapallo yesterday in pub and dino falling down from the sky like those giants sunlit raindrops in September with a couple of meters in between tumbling down from the hills she was head over heels and laughing wrestling with a mountain lion I do this last one we have given up on Hills I have given up on Hills but I can walk forever on the flat night soft and tried although suspecting that more things are settled over chat that I could manage in a three-day March these days I find my feet in superquinn preoccupied among the herons standing in the aisles what's were poised intent about to always on the point of following through the frozen moment into flight or taking Heron hops across the lake like Gene Kelly as d'Artagnan avoiding Richelieu stocks and goes until we're hardly here at all are there among the passers-by strollers strollers children Doug's and lumps of bread brief flapping walks with leather wings extended in the January duck to herrings and myself despite good sense still holding on maintaining flesh and feather all downhill from here it looks but down here we could walk forever you

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