Maeve Binchy— Short Stories Vs Novels

it's much easier to write a short story because you when you're writing a novel you have to get you it has to peak and you've got to stay up on the peak for a long time and then come down and write a short story is it's like a little triangle in you go up and you and then you can come down and then that's it it's over then you can come up and you can come down because something has to happen in a short story or something has to change that's I read that but in a book on short story writing by showing off well on some very good piece of advice something has to change they can't all be the same at the end of the short story as they are at the beginning something must have happened even if somebody takes the decision not to do something that is a decision in its own way and it's much easier to write a short story and I often think of ideas for short stories and I again my head is full of those

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