Magical or Molecule (a poem)

Along the banks of languid streams
In the brooding dawn A bryophyte, struggling for life
Inspires understanding of ages gone Or was it budding plumes of faith
That catalyzed thought in the hazy gloom Through wanton orders given by a Ghost
His Son, or the Father who plays host To molecular architecture
Of every nebulae and galaxy Weaving laws and logic
Within the fabric of reality Birthed of the elements
Suckling nature and wisdom Rear seeds of doubt
That grow into suspicion Of lofty held ideals
Seductive and diabolical A distinction must be made
Magical or molecule Are we from clay
Shaped in a form Godly, dying
But brilliant as stars Or are we of a substance
That constructs the Universe Which gave life to Earth
And possibly Mars We are divided
By prejudice and superstition Intolerance and tradition Our differences not celebrated
But counted as flaws For when our beliefs
Inhibit understanding They deny us the strength
To tear down the walls Of hopefulness and fallacy
An opiate of dependency On a crutch that forsook us
Or was never there at all

42 thoughts on “Magical or Molecule (a poem)

  1. I'm not normally a fan of poetry not set to music (i.e. lyrics), but I like this.

    Well done.

  2. Excellent. .. nice HD images aswell.
    .. in a few years, i think you'll be re- uploading all your output in 3D .

    Video is evolving quite nicely.

  3. Normally I hate poetry – usually I cannot even interpret it – but this, this is good. 🙂

  4. Wait, so this is, essentially, the beginning of discovering religion for you? That is awesome, in the literal sense and the metaphorical sense.

  5. @Aresftfun
    Sure, you can mirror it. =)
    Yes, this poem is sort of what started it all. I was going to name the series "Magical or Molecule" but in the end decided against it.

  6. I wish I could have uploaded it in HD, but I didnt have the time to wait for it. I was going to just make a video with your intro to your series and tell my subs to go to your channel, but this is a better way to "testify" I think.

  7. "A crutch that forsook us, or was never there at all."
    I felt a tinge of nostalgia there. A sign of good art.

  8. A bryophyte?? Was that really necessary? And the supporting image is of a fern not moss, you should know the difference. A bit pedantic, don't you think?

  9. Great video. The opening image took my breath away. The pictures and images were spectacular. Good job as usual.

  10. I express the same sentiments as user: shauryaification……i love you too dude. And keep up the good work

  11. @DiscoveringReligion
    You are a fecking legend. I like you! On facebook that is! Cheers for uploading your unique vids

  12. very insightfully written poem, really enjoyed the visual aspects edited with the words, excellent work, thanks kindly for sharing it, cheers from san diego

  13. Wow, I just spent the last 6 hours going through your videos, and I'm surprised I had never heard of you until now. Echoing others, "outstanding."

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