mailbag monday #65

mailbag Monday again my favorite day of
the week let’s get into it shall we now the astute among you may have
noticed that I’m not drinking beer today and the Canadian among you may have
already figured out that this is in fact a Caesar now I’m being lazy and just
using the canned one because I had some left over from my vacation trip but
nonetheless Americans will probably think this is a Bloody Mary it’s close
but not quite the difference is there’s a little bit of clam in the tomato so
it’s actually Clamato juice instead of tomato juice but the rest of it is some
Worcester sauce some Tabasco and the critical rim with a celery salt I don’t
have any celery for the traditional garnish but whatever it’s a yummy
summertime thing and almost unknown it’s in Canada’s borders so after that
digression first item is one connector fairly big one if it is in fact the
connector and can’t imagine that it actually is though what are they okay um it’s handle and some surgical
bleeds oh okay it’s not a natural scalpel mm maybe it is wants me to make
it you into this thing so if it is what I think it is then it is actually a
surgical style scalpel get in here and I want to be a little bit careful in
opening it if it is a scalpel because you know they’re sharp enough to cut
yeah yeah that’s what it looks like all right get in a little bit closer here so
the exacto knife that I’m used to using it has a sort of a screw clutch on it
that clamps down and clamps onto the blade like that and grip some nice and
tightly these scalpels use a different system
which I’m unfamiliar with okay so it’s kind of you see that little slot there
that slides up into that narrow part and it walks down like that sort of walks
down anyway okay let’s see how well it cuts it to
unpackage oh wow I am NOT putting mmm not putting too much pressure on that
and it’s slicing through fairly cleanly okay
compare that to this bleed which I had to push a fair bit harder and they
noticed that also the bleed is thicker I mean thinner a little bit you know
so the exacto blade looks like it’s about twenty one thousandths of an inch
and the surgical blade looks like it’s about 15,000th of an inch wonder if the
steel is any good enough it’ll hold its edge time will tell but I think I will
use that for the rest of this video meanwhile let’s check this thing how
much did I pay for that ten pieces number eleven carbon steel surgical
blade scalpel PCB circuit board plus three number handle number three handle
I didn’t get it from this guy I got it at auction from CT Jay bling for who
doesn’t sell anything like that anymore I paid at over 34 at auction currently
this guy’s about the cheapest I could find in buck 53 however I will link to a
listing of them and the search listing and there’s a bunch of them anyway
there’s not a whole bunch to say about them made of cr6 and quality carbon
steel with anti rust paper and aluminum box packaging mine didn’t have an
aluminum box applicable to don’t use it for medical purposes use it for all
kinds of other stuff fine I’m going to use it for package opening and modeling
the prep you better have had its mice in it but I was also being lazy maybe the
next thing in says adhesive tape oh wow that does cut so much nicer ah it’s kept
on tape or a reasonable facsimile thereof and this is wider I’ve already
got some you probably see me use it in various projects before the one that
I’ve already had for a while is one centimeter across this one’s two
centimeters across so basically just got this one partly because I’ve been using
it a lot and partly just for a wider one because it’s got better coverage
obviously you use less of it if you’re wrapping something big so that’s all
that is 100 feet Kapton tape adhesive high
temperature heat resistant poem eed polymide something 20 millimeter w 87 I
got this at auction for a buck 70 from someone called warehouse 87 free
shipping of course so the the benefit of Kapton tape is you know two or three
different things it’s electrically insulating it is in fact very heat
resistant at high temperatures and it’s really quite thin and strong I guess
that’s for things much to say about down here yeah so long-term temperature
resistance 260 degrees Celsius short-term 300 degrees Celsius so that’s
like soldering temperatures and this one is 30 meters or 100 feet ish long so the
actual material Paula Mead Howie I’m Paulie I made something like that I’m
sure somebody who speaks chemistry will correct my pronunciation down in the
comments so it’s polymer of I might mount monomers I’m not a chemist at all
poly means have been in mass production since 1955 and the classic is capped on
which is in fact what this is oh wow stability down to minus 260 and ended up
to plus 400 I hadn’t even considered the low-temperature characteristics of it
well oh there’s something else that I wasn’t aware of it’s also not really
affected by a lot of solvents and oils hydrocarbons alcohols
weak acids oh you can use it as a photoresist oh that could be handy if
I’m doing circuit board etching what is next here expansion board module always
a popular choice that’s interesting
what are you comes with a couple of rows of sets a dual row headers make it 2560
fro Wow can you read that 25 60 that’s the chip
on the 80 mega board hang on sorry not the 80 mega board the mega
Timmy yeah the Arduino mega Oh neat and this
is any much smaller form factor what have we got for piano I think it’s got
hmm so on on this guy the left hand side we’ve got the same form factor as the
standard you know and then it’s got all these extra pins over here
this unit is much much smaller actually same width and 1/2 but a third of the
size but it looks like it’s got almost all the same pins on it I haven’t gone
through and counted them yeah it looks like it’s got most of the same pins on
it up to analog 15 up to digital 33 no up to digital 48 and a few other things
going on here that guy has no label on him at all I’m going to assume that he’s
the USB interface and just from the form factor I’m gonna guess that it’s a CH
340 we have 3.3 volt regulator there and a 5 volt regulator there okay he said
button yes B input 12 make shit mine are 12 Meg crystal on the 16 mate crystal Oh and that matches this guy pretty closely
so that that shouldn’t be interesting to play with should be drop incompatible
any place that you could use this you could use this only in a form factor
even smaller than internal USB CH 340 G 80 mega 2560 16 you proto shield V 3
mega 2050 2560 pro board pro breadboard for Arduino got this one from DIY box
currently selling for 1009 Canadian I paid 1024 it back when I purchased it
but that’s not too bad and there wasn’t any any shipping on it when I bought it
maybe similar maybe a little bit less than the than the full mega I realize
that these are sponsored prices so that you could get a little bit cheaper one
maybe but the form factors what intrigued me compatible with mega
Arduino mega 2560 just smaller built in seats 340 yard yeah 38 by 55 millimeters
so just as a refresher the uno has 6 analog 14 digital 6 PWM 32k of flash the
mega has 16 analog 54 digital i/o 15 of them PWM and 256 K of flash so that’s
what you get by by using that board and that’s why you’d use that one instead of
animal it’s got just doodles of Io and you put a much larger program into it
next thing in says LED lamp just a gentlest of slice huh maybe I do have to
be not quite too cavalier that is not an LED lamp that is a wire
and one thing I don’t like about this is the flat handle it’s hard to pick up and
being so sharp you don’t really want to grab it by the pointy bit so that is for
conductor cable good for extending RGB LED strips probably which would explain
the color code black red blue green or Jeep yeah so that’s probably what it was
intended for obviously I’m going to use it for whatever I need for conductor
wire for but always good to have a variety of wire types in stock to meter
for pin line extension wire cable cord for RGB LED strip random numbers I got
this on from Mall star who’s not currently selling it but has a similar 5
pin or 5 wire version I got the one that I bought it to auction for 40 whole
Canadian cents with free shipping anyway there’s not much to say about it
it’s just wire and the last thing in says LED light and that is really fully
packed in there so gonna be a little bit careful especially with the ship name do
any damage oh I’ve been waiting for these that’s
cool so these are WS 2800 van chip with RGB LED in a weather resistant kind of a
form factor here and whisk it though so that is the next long strip of them
can you see Christmas lights except for that they’re controllable and
addressable so to get at this end we’ve got the power dating ground on the
connector and also a separate power and ground so that you can just plug that in
to your near project or whatever and then pick up separate power which is the
inside I’m thinking that the male plug probably should be the input side which
means that these two wires can be used to add extra power at the far end or
inject power at the far end of it because that’s going to be about 50 of
them and there’s on to three inches between them well if you call it 10
centimetres 50 that’ll be 5 meters approximately right – oh I’m gonna go
and check on the listing and then obviously I’m going to power these guys
up 50 pieces ws 28 11 RGB full-color 12 millimeter pixels digital addressable
LED string DC 5 volts I got these from pan-pan the supermarket and I got them
at auction for $10.65 Canadian this is the best price I can currently find from
them is 14:45 Canadian or 1088 American but there’s lots of other sellers have
these things so working current 60 milliamps 0.3
watts per LED minus 40 to plus 60 ip68 which is the weather resistance rating
and I don’t have all these IP ratings memorized there’s a whole Wikipedia
article 68 first digit six dust tight 8 immersion – 1 meter dimension 12
millimeter mean time between failures whatever doing in the many degrees yeah
outdoor lighting Christmas decorations ding-ding-ding
so rather than running these off an Arduino like I normally would I’m just
going to use this cheap little controller that I’ve got in the mailbag
a long time ago I don’t even remember when I got it and so it was slightly
mistaken it looks like the female end is the
input side which is interesting but whatever so plug that guy in there and I
think I’m just going to let it take power from here for now and so keep
those far enough apart and just power it from a 5 volt 2 amp wall wart that I got
a bunch of for a good price because of course you got to keep your eyes open
for this stuff so what happens we have power when the Blues go on it looks kind
of weird and flickery though so I think I’ll add some extra power at the far end
just from this guy here which I’ve got set for 5 volts and you know crank up
the current a little bit but six hundred milliamps or so however that on and there now it’s drawing depending on what
colors are going on between 100 and 200 milliamps out of there and you notice
the blue when the blue is drawing it’s not sucking it down quite as badly but
isn’t that cool that’s gonna look interesting as as some sort of Christmas
lighting you know that I wonder if I have time to get a few more strings of
these because this is they said this is about five meters worth give or take and
to do what I might want to do I’d probably want to get a lot more anyway
yeah that should be a lot of fun so here’s today’s mail big items in all
their glory had to leave those running they just liked them so much when I got
for transport times or shipping time is here the LED strings took three weeks
the Kapton tape took three weeks this mega 20 I wanted to call it twenty six
fifty it’s 25 60 mega 2560 pro took about six weeks to get here this four
wire took about thirty days and the scalpel took just under four weeks to
get here it is still quite stupidly sharp after opening all these packages
so that should be good a good little modeling knife and a little bit flexible
but I’m not gonna want to I don’t think it’s gonna displace my good old trusty
exact dose as it got three or four of them already and lots of blades for them
but I think for more precision cutting tasks these might just do the job anyway
thanks for watching as always and as always please feel free to jump in in
the comments and correct my mistakes clarify anything let me know if you got
experience or some of these things and what you found or even ask questions or
answer questions that other people have that’s all good and I really do
appreciate it and thanks to my patreon as always for
helping helping finance this silliness I really do appreciate that and as a
slight reward for them throwing a buck or two in my tip jar they get to see all
my videos a few days early thanks for watching talk to you later

27 thoughts on “mailbag monday #65

  1. That rare moment when the label says "L.E.D. module/lamp/unit" and it actual IS!!!
    Christmas time is gonna be great with those lights.

  2. I bought 24 sets of those WS2811 strings from another ebay seller for about $9 a string.
    i am building a 15 foot high 900 (12 x 75) node pixel grid tree this year.
    along with a 20 x 10 grid for scrolling text for christmas

    great tip, dig up a nodemcu lolin board and flash it with ESPixelStick firmare. connect the lights and you get a artnet capable wifi light with xixen,xlights,and jinx?

  3. When I was young, I use to make a lot of models. My father was the head storemen at one of the public hospitals here in NSW, so I had scalpels coming out of my proverbial. I cut myself a lot more getting the blade off of the handle, than putting it on.

  4. Might be worth your time to hunt down some more scalpel listings, there is an incredible variety of blade shapes and handle styles you can get, maybe a variety pack to find a blade shape you like. Some have compound curves that are good for modeling others more utilitarian.

  5. That scalpel looks to be a copy of those made by Swann & Morton of Sheffield, England, just down the hill from where I live. Without wanting to imply I'm biased or anything, I'm sure the Sheffield made ones are far superior. Swann & Morton also make a variety of handles.

  6. scalpel blades are also cheaper than xacto. I found they snap easier but are much sharper

  7. Drat! I've been trying to not buy from eBay to save for upcoming eye surgery.
    I just spent $24 on stuff I don;t really need.
    But it's so fricken cool!!!

  8. What is it with mailbag videos that is so appealing…I can never get enough!

  9. I love your mailbag Monday videos. I watch them every Monday during my lunch break.

  10. OMG, an old school micrometer, I remember those. I really thought you were going to cut yourself taking the scalpel blade out of the "Rust Free" paper. A clammy Bloody Mary is a Ceasar who would have known. Keep broadcasting!!

  11. Nice microcontroller , I was just looking at these small mega2650s , I found these small versions of all the arduinos, let us know how it works out

  12. Enjoyable video as always.
    I've been burned before – literally – by fake Kapton tape. Some of the $1 eBay stuff melted all over my PCB. It started shriveling up even when placed next to a cup of boiling water.
    Recommend testing it before use, as it may just be yellow tape!

  13. For tiny stuff scalpel blades are so much better than excto. When I tried them out quite a while back, I've never used exacto style knife after. Scalpel blades are very cheap but also due to sharper blade sharpening angle and thinner blades they take less abuse. However, I do not abuse knives, I use them for cutting only. I find scalpels good also when you need to make a sensitive cut where almost no force is possible.

  14. Howdy! Cool stuff! Do you remember where you got the adaptor/controller thing that you used to hook up the Christmas lights? Or, what would I call to make a search? Thanx

  15. Another great mailbag! (That did not get into my feed)
    Just an idea, why don't you take a screenshot of your order when you order on ebay ?
    That way you can get the exact info. 🙂
    (In ubuntu, it is SHIFT-PRTSCN)

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