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24 thoughts on “Main Insaan | Rahul Solanki | The Social House Poetry | Whatashort

  1. Ultimate brother outstanding heartily respect for your thoughts

  2. Bro no words … respect…..🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  3. Tu Kal ki Tarah Aaj nahi Saath Mere To Kya Hua..!
    Kaise Batau Tujhe ki, Mohabbat to Hum Teri Dooriyon se bhi Kartey Hai..
    Mera channel grow ho rha bhai

  4. Brother seriously appreciate ur words❤️ u just luv men❤️

  5. Kabhi maine essa nhi socha transgender ko lekr. I respect them like normal humans. Or mai sochta tha kabhi toh koi iss smjh ko smjhaye ki ye bhi insaan h Aj issne vo hi kiya. No word alwys respect everybody everyone

  6. Hats off… It needs a lot of courage to express ur heart and to get these kinds of support and appreciation ..because this world is full of people who mock u demotivates u demoralise u…. And getting appreciation from those people's..means alot… Ur speech will definitely impact and will change people's perspective about transgenders…they are also part of our society and they are also.. Insaan…..

  7. Aaj Desh ko apna njariya badlne ki jarur h
    Log other nhi hote hum unhe other bnate h
    main bhi Insan tu bhi Insan phir Q krte ho dusro pr itna atyachar

  8. Speechless….🙇🙊🤐😶….hattsss offfff tooo youuu👈

  9. Kabile tarif…bahut himt chahiye hota h ye kubul karna.. jo ap n kiya…

  10. Love you Rahul….

    Jahan suqoon nhi use Ghar nhi kehte… Sach me Bhai…

  11. There are so many people in the world who lead such a horrible life .. including me 😟😔…. If u get scolding from teacher coz of Ur mistake u feel sad over a time….but we people hear such derogatory comments daily n day by day our self respect gets lynched …but also we stay strong and lead the life coz we love our parents n I'm leaving for them …! Question Ur self by standing in their place…then u ll c not a cruel world but the true world !
    Social house Lotz of love 😍

  12. Hatsoff brother

    U are amazing
    Urs poetry touched my heart 💜❤
    Love uhh broo

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