Major Themes and Devices in CSEC English B Poems

[Applause] [Applause] come down to see SEC 2019 ladies and gentlemen we are going to look at the major devices found in the 20 points there initially was twenty eighteen to twenty twenty-three I'm Jemaine Hatton today is the eighth day of May in the year 2019 it's two days from English B 2019 I know you're a bit nervous I'm here to help you though calm those nerves by a quick revision of the major devices in these poems what I'm gonna also do in this video we're gonna quickly look at the major themes found in these poems here so if you're done with studying let's sit back and quickly recap our points let's go into it before we actually get into the video let me remind you you're heading to the exams on Friday with the hope of writing three essays you're answering three questions in the exam in the form of three essays so you're answering one question in the drama section that's between your choosing between the tempests by William Shakespeare auntie Jean and his brothers with their quarrel cuts one of those you're answering a lot in the poetry section the section be your section – whatever it is you are choosing between a question that names the two poems or a question that gives you a theme to compare two poems and thirdly in the third section you are going into prose now in the prose section you're answering the question on the short story or you're answering a question on the book To Kill a Mockingbird or you're answering a question on Brett eyes memory please read your instructions just one question per section read instructions please and try to spend for two minutes try to spend for two minutes with each of those questions that will give you good time to recap your work though I'm about to give you a list of the major themes in the major poems I want to also let you know at any point any point in the syllabus can become here all you have to do is simply tweak it to answer whatever question we being asked just to recap the persons who do not already know the poetry question in the second exam will have two sections to poetry questions that is when you account that the poetry question in the CSEC exam will have two questions one question will have two poems that they are going to name for you that you're gonna compare using a theme the second question you will have to choose any two poems you have studied and compare it based on some similarity or some difference right so that is it I want you to understand again at any point only two points can be compared it's all about what you write in that essay so let's go on to look at some of the major themes so once upon a time we have hypocrisy coming out and hypocrisy death dreams desire the death we're talking is not another death of someone or some other people but is a death of someone's sincerity or the death of someone's innocence right there's a part of this person dying so you know what the point was about once upon a time they used to laugh with their hearts but that's gone now so now they laugh without their heart so giving you a heads up of what the poem was about you can go and check out that video if you do not know what that poem is about repetition is used their repetition is used in the sense of Once Upon a Time that's repeated it's repeated to show two things one fairy tale and two to show how sincerely this man desperately wanted to go back to how he used to be once upon a time bird shooting season we have alliteration a young lady was asking me what is the raishin there it's men make marriages with their guns macho men making marriages with their guns so alliterations we have a repetition of those consonant sounds so we're seeing that there and we again showing you how much time and energy went into the preparation of those guns bird shooting season can be compared with using themes such as nature childhood experiences patriarchal society remember it's a child really who's looking on at what is going on in this plan here right so the woman speaks to the man who's employed her son we have biblical allusion we remember that the woman was talking about the man on the right hand side of the cross and so on so we have biblical allusion being brought out there in that plan we have irony they were acting what kind of father would give bread give hot and exploding death to a son when he asks for bread so that's a little irony if if a father is a father you would just want to give the best to his child and not death obviously so again death dreams desires can be what you can compare this poem with if you're looking at some things hypocrisy again is brought out in a stone's throw we see that these men wanted to punish these this woman this prostitute who in their eyes committed a dreadful sin but they failed to realize that they themselves are sinners so it makes us wonder why exactly am I being punished am i punishing because am I being punished because I am committing a sin that is different from your sin and I love to ask the question is there big sin and a small sin or are they all sins so hypocrisy of course coming out their religion and discrimination missing them discriminating against the woman in the poem devices metaphor hey love hey love kisses of stone upon a stone straw I'm saying as a pun because we're playing on words it can mean two things a stone throw mean we're in a close proximity and a slow and thorough can also mean that we are so close to committing a dreadful sin or to have something dreadful being done to us of course dialogue and so on is also used illusion biblical allusion also use their dolce at the core amassed we can see death and war definitely and I really have to explain that I think so simile is used coughing like hags bent double like old beggars under sacks all of those are similes give you a nice example of how hard these men have to work to get back to their camp hmm good so ho tyre they were also being brought oh they're so good so pause this take a note of all the devices you can expand of course you have to expand in there you have to do much expanding on it by the way you don't just write this in the exam if you write something like this in the exam just the name of the device and right pond next to it you'll be given one mark for identifying that and I'll just be one mark out of eight months right so you cannot you cannot just say pun and a stone's throw you have to explain fully what that means all aspects of it coming down to the exam students get franking the students get tired and they just when they're tired I just write two lines on three lines about devices you are not going to do well if you just write two lines on your device so you have to expand truly explain what your device is right don't just name a device this is a knob setting question I had when I was marking last year because students just write one line because it's coming down to the end of the year city your child is fed up writing they write one line in the point I mean expect to get eight months no you have to write a lot to explain advice for you so polite of course we see you like had a major theme of supernatural we have some similes coming out burning myself out like key in fire to fight to frighten the foolish and then we have repetition of that word soft soft to show you how how much the woman could help herself she had to go and do what she had to do to selfless baby's blood she couldn't help herself so again what mechanic the general videos and all of these poems if you were not too clear on it I'm just going to try to run through it here so little boy crying we had a father there punishing the child for something he would have done so we can have fatherhood and childhood experiences coming out their devices we have metaphors we are comparing the father to a older just to show you how big this fad is compared to this little child so he feels as though because father is so big he's punishing or taking advantage of this child again that is in the eyes of the child from the child is gonna be easily view the things around him with what he sees in cartoons so older is like the the Jack and the Beanstalk so he's a soldier than the father with a giant in the Jack and the Beanstalk story and he will obviously be the central Jack that is being taken advantage of by baby giant more or less an African thunderstorm nature and colonization I am going to tell you that you can go ahead and compare it with any of those nature because of the aspect of the sturm being described but it can also be used to bring out the idea of colonization check out the full video on that if you want to know more about a colonization we have similar plague of locusts trying to show you how desperate of a time this situation of the weather was metaphor pelting marching of the storm to show you how fierce this storm was coming West Indies USA we have discrimination places and culture we are seeing that the West Indies was given as a subset of the USA when we know the lesson is totally different from the US a contrast is presented here we're seeing a contrast of the Caribbean life versus that of the life in the u.s. or what the image of the u.s. image so we're seeing contrast would be nice there I similes use Island seem like dice toss on a casinos table check that out check the full video out there to get a full explanation of that so another device uses repetition stay on the plane stay on the plane they're nervous I can say that they're nervous that the people on the plane will escape and come into the Americans or into the America the United States of America that is so you're urging them to stay on the plane in a way when the plane is in transit you can you come out the plane well in this case the president runs it in the US but I can come on the plane all of these poems here can do with some extent nature sonnet compose and Westminster Bridge is showing you man versus nature places nature as well orchids we can see that the flower refuses to die so we can use death beer and that shows us how nature really despite whole man tries desperately to kill it there is some unexplained grace that nature has that keeps replenishing itself despite how cruel Madden's so again our kids brilliant poem similar devices we have in Southwark impose upon Westminster Bridge we have a beautiful personification then you have an alliteration dolly be a soul if you could pass by a sight so touching in its majesty what else metaphor dear God the very houses seemed asleep trying to compare the house to the creature that's still creature asleep we have an angel in direct comparison there it's the constant image of your face brilliant for him personification is brought out we are personally fiying the land man is personifying his country to show you how desperately you II was in a situation of choosing between physical woman and a person we perceived to be a lover which is the country so there's a person education he is personally finding the country to be the second woman or the second mistress he has to choose between all right so metaphor grave attention world of knives images of course use hearts treachery things of that nature can be some major devices either then it's brutal and it's constant image of your face so check those out you come on you haven't quickly like us yet go down click like and then come back and let's continue or go down click like and also click Subscribe and let's continue with this wonderful video I'm watching gods granted your religion of course nature again generations have throught have trod have trod show your old generations would have worked continuously to damage the beauty of the world or the earth but again it will flame out like shining friendship foil what's that telling you telling you how God's power seems to be protecting this world like a mother mother hammy brewing protecting her chicks metaphor is also brought out in law's grandeur oh we are seeing that world being compared to a mother hen surrounding her chicks with her wings that's what that's being brought over there we also have rhetorical questions there why do men then not wreck his Radha they're talking about God why are they trying to to make God angry in you know in other words theme for English be racism is one of those major teams as inoculum discrimination no my men neighbors children are screaming anyway racism is a major theme their discrimination is we're all the same sense we were seeing a little shy a little a man rather not a little child a man a man who was told to write a page but he is really questioning whether or not the teacher will be able to understand what he writes because he can't write and explain himself as a black man and expect a white man to possibly understand the life of a black man that's what he's really talking about there in theme for English B students often confuse the English B and dreaming black boy remember dreaming black boy is the boy and theme purring which B is the college student the man who has to write a page right so try and recant B squirms if you don't know them already theme for English B has irony somewhat free we know the instructor is immensely more free but Scala student thing is somewhat free because he still mentally enslaved thinking that the black man is not as good as he is who is white symbolism check that out in the video I mentioned all of those in the original video racism and dreams and desire are two things that can be used for description of dreaming black boy mama dreaming black boy had that little boy who is longing to be accepted by the teacher in the classroom as well as the people outside in the real world we have illusion there being true the KKK we have metaphor my inside is son we have the repetition a strong repetition of I wish I wished sure how desperately this growing child wanted to be seen not as a black child but as any other growing boy that needs love and affection and approval parents and child experiences can be used to look at my parents my Stephen spender we have some simile true words like stolen muscle like iron that yet to show how strong these children were why this China screaming my god anyway this is a dark time my love my Martin character loves from this man was writing to this lover right war nature and patriotism he's writing again to his lover and to his land remember when this poem was actually written Guyana as we know it was British Guiana then and they were fighting for independence from the Britain from the British so you can understand why I'm saying patriotism is a good theme so looking at some devices we have personification personally fiying death but also giving human qualities to non-human flowers the red flowers bend their heads and Awful's our ground beetles being compared to the soldiers obviously oxymoron festival of guns carnival of misery so those are some other things you can expand when you were writing sylvia plath gifted the world with an excellent poem in the sense of mirror and in this poem we can compare it on the theme aging and feminism our some of the major devices is metaphor who she when she said that the mirror is a little God so the mirror is compared to a God in the sense that the mirror is really telling us the truth of what is being seen when we look in the mirror as a reflection so the woman was upset at the fact that the mirror is giving the truth of her appear and that she has aged South by kymaro faith is another poem migration is a major theme the desires dreams patriotism also we can compare this one so this is a dark time I love where patriotism was also another device so we can compare these poems here and any other player in your thought to just talk about what is going on in one stanza compared to what's going on want when compared to another plan whether it is similar or different in what regard devices in South a major devices contrast showing you how the Caribbean life is compared to the stone in nature of the developed world so we free-spirited nature of the Caribbean life versus that of isolation in the developed world so pause these screens and look at all of what is on them re– true make sure everything there is clear to you and good luck in your exams I too hope you are learning I do hope you were confident I am hoping that you will do well in the exams thank you for listening goodbye [Applause] [Applause]

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