Majrooh Sultanpuri | Biography | ‘The Legend Poet of Indian Cinema’

‘I set out alone in search
Of my destiny, but..’ ‘..people kept joining me and
formed a caravan.’ “I have seen many beauties
but none like you.” “I have got so many
dreams and aspirations.” “Darling, I have come
once again with my heart.” “You are beautiful on one hand
and my heart is excited on the other.” “This is the story of beautiful nights.” ‘Asraar Ul Hassan Khan
who was a doctor by profession..’ ‘..used to check people’s
nerves and prescribe medicines. ..but he became a great poet.’ ‘A lyricist who created History
whom we know as Majrooh Sultanpuri.’ “The cool winds and dark rain
bearing clouds have finally arrived..” “..the beauties await love
and the heart sings in excitement.” “The cool winds and dark rain
bearing clouds have finally arrived..” “..the beauties await love
and the heart sings in excitement.” ‘Born on 1st October, 1913. And the name itself suggests
that he was from Sultanpur.’ ‘Although he was born in Azamgarh,
Nizamabad.. ..where his father was
posted in the police department.’ ‘It was also a well known fact
that his father did not want him to.. in an English medium school.’ ‘Hence he was admitted in a Madressa.’ ‘And here he excelled in
languages like Arabic and Farsi.’ “I saw with love and she got angry.” “The beauties these
days have become God.” “I saw with love and she got angry.” After that he took training
at Takmeel-Ut-Tib college in Lucknow.. ..for Unani medicine and
later came forward as a doctor.’ ‘He was clear in his mind
that he wanted to treat people.. ..and become famous as a doctor.’ ‘But no one knew that in the
future destiny would turn and make . Asraar Ul Hassan Khan into
Majrooh Sultanpuri a famous poet.’ “I am moving ahead thinking
of someone with songs in the heart.” “With the desire to unite
and with thousands of dreams.” ‘It is also famously known
that when Majrooh Sultanpuri.. ..was working as a doctor.. ..he had fallen in love with
the daughter of a sub divisional magistrate.’ ‘But this sub divisional
magistrate was against this love.. and this doctor had
to leave that place.’ “You look amazing with
the red cap on your head.. ..and a silk scarf in your hand.” “You are amazing with fair
cheeks and tangled hair over it.” ‘He wasn’t able to get
established as a doctor.. ..and his passion for poetry
was moving along side by side.’ ‘And one evening in Sultanpur.. a poetry gathering
he read his ghazal.’ ‘Hearing that ghazal everyone
became fans of Majrooh Sultanpuri.’ ‘And agreed that a new poet has come.’ “I will wait.. I will wait
for you till the day of judgement.” “I wish the day of judgement
would arrive and you come.” ‘Slowly his passion
for ghazals increased and.. ..Majrooh Sultanpuri started reading
his ghazals in every poetic gathering.’ ‘Here Majrooh got the help
of the famous poet Jigar Muradabadi.’ ‘Jigar Muradabadi praised him
and he thought of coming to Mumbai.’ “O heart, it is difficult to live here.” “Be careful and move aside
this is Mumbai, darling.” ‘It was in 1945 that
Majrooh reached Mumbai.’ ‘A poetic gathering was held
at the Saboo Siddique institute.. ..where he read his poems
and the listeners loved it.’ ‘Amongst the listeners
was a great personality. Film producer A. R. Kardar.’ ‘Who spoke to Jigar
Muradabadi and told him.. ..that he wanted to meet Majrooh.’ ‘And I even want him
to write songs for my film.’ ‘But Majrooh Sultanpuri flatly refused.’ ‘This was a time when the film industry
was not considered a decent place.’ ‘And even the greatest of
artists would hesitate to join it.’ “A magician has come from his magical
land with first love in his eyes.” “A magician has come from his magical
land with first love in his eyes.” ‘Then Jigar Muradabadi changed
Majrooh Sultanpuri’s mind.’ ‘And asked him to
write songs for films.. ..the kind that he would like to write.’ ‘That would help you earn some money.. ..and also take care of your family.’ ‘And even your poems will continue.’ ‘Majrooh Sultanpuri understood this.’ “Leave my skirt,
what will the world say?” “Leave my skirt,
what will the world say?” “Even the world is crazy about
this style. What will crazy people say?” ‘Film producer A. R. Kardar took
Majrooh Sultanpuri to the famous music director. Naushad where Naushad
took a test of his.’ ‘He gave him a tune and asked
him to write whatever came to his mind.’ ‘That’s when Majrooh Sultanpuri wrote.. ..when she spread her hair,
clouds came in happily.’ “When she spread her hair.. ..clouds came in happily.
– ‘Naushad liked these lines very much.. and after that he was signed
for the film “Shah Jahan”. ‘This happened in the year 1946.’ ‘The songs of this
movie became a huge hit.’ ‘And a very famous
artist of those times. K. L. Saigal wished that
when he diedthe song of this movie. “Jab dil hi toot gaya”
should surely be played.’ “When the heart has broken..” ‘The list of songs written by Majrooh
Sultanpuri for films is very long.’ ‘But some incidents tell us.. important a personality
Majrooh Sultanpuri was.’ “O my love,
pray that my heart finds peace.” ‘There was also a time when
Majrooh Sultanpuri fell into trouble.. ..because of his political
views and he had to go to jail.’ ‘His poetry showcased
the weakness of the system and said such things which
made Majrooh Sultanpuri go to jail.’ ‘He was told that he would
be released if he apologized.’ ‘But Majrooh Sultanpuri did not agree.’ “My life was getting
ruined and I was quiet.” ‘It was also a well known
fact that Raj Kapoor knew that.. ..if Majrooh Sultanpuri
remained in jail.. ..then it would become a problem
for the wellbeing of his family.’ ‘In such circumstances Raj went
to Majrooh Sultanpuri and told him.. write a song for him.’ ‘Majrooh wrote that song
and Raj Kapoor gave him Rs. 1000/-.’ ‘Majrooh Sultanpuri was unaware
why he was been given those Rs. 1000.. because that song
wasn’t used in any film.’ ‘After many years that song
was used in the film “Teesri Kasam”.’ ‘And that song was “Duniya
bananewale kya tere mann mein samaai”.’ “Why did you make this world?” Majrooh Sultanpuri paired
very well with most music directors.. ..whether it was Naushad,
S D Burman or Laxmikant Pyarelal.’ ‘And who can forget R
D Burman’s “Teesri Manzil”?’ “O beauty with the tresses..” ‘Majrooh Sultanpuri continued
writing superb songs.. ..from black and white
to the coloured era.’ ‘The style of music directors changed.. ..actors changed but Majrooh’s
pen kept going ahead with time.’ “Disco station. Disco.” “Leave my way, leave my hand.” ‘In 1993, this great poet was
awarded the Dadasaheb Phalke award.’ “I have never seen her
but why would that be needed?” “Mother, would your face
be different from God’s?” ‘Where on one hand Majrooh Sultanpuri.. ..wrote songs for actors like
Shammi Kapoor, Raj Kapoor and Dev Anand, ..where Majrooh saw the amazing
era of black and white films.. saw generations changing
and he even saw the generation of.. ..Salman Khan,
Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan.’ “Two fun loving people
have left to make their life.” “They are smart dudes
and are called crazy.” “With some beauty..” “With some beauty..” “They are trying to save their
heart and play with their eyes.” “Play with their eyes.” ‘Majrooh had written songs
for Aamir Khan’s first movie. “Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak”.’ “My beloved..” ‘Salman Khan’s movie. “Khamoshi The Musical”
was also penned by Majrooh.’ “Between the arms..” Majrooh had also penned
the songs for Shahrukh Khan’s movie “Kabhi Haa Kabhi Naa”. “Anna, don’t consider
my love to be false, darling..” ‘It is surprising.. a poet never let go of
his principles with changing times.’ “When thousands of faces
changed the scarf was made of silk.” “Yet my heart yearns for my beloved.” ‘In the year 2000 at the
age of 87 Majrooh Sultanpuri got a severe attack of pneumonia.’ ‘And on 24th May,
2000 Majrooh breathed his last.’ And this talented artist
left behind his songs and ghazals for us to hum for centuries to come.’ ‘Majrooh Sultanpuri’s name.. ..will always be taken with
pride in the History of Indian cinema.’ “Don’t look at me such
that I would go crazy.” “After all I am human
and not some angel.” “My bangles tinkle, my dot laughs.” “My beloved will come to my house.
Tinkle..” “Now I have started looking at someone.” “The other fair girls
will have to sigh.” “My scarf is hanging.
My scarf is hanging.” “My scarf is hanging.
My scarf is hanging.” “This crazy fellow
has brought out his heart.”

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  1. Majrooh sb penned thousands of songs in a career spanning more than 50 yrs. He displayed an amazing range of poetry, covering almost every aspect of life. However, despite being so prolific and versatile, he never used substandard language. He is truly an example for those lyricists who resort to cheap language for publicity.

  2. great voice of anchor and great style of presentation. I like ur voice.

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