Make your own board game: fun at home activity

hi Amanda here and my name is Kelly here at the National Museum we did lots of fun activities in our discovery space program if you can't make it to the discovery space check out our online fun at home activity sheets and videos like this one Kelly do you like playing games I love playing games Amanda do you know here at the National Museum we have hundreds of games board games in our collection some of those games are actually even over 100 years old they're a really great look back on history as often they reflect society at the time that they were made here's one about traveling around Australia and here's another about endangered animals Kelly yes Amanda I have an idea let's make our own board game that's a great idea and you can make your own board game at home too you could download our board game templates and use any sort of material that you might have at home perhaps in the stationery drawer you could use things like paper clips Bulldog clips post-it notes or just beads and buttons that you might have around home too don't forget those textures killing bright colored textures are always good to decorate your artwork on the board game with killing yes Amanda if we're going to make our own board game we have to come up with a theme yes what's a good thing I know we all love going on holidays let's do a summer holidays in Australia board game great idea think we should label this game yes definitely summer holidays summer holidays the Kelly before we get started I think we need to make some game pieces yeah some game characters to move around the board I know I'm going to make a little game piece out of this rest at night I'm going to draw me on it and to make it stand up you use one of these Bulldog tips if you fold it you can stand the Hara that's fantastic killing now Kelly you know I like cooking I do I searched my cupboard and I found lots of these tiny foil cupcake war tins thank you I'm going to use one of them a little bit of modeling clay roll it up place it in there and then because I love decorating my cupcakes I have lots of flags so it looks great there's my game piece that looks good we're ready to with our game pieces hmm something's missing yeah I think we need to decorate our game board we do we need to have rules or challenges that we can play with hmm what's something that isn't good that happens on a summer holiday sunburn nobody likes to get sunburn no no no that needs to be a rule I'll put a little sticky here I've got a little Sun some good what's going to happen if you get sunburned go back to places I reckon you should go back to the start Oh me know that I love it I think peeling we should draw a Sun – yeah definitely okay keep it simple big smiley face and lots of rain okay we need something to move the game forward another idea I know something good that can happen you can win the sandcastle building competition at the beach I love sandcastles so how many paces should we move forward three three terrific or you're asking me to draw my thang Castle I've got a little metal sticking – you know we know three three great Amanda I hate being beaten by mozzies when I'm on holidays I reckon that needs to be real in this game too I've got some sticky dots here I'm getting foreign Muslim so if you get bitten by these mozzie what's going to happen forgot you insect repellent I think that means go back one great I've got another idea what's that stop ice cream van pours a turn you have to have ice cream vans on the holidays Oh miss I scream I know what a man whom I reckon we're nearly ready to play our game shall we get started we need some dice shall we shall we let's go only for my favorite number one two three four sunburned go back to start oh oh nine one two three four five six seven eight nine you

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