Making a Graphic Novel Course – All the details + pricing

next week on Tuesday May 1st we are finally releasing our new massive course about making graphic novels the course includes 56 video lessons with 6 hours of content this is one of the most comprehensive courses on making graphic novels and comic books you can find so I'm gonna talk to you about what's in the course what's included how much will it cost and how you can get the special launch discount we'll start by briefly going over the history of comic books we'll talk about publishing conventions and learn the basic terminology we'll be using throughout the course after understanding the basics we'll go over approaches of different artists to handling individual elements of comic art such as character inking panel layout and lettering before getting to the actual work will familiarize ourselves with the theory behind the craft understanding closure and transitions pacing rhythm pairing words and images composition clarity readability types of shots and composing pages and spreads well then examine different ways of production can work including planning our book with publishing in mind how to mix traditional and digital media and how to work as a team versus working solo then we'll take an overview of writing a story with the graphic novel format in mind characters setting story structure script writing and writing with drawing once we're ready to get dirty we'll learn how to actually draw our pages setting up a page penciling inking and coloring it in both traditional and digital form and before wrapping up we'll talk about getting a publisher or how to self publish your book will cover printing options book design distribution options and marketing strategy you can read more about the complete course structure on loop animation comm slash making a graphic novel so how much will it cost the course will launch at $97 for the first three days and then the price will go up to 147 and will never drop again it will also be available as part of our ultimate package which includes our entire course library so if you already bought that you will get access to the course on launch day after taking this course you will have complete understanding of the entire process of creating a graphic novel from start to finish and will be able to take the next steps to making your book a reality don't miss this one if you have some questions of the course please write them down in the comment section thanks for watching

12 thoughts on “Making a Graphic Novel Course – All the details + pricing

  1. Can show like all step by step to color the graphic novel

  2. Morr, do you ever plan to have a course done on Premiere Pro?

  3. Hey I want to buy blender ultimate course but I have some of question if you solved I'm buy ultimate course please reply me fast

  4. I'm curious about your examples of work too!
    Any graphic novels you've made and or any you're working on ^^
    Ty for your time

  5. whats the best course to start today 2d animation and best for starting 3d #AskBloop

  6. Hey Morr,
    Please help!
    We are small animation group(3 High school students) using templeted softwares.

    We wanted to buy your animation courses (the biggest package which includes all courses) to learn 3d and 2d animation.but….
    Now the main problem!!


    We belong to India where the people have mentality that not a penny could be earned doing animations, they take it as a waste of time, specially in my region.
    So it is possible that you offer those courses to us for free? I promise you to pay the twice or more money in future once we have learned well and sold some films.
    Is that possible anyways?
    We are extremely passionate to animate but can not afford a high quality coaching yet…….It seems the courses you offer might help us.
    Please consider my question in your next ask bloop video

    And yes your voice is awesome 😉

  7. Will you also talk about softwares like Krita and Clip Studio Paint? I heard their are quit popular among graphical novel artist.

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