Making Money On The Internet 2017-ADVERTISING & Crypto-currency !!

what’s up web she normally open thanks for updating guys are lots of explosive information that i want to share with you guys today guys we already know when it comes to making money on the internet in 2017 guys that you’re going to see an explosion in terms of advertising and cryptocurrency God’s is the buzz was planting and you want to see an uptick in our the activity and both crypto currency transactions and our advertising it continues to grow people and as we talk about my daily perpetual cast strategy guys what’s happening is I’m putting this off this particular own you some particular strategy together the beauty Liz you guys are actually going to be able to going to be able to go in and start creating and building multiple streams of income guys that can grow both exponentially and residual and any video it is you guys want to be able to pick and choose what it is you want to do pick and choose how long you want to work how much you want in best in this particular strategy and then continue to build skills into whatever income that you want to achieve that that’s the beauty of my daily perpetual cash strategy now will happen is guys you will be able to add as many income streams right we’ll talk about multiple income streams doesn’t get as many income streams to this particular strategy as you like as you can afford LOL and I’m as you desire okay that makes sense to him but oftentimes about we do you get online you don’t have a lot of money to start investing hundreds of dollars all right out the gate to start an online business to start generating money on the internet it’s not making money and so the deli perpetual cached and strategically designed the absolute brand new people getting started up in it it actually addresses that particular situation no matter where you are you can do this ok now when you get involved with my daily perpetual cast strategy guys you with the revenue-sharing component revenue shine businesses and 12 you guys have been introduced to you don’t have to refer people into these are platforms to earn income guys it centers around advertising ok that trillion-dollar industry that I’ve talked about before it says around advertising but there will come a child guys when it will benefit you right i said there’s no no referring recruiting you don’t have to do that but it will benefit you the more people you bring into everything that i introduced you to naturally we’ll make more money now so let’s talk about why i’m going to paste all right now this is really like automated this building sales fun i’m creating a playlist today guys with my daily perpetual cash strategy will be up there will be a claim this you guys can access at any time from my youtube channel and for you guys are others are you will all integral you guys will see emails from me with different multiple or different constraints that you can add to get their perpetual cash this is all about you guys it is all about you and how you want to approach this but when you think about the recruiting or are referring aspect though your daily perpetual catch and naturally will make money you introduce more people to the our businesses the platforms that I actually introducing youtube if that makes sense everything that are you find guys every piece of the puzzle inside of my daily perpetual cash strategy are will will will forgive you guys are the opportunity to become what’s known as affiliates for those businesses for those platforms and you will be provided with affiliate links that these links are cookie to you and go out and as you introduce your friends or family or whatever you want to God facebook whatever you guys want to do you will earn Commission’s right based on the activity of everybody did you bring to these particular businesses and our and all these platforms and that makes sense so when you talk about referring and crowing oh I want to introduce you guys now and this will be again in my daily perpetual cast as you play this to delete lightning correlate this building sales funnel because what you guys are going to do is take anything you want anything that I’m talking about anything that falls within those pieces of the puzzle in my daily perpetual cash strategy and elevated promoted using the lead like automated this building sales funnel and what that does guys for one-time payment of seven dollars is it goes out and oh the funnel actually gives other internet marketers do marketers the ability to go out and generate leads with this one time seven dollars automated this building cells fun on the back end of that cellphone guys you guys going to plug in anything you want whether it’s the revenue-sharing component of businesses of the deli perpetual castrated you or anything else that you may be involved in already or anything else that I introduce you guys to you made a plug it into the back in your guys and you’ll be able to generate leads are using this army is building sales funnel and earning six dollar commission at the same time as other individuals purchase the lead lightning ornament this building cells for you for seven dollars you are six dollar commission again this is how this falls into your daily perpetual cash chance you guys want to go out and you want to recruit and you don’t need this right so one time some of our payment is another income stream remember we talked about multiple stranger guys up but out you guys a lot of you guys are you know you you’re on Facebook right you guys on Twitter me and if you want to make money on you make money on if you’re in that that space but we’re in markets is concerned with making money on the internet is concerned then you can just share this with people that you know that are in business as well are people that you know that may be interested in getting into business for themselves and so is just a win-win situation again it’s just one time seven dollars and this is just a normal mom is just another income string in your daily perpetual cast as should you choose to implement but when it comes to these guys the lead lightning automated security cell phone is definitely a piece of this poem that you guys want to have and for one time someone other than the gods I just can’t see why wouldn’t do it oh so again guys when we talk about making money on the internet in 2017 and beyond guys and we talked about my daddy perpetual cast strategy it is about several pieces of a puzzle just want to create and give you the opportunity to build multiple streams of income that’s where is that guys go do your research the average wealthy or elimination I say has at least gods and this is a fact has at least seven streams of income is income coming from seven so at least seven different sources real estate gold and silver are on a new name guys okay people are diversified and decimals what’s happened you see this big change guys you see a lot trending and we’ll talk about the cryptocurrency guys want to talk about making money online without advertising and cryptocurrency google see what’s happening online you guys about everywhere you look now you have two crypto-currency particularly in our case Bitcoin guys okay bitcoins and want to be shooting these videos out 11 c-notes going to continue putting this information out hey guys i got some great information about more information about bitcoins i’m gonna upload probably later on today to answer some of the questions that you’ve got we have about Bitcoin but do we should go Google guys go go on youtube is all over the place cryptocurrency bitcoin and any other types of local club bitcoin is just one flow but the cryptocurrency in and of itself guys this is this is what’s happening this is what’s trending and you’re seeing a shift ok and again with my dad and perpetual caches you want to be the kind of just drop yourself right in the middle of the trillion-dollar advertising our industry right which revolves around traffic which everybody was doing business on the internet needs and you’re going to be a broker the types of services that multi millions of people already desperately searching for and if they’re not they will be in 2017 and beyond is going to see that so again guys creating a paper to play this today I’m putting really like only this building cell phone inside of the playlist and every week guys or at least every two weeks guys and I will be introducing you guys to different on on additional income streams that you can a in your again perpetual cash guys because remember guys this whole strategy revolves well-advertised ok so we’re talking about you being able to get in on multiple income streams will talk about creating for questions and I talked about the difference of of opportunity to introduce you guys to you can plug them in to your advertising with the revenue-sharing businesses that you guys did I introduce you guys to make cash back right get reward cash back for advertising absolutely anything you want and you’re gonna want to advertise multiple you want your first we don’t have multiple income streams and the best way to do it is inside of these platforms so now you’re advertising different products and services inside of your revenue up inside of your advertising of businesses right when you getting cash back for advertising you’re building your cryptocurrency write your Bitcoin I already told you guys we’re gonna we’re gonna do this with Bitcoin you’re building a Bitcoin you’re going to take a portion of the money outright you’re going to create a wallet for yourself where you can uh put where you can transfer your Bitcoin and continue to grow them and skill your business right make money so you make your money all the way around all the way to this process ok then again there’s no recruiting or refer refer was necessary but we are consistently lightning you can use to do that so it all comes together guys is one big puzzle and I’m going to continue to add pieces to you guys can tap into when you want to if you’re ready you don’t have to at all but again you want to be thinking multiple streams of income you want to be thinking about advertising in traffic because that’s what makes anything you do our work okay i don’t care what it is you guys are involved and even if you are not involved with my daily protect professional cast strategy you’re going to need advertising you’re going to need traffic in English string of eyeballs on your offers so the way to the prom with any professional castrating each strategy is designed this will you be able coming from absolutely anything it is that you want you don’t care avon you have hair product you can do this it doesn’t interfere with anything you’re doing now it leverages the playing field in terms of you offsetting your advertising costs to go out and promote and market your products and services is paying you cash back on the revenue-sharing components of the revenue-sharing businesses that i introduced to you you guys are making money makes sense all the way around guys and on top of that you’re able to stay focused every single day you pop into your red share right you pop into your advertising business the average you do your you’re surfing right you sir for tenants that you serve your eight as a day ok 10 15 20 minutes match maybe 30 you don’t say whatever you do that you’re done you know do this do that do this okay are our continued funding your account so that your accounts will continue to grow ok perpetually you can progressively getting traffic cashback growing and scaling your business and adding multiple streams of income and to that process every anytime you want okay and making this work for you and grow every single day if that’s not beautiful guys I don’t know what is ok so again guys are I’m going to get out oh I’m gonna go now I was looking at this our particular of this particular capturespace beautiful captions by the way and i’m going to be hopefully it’ll be later on the day guys I’m going to be putting some information a little bit more information up on not just cryptocurrency but particularly Bitcoin guys is some questions and answers the guys over at least a space sending mail out today and they act is a great are these guys were on on a bit corn and what all the buzz is about and so when I learned you guys look I’m gonna put that article that these guys actually wrote i’m going to do a video on that answer your questions that you guys may have as it relates to our cryptocurrency particularly Bitcoin ok but that is exactly where we’re heading in 2017 that is exactly how you guys want to be able to position yourself in the trillion-dollar of advertising space of which revolves around traffic this is exactly how you guys going to earn cashback on revenue sharing businesses that introduced you to and then and beyond okay you know you just calling our ad packs what we’re talking about here you you’re leveraging your business law and facts about the more of the revenue sharing

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