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hello again YouTube this is a promotional video if I haven't mentioned it in my recent videos I'm a graphic novel artist and this video is to show you how I make my graphic novels which is also promotional deal to show you a little bit of my graphic novels so please enjoy ok first off I start with my concept art you guys as you get close to making your own things like movies and comics you'll have concept art which I have a lot of concept art so every time you draw something it's wise to save it even if it's a stupid idea or it's just a stupid drawing save it I got tons of stupid drawings in here and stuff but keep your concept art okay now if the next thing you want to do is write a script basically take ideas characters in your your concepts and create a story and just write it down as a script doesn't have to be advanced as long as you understand what you writ roten for written not rotating and you'll you understand what you're you're visualizing in your head that's all that is required so write a script next thing I do is I plot out a storybook you can do this on regular paper you can do this on you can do this on I use a plastic and I use a Expo marker on it to write out storyboards basically write out a storyboard design how design how what words and what frames are going to be on the storyboard then you can even put in distance and sizes on how big I want each frame what I have my own little measurements and then you move on to actually making the page which I'll show you that next next up so when you get out your piece of paper and start drawing out the storyboard lines or the outlines from your storyboard onto your real paper a smidgen script here okay now that my storyboard is drawn out similar to the one on the squeegee board down you start drawing in your characters or your scenes sorry now that I'm done drawing it out I'll add my lettering now that the paper has been lettered and drawn and outlined I'm going to ink it I ain't by starting with the outside lines first okay now that the borderlines of my comic are outlined i'll start inking the the lettering okay now that I've finished inking the lettering and the outlines I'll start inking the actual scenes themselves best to do inward to outward that way you don't think over something that you don't want to show and now that the whole thing has been inked from lettering to outlining to the actual scenes everything's been inked I will start to erase the excess pencil I'm just nicer Hey ladies and gentlemen this is it it has been completely erased inked drawn out it's done everything from our original storyboard to the real deal now this is my completed page and I'll add it to my others but now I am doing a graphic novel and I hope you guys will all be ready but when it comes out which I has over a hundred pages right now and it should be released near the end of this you know the near the end of this year or before the end of this year which I will post a video announcing it when it is up for grabs and there's some pages from it the book is thick that's one in theirs looks like it's going to be at least half that size it's pretty thick book all hand-drawn art all original story kind of a science fiction story yeah look forward in stores hope this video has been helpful for other people that want to get into creating a graphic novels or and/or comic books thanks

21 thoughts on “Making My Graphic Novel

  1. Good job brother, gave me some good info keep up the good work !

  2. can you tall me how to put color in the computer of the graphics nolvels

  3. thank you for you totorial, i will be starting my graphic novel

  4. Great job dude. Keep it up. I wish I could draw as well as you. All the best.

  5. I want to become a graphic novelist too but I think I still need more work on my art such as making background look realistic so I'm going back to school in the winter. hopefully it will help 😊

  6. As Long as you understand what you
    …I mean Written

    No you mean Wrote 

  7. Please Support a struggling Artists dream of Publishing a Graphic Novel. Every little bit helps.

  8. Work on your anatomy ! I know it might be challenging but your comics not that good ( To me it's cool ) Practice some realism Please just try it out you won't be sorry.

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