28 thoughts on “Making of a Graphic Novel

  1. Graphic novels are soooooo cooool
    I’m a retarded gay child

  2. ''Capstone has the biggest variety of graphic novels for your collection''

    Thats just a lie.

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  4. YES.
    It encourages doing the right thing for society and has hidden messages of doing good in every piece of innapropriate, slapstik comedic, COMPLETELY raunty humor…
    and its called KICK-ASS
    definate attractor to anyone under 30 XD lol

  5. that was really f**king intense commercial, just for trying to push graphic novels into librarys o.o!

  6. @plummerfan16 Do you really think kick ass is appropriate for children?

  7. "Our comics are age appropriate". Aren't all comics age appropriate? Like movies, some are inappropriate for children, but appropriate for older ages.

  8. @spikeman316 a graphic novel is a much longer comic book, and is based usually on one plot. a comic book is a series of short comics with a different plot each time.
    a graphic novel example is Watchmen, and a comic book example is X-Men.

  9. @GamerHolicaust
    Thats peculiar. I used to work at a printing press, and I don't ever remember using photoshop. Actually, we used templates, which was an image of what we wanted to print, burned on a special type of material. What did they do back in the 80's when comics were booming and they didnt have photoshop? And anyways, you're taking my staement out of context. I could care less if the product that I get in my hand was PRINTED digitally, I was refering to the comic, as it was being

  10. @GamerHolicaust
    ??? Since when does it matter if you use photoshop to finalize? If I saw an interesting graphic novel, and found out that finalization was done by hand, I would be more apt to buy that one over most others because of the extreme care and hard work that was put into it. Sorry, but there's nothing wrong with not using photoshop.

  11. yeah. i still love comics. i just need to save a little money first.

  12. well, considering the fact that i'm too poor to purchase such an expensive program i guess i shouldn't make comics. i'll write books.

  13. i liked the traditional method of inking and penciling. thanks. i'm glade some people still do it the traditional way. no offense to those who use photoshop for everything, but i don't have the funds for the software or hardware.

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