making poetry videos ???

helooo okay so you can tell I totally didn’t
plan this video because my hair is wet as fuck I just took a shower but I decided to record today because I was feeling kind of productive whatever that’s supposed to mean and I’m thinking of going out today and starting this kind of — just like starting a process of this project I’ve been meaning to do for
like months more like years honestly because I had this idea like three years ago but essentially it’s just I write poetry right it’s like poetry because it’s
essentially just me rambling about stress which is kind of just what poetry is but you know it’s not structured or anything what I’m getting at is that I kind of want to
do something with it even though I just I loathe performing, like I can’t perform for
shit because I get really nervous and I get a lot of anxiety so I’ve just been thinking that I could do like videos of it like poetry videos but you
know I — the whole problem is that I just don’t do it like I don’t go out and record content, but I have one that I wrote a while ago that’s pretty simple it’s just about like birds or whatever so I’m just gonna go out try to shoot
some nature footage I guess and yeah and yeah, it’s a nice day so that’ll probably work and I mean I know this is kind of stupid just to say in a video but it’s sort of like me telling myself that you’re gonna do this first step you’re
gonna get this done and so just finish it like just finish the project please like the project that you’ve been wanting to do forever and so yeah
there’s been feel like I’m good today I think I’m gonna go I don’t even know time it is
right now it’s oh it’s only 1:30 ok that’s good and then I’m gonna go eat something cause I haven’t eaten all day and then go out ??? I don’t know I don’t know
when birds are outside doing bird things but it’d be kind of good to go anyway
and I prefer the lighting when it’s later in the afternoon maybe I’ll go out like
at 4 ??? I’ve also been wanting to finish this drawing I started I barely even started I just drew like the moon there’s another piece that I’ve been
wanting to finish and I need to finish it cause I — I essentially drew the
first version of it like four years ago and I hated it so I’m thinking of
repainting it like I already redrew it so I’ll just try to paint it sometime … eventually this month so yeah that’s where I’m at right now I’m just gonna go eat first maybe I’ll record that too — mmm that’s it for the bathroom segment alright bye 😛 sooo I just finished eating welcome to my mess of a room this is the piece that I’m gonna be trying to record content for and I just reread it honestly I’m not even sure what it was about uh I just remember it being about a bird and it being really easy to have content for yeah I don’t know if this was like based on a dream or it actually happened essentially it’s just there was a bird that was outside my window one night and it was just in the middle of the night and I get really emo in the middle of the night so I thought of some poetry or whatever some words to go along with the feeling and obviously I’m just like personifying or projecting my emotions onto this animal that’s just living his life I’m pretty sure I had an argument with
somebody right before before I wrote this well maybe I will read more into it after I record the content and see where it leads me when I start editing and yeah ready to go see you outside bye ~~

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