Malaysia Poetry Recital

A lofty bond was formed when the similar ideals of Usman Awang and Daisaku Ikeda were brought together. Therefore, the tribute to Usman Awang
today is in line with the true aim of Soka Gakkai Malaysia’s “Month of Peace”
throughout September. This poem depicts the youthful hopes of two friends
at the time of Malaysian independence. This poem describes two neighbors, a Chinese woman
and a Malay woman, preparing food to celebrate Chinese New Year and the Muslim holiday of Eid. This poem speaks for those who do not have a
voice of their own, such as the birds. The song “Mother,” based on a poem by
SGI President Daisaku Ikeda, was sung in Mandarin. This poem depicts the friendship between a Malay boy–the poet’s son–and his neighbor, a Chinese boy. Lenny Ooi puts to music one of Usman Awang’s
most well-known poems. A poem written just before Malaysia gained its independence. A poem written by SGI President Daisaku Ikeda
on his first visit to Malaysia. This poem by Usman Awang posits that all languages are equally important and equally beautiful. This well-known song extols the beauty of rural Malaysia. The event finished with the presentation of awards by SGM Deputy President Liu Cheng Choong to all the guest performers including Mdm. Haslina Usman and National Literature Laureate A. Samad Said.

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