26 thoughts on “Margaret Atwood's Creative Process

  1. Writing is not spontaneous, it is work. If you can't write it's because you're afraid of sucking. Let yourself suck and just write, write, write. Waiting for inspiration is the opposite of productive writing.

  2. I don't know if that's the nicest thing to say to a writer, haha…some writers might need to be given a subject…I mean…decide what they want to write, I'm sure that might have been the case for some great writers…I mean…I might have heard some screenwriters talk about that…not just get an idea and start from that, but ask themselves "What do I want to write?"…others might develop ideas from real life, or from trying to tell fairy tales to children (Peter Pan was invented in that way, if I'm not mistaken)…that said, haha, that's probably the reason someone I know, who was thought to be a future writer as a child, who thought that of himself, doesn't write…because he doesn't easily come up with ideas spontaneously, which does happen for him when it comes to composing, where it's just a matter of organizing and writing down (and filling in gaps, etc) for ideas he gets in spite of himself, where he doesn't need to actually "ask himself" to come up with something…while many writers come up with short stories and stuff as children, which just flow out of them…at any rate, that same person didn't come up with music either as a child…

  3. This lady is a genius. Her dark humor and character development is untouchable.

  4. Margarets inspiration comes from large brandies dipped in shlong. I know – I've seen it. It's true.

  5. I wanna be a writer because I love creating a whole fictional world in my head.

  6. Margaret Atwood's leading a few generations of women down the road to menopause without kids following the dream almost like a cult.

  7. Most of these comments are ridiculous, judging her on the tone of her voice. Grow up and maybe at least read some of her books.

  8. whoa…CHILL out there some people, the comments are so excessively Mean and uncalled for. Show some respect for an older person, whose achieved something etc.

  9. I think the problem here is that, she learned writing by trial and error (plus by reading, I presume but that hasn't changed much). And that's not what we want to hear because we learn very differently now. For eg. I can access videos of people who are actually trying to explain inner working of the whole process (brainstorming, plotting, writing, picking the voice for the narration etc.) instead of telling me to stop writing if ideas don't just come to me. This is the exact same reason I despise Charles Bukowski. Writing is a craft that can be learned and a writer like herself should be the first one to say that.

  10. I already had those moments when I had no notebooks and had to use napkins 🙂

  11. What an annoying voice . I keep wanting to speed her up . boring tone boring author emperors clothes syndrome

  12. I like the way Margaret Atwood writes but I find the plots to her stories boring and unreal.

  13. Lmbo. I live her spontaneous laughter in the midst of her dryness.

  14. I just realized that If the queen of England and George Bush had a child it would look Margaret Atwood. 

  15. This woman is the single most pretentious person to have ever lived on planet Earth.

  16. 0:23 – People write because they get inspired by other books.
    1:00 – If you had a formula you would write the same style of book over and over.

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