Mark The Poet "Podcast" #2

for my first book poet of the sphere i want to recite a poem that I wrote called roses in December and I remember writing this poem vividly and it was a summers day very much similar to the one that it is today and it just occurred to me that the I heard the phrase I heard the title roses in December and some reason it just sparked an idea in my head and I just sat down and I wrote this poem so this is the poem roses in December memory nostalgia that special feeling of yesteryear our hopes our dreams that's which we hold on to like a souvenir never to be replaced never to be extinguished the constant of everything for which we have ever wished Eden utopia a perfect place of eternal bliss that place you go to you with a friend when you reminisce one of the most powerful draws that lies just over the horizon a promise that we can be whatever we can possibly but imagine a foothold of faith a leap for love that first glimpse of the one you adore and are in or of not only a memory but an Eden in his own right like a forever beckoning beacon of emotion and light that resonates infinitely and is I mean uninterrupted delight which even after first sight makes your heart race and take flight the rush the essence and the allure of love at first sight roses in December is the gift that memory bestows to be able to go back in time and deliver like a single red rose the scent the palate the poignancy of life that our senses merely him to an infinite unrelenting penetrating perfect beautiful view that forever and always stays with you and will carry on even after our last at you so that was my poem roses in December and I must have written that back in 2011 I think it may have been 2010 I remember the actual year but I mean where was I was at home here and I'm writing them and that was a a part of my first poetry collection Pole of the sphere and that poem does mean a lot to me I'll just flick through my first book part of the sphere here at random and that was the first poem that came to my fingertips and I'm glad I did because it is one of my favorite poems I've written and another poem that I wrote from my poche collection the sound of Mark and that came out in that came out in 2013 and also a collection of poems and this poem is called quintessence as pure as water from a string as clear as a color that stands out in a dream as resonant as a pin drop in a silent room as limitless as the stars that shine and sound like a vast Orchestra playing in tune as beautiful as a raindrop as light as a cloud as full of stories as a library or a bookshop as numerous and varied as the faces of people in a crowd as peaceful as a gallery as blissful as a boat ride down a river a special as a single beautiful line of poetry as unpredictable as the weather as lightning as a joke as interesting as a mystery a surrounding as a blanket or a cloak as a vocal and changing as the life of a tree as complicated as a person as stimulating as a question Azzam rapturing as being in love and being loved by someone as revealing as an exhibition as perfect as a kiss as epic as a journey as precious as a wish as deep as a seed of self-discovery as strong as a parents bond as tender as a baby's touch as I verse as the life that you may find in a pond as amazing as a gift given and one received they will always mean so much as rich as the colors that can be seen under the sea as mystical as a sixth sense as heavenly as life on earth can ever be as we live in experience things that go beyond our limited understanding we glimpse even if it is for a fraction of a second or within a brief flash of light lives on parallel phenomenal beautiful perfect quintessence so again that was from my book the sound of Mark okay so the third poem that I wanted to recite to you is keep writing and I remember writing this poem that is from my book the eternal boy I came out in 2015 and I remember I was I was in Starbucks in Coventry and I was just sat there at a table with my caramel macchiato just thinking of what I'm gonna write next and I just thought I when I want to write about and I just remember every time I someone read one of my poems most people they would say great you know they would give me very positive feedback and something that a lot of people would add at the end was keep writing and that's something that I always taken to heart and if something that stuck in my mind and especially at that point when I was just sitting in Starbucks waiting for inspiration to hit me like a like lightning strike and I thought you know what I'm gonna write about what it means to keep writing and why that is important a poet for a writer for an artist because when you've got a gift and you feel like you've got a purpose in life and you're a writer especially then you've got to keep writing so this is my poem keep writing when it's four o'clock in the morning and everyone around you is still sound asleep when you are up and awake and already imagining still dreaming thinking creating writing and you feel comfortable to open the door to the place inside you that leads to your soul the place where everything you can imagine is just waiting to be let out and allow to run and leap when an idea comes to you when you can already hear the melody and voice of a beautiful and exciting new piece of music when you feel something that seemed so small wants begin and never stop growing inside you the feeling the experience the time you a heart racing away the silence the noise the close the far feel like they are all inside you and connected to you I can tell you that when I have those moments and I am touched by true inspiration like I am every day it is absolutely breathtaking and epic there are times in your life when you can't say what you want to say because words simply fail you there are times when I say everything I want to say with one word I realized once that the more powerful thought and idea of everything can be found when you seek out the far between and the few never give up never give up on love never turn your back on something that means everything never doubt your heart and never even think to stop the flow of what makes you who you are never stop looking never stop talking never stop cooking never stop doing never stop believing never stop watching keep being inspired keeping inspiring keep being too awake to be tired keep calm and do what everyone keeps telling me to do keep writing and again that was from my pocha collection the eternal boy okay so the last poem that I want to read from my poetry collection the dreamer and the dream that's my latest poetry collection I released and it came out in 2015 of course I've written books sent some poems since but I've haven't published an entire collection of poems simply just poems since 2015 a published and amalgamation of the two you could say I've published a collection of short stories and poetry in my book too close to the Sun but yeah to in 2015 that was the year that I released the dreamer in the dream and this was just just poetry the last collection of poetry released in there in a single book and poem that I want to read you is the walking King and I am an avid Walker as well as an avid writer and for me the two go hand-in-hand because you know it's be an artist video writer you have to see the world you have to get out there and you have to see everything that life has in store for each and every one of us eat that it displays and which gifts to each and every one of us every day but some people for one reason or another are unable to see it but I find that when you walk especially through nature through a forest through a field and I'm lucky enough to live very close to fields and forests and I've spent countless hours walking through fields and forests just taking long intakes of breath and breathing in the fresh air and being inspired by everything that I see and also by just the the the instinct of momentum you know walking gives you a sense of momentum since that you're achieving something and yeah I've always been a walker I've walked miles in many places I've walked mass through New York City through Birmingham here in England in London everywhere I've walked miles and miles and miles and yeah it's I've always felt even more energised afterwards so this is my poem the walking King I love walking I've always loved walking I love discovering I love exploring I love adapting I love finding new ground I love trekking and I happily would walk and keep going and so I could be counted among the lost and found when you walk you see the world and you get to take in its beauty when you walk the depth of color and the exquisite detail that you can see stretches to infinity and the ecosystem that carries on regardless of the sometimes pettiness of humanity do not blink because to them they have an entire life and a whole world of their own to survive in striving and do the best they can and most of the time these self-contained modes that occasionally overlap are focused of a single goal and an encompassing need to maintain their species well-being when I walk I see things I hear things I think about things I imagine things I feel things that I would not anywhere else and while doing anything else and I feel transformed and I do not for a second one to stop feeling or being the person I am because the thrill and the rush that galvanizes me is more powerful than any drug and it is a natural instinct and magic that comes from within us all as well as from our surroundings whether we are walking free and roaming in the air of the countryside or in a park or even along the streets and pavements of a busy city if you love to walk like me you will walk anywhere at any time in the daylight in the dark in the peaceful solitude of the wilderness in the noisy and chaotic motorway of a never ending never stopping never abating living laboratory of an energetic and energy metropolis the call to be on your feet is one that a walker and a runner cannot ignore and it may even wake them in the middle of the night as they sleep soundly the importance and the gift to walk is one that is primal and runs deep sometimes we can act without having to think and walking is one of those things that if we can we will do and under our own subconscious locomotion we can achieve and maintain without a blink those of us who can walk take it for granted those of us who can climb go anywhere stand on a mountain walk on the seafloor have the amazing gift to see and go to every corner of our go to every corner of every country and continent on our wondrous and beautiful planet when I walk I take in the temperature and the touch of the air when I walk I feel exhilarated as I witness the incredible the unbelievable the fantastic and the amazing when I walk I'm my own world and I feel like I can go anywhere when I walk the world truly comes alive and sometimes I cannot believe my eyes as I witnessed the endless cycle of a world in the making that I'm a part of am often than not when I walk I love the feeling of being a walking King and that's my poem walking King from my poetry collection the dream and the dream and I think I'll leave it at that perhaps I can read to you one of my most recent poems that I've written since that the last poem that I just recited to you I wrote a very long time ago in comparison okay so here we go this poem is called undercover and I posted this poem online on my blog I May the 5th May the 10th sorry this year so not that long we go undercover under the hood under the skin whether sitting under the shine of the Sun or at times when under the weather whether it is raining or sunny everybody is somebody else everybody has a secret identity everybody dreams thinks feels and dwells upon the reflection of the one who they see within themselves when they in turn lies with their inward looking lies under normal circumstances the best way to understand why we do what we do and who we are would be to stop ourselves and scrutinize what we truly want and desire and to ask ourselves whether the actions that we have taken have been progressive or self-destructive in order to find the Bliss that we wish we had within our grasp under investigation the sins and the crimes that we are guilty of are as clear as day but just because we might be guilty of being selfish from time to time that does not mean that heaven does not await each and every one of us if we seek and follow a path of redemption and if we first forgive ourselves being human and fallible under a microscope a scientist may be able to discover a lot about what makes our biology the way that it is and how different we are from other people he might look similar to how we appear however the truth in the matter is that everybody is a product and the result of an experiment that has been ongoing for billions of years and characters in a story that each of us has a version of that we tell ourselves all the time that binds everybody and who and how they see themselves when they're looking at the world from under a cover that's my poem under cover and you can read that poem right now listening to this on my blog mark the poet taught me but so there is a there is a selection of poems that I've written from the beginning to back in 2010 2012 13 14 15 and right now here in 2019 and I can definitely see a change in the way that I've that I've written poetry and how I write and I never thought that I would change but the main things still there the way I write the passion still there but there is definitely a change in in how I how I write and why I write I think for the most part when I first began writing poetry I did write to share my gift to inspire people and to share my the inspiration that I had I gained from life and now I I still have that same same wish to share my gift but I also just wish to leave a part of myself I guess a part of who I am my own fingerprint own footsteps and yeah hopefully give people a reason to seek out my poetry so they can be inspired themselves because that's the gift of life is to be inspired and do you inspire and that's why I always hope to do and yeah I hope that he's something that I have achieved but I've said I'm gonna leave it there for now and thank you for listening and hope you have a great day for my first book poet of the sphere I want to recite a poem that I wrote called roses in December and I remember writing this poem

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