Marnie’s Story – Gun Control

Hi, I’m Marnie Williams I live in Gowanus, Brooklyn and I’m from Colorado. As you might know Colorado has been the side of the Columbine Massacre and many gun violence problems in this country’s history, and I definitely feel that gun control is a huge issue in this country and I would really like to see some policy changes around that and I feel like it’s important for us all to stand together for what we believe in to keep our country safe and come together!

2 thoughts on “Marnie’s Story – Gun Control

  1. Let's do some math using CDC numbers.
    32,000 gun deaths last year
    -60% are suicide – 19,200
    -3% are accidents – 960
    -4% are justified – 1,280 (thousands of instances of firearm self defense occur annually, most go unreported)
    -33% are homicides – 10,560
    -but 80% of homicides are gang related – 8,448

    That leaves 1,712 people in a country with a population of 325 million people.
    You have a 0.00003% chance of death by a firearm, but if you're not part of a gang, don't commit a crime, or don't plan on committing suicide,
    you actually have a 0.000005% chance of death by a firearm in this country.
    Guns are not the problem.

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