Martene Clayton – Should've Been (feat. Black Poet)

– it down you had such ha stop me are you brown who I am now can you say it aloud there you're still waiting on me to get myself looking back and mere two steps and a fall of the track I don't even know what's in my head when I fell from that Tower [Applause] never loved a girl I gotta get out never hell you should know how your paint is making me feel I guess but still fish away distancing yourself but I'm here I can share this vision with nobody else no one here to help all right sunset to sunrise good time bad times I'll stand by your side just be gone you should've been what's wrong with who you are I loved you but your love with something I leave the witness all let me hold you with the pain they get hard to speak can't be you intend to bear wipe the tears from your cheek I'll give you space if you need it when you ready come through I'm waiting the most hot my soul

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