Mass Effect Andromeda – Flesh & Blood – Remnant Scanner – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 24 No Commentary

you more than anyone know how dangerous
axel is why were they allowed to speak with him
they aren’t children anymore we can’t control their every move you remember
how you were please Joe I’ll bring them home are you okay three of my brothers and
sisters have joined stearic our buck Hsu has poisoned them with his hatred of
aliens and your mother’s want you to bring them back de roca have made camp
at the forge many considered the birthplace of our civilization our sole
likely believes this bold move will create more fanatics for his cause Ryder
he has my family but I don’t think I can do this alone you don’t have to just
tell me the time and place hmm no hesitation you are a good friend I
have a contact who’s been monitoring the rokahr I’ll set up a rendezvous with her looks like pictures of the exaltation
chamber yeah the Keter using cement garden made
medical equipment could be a lead I just want an edge on those kept bastards if
they ever got their hands on said I well imagine if it was Sara Sara’s old enough to take care of
herself I still feel my sister’s my responsibility I’m all she has
Sid was still little when our father left and I was well her age now you
raised your sister by herself that can’t have been easy have to i waited forever
for our father to come home he never did he was involved with some bad things bad
people eventually it caught up to him there was nowhere to run not like a
whole new galaxy is that why you came here when you’re young and stupid you
make bad decisions piss off the wrong people that sort of thing never goes
away not for you not for the ones you care about I don’t want to not come home
one day and yet you’re on this ship hurtling
through unknown space to who-knows-where with Sid and sure Andromeda was an
unknown but unknown is better than being tracked down by the Batarian crew you
shafted three years ago speaking hypothetically of course
I should get back to work talk to my people see if they’ve heard anything jet
later this end discrete coordinating pack is calm nice work well this is the right place
let’s find the tech whereas here’s the REM Tech PPD’s TV first piece secured
got a line on the next my scanner picked up one on her ball whenever you want to guess we’re not the only ones interested
in this attack weird of them to be fight like that I said just go fishing Apple all clear entering atmosphere LZ in sight Joerg
you made it the others know all traffic and communication from a fortune stopped
it’s under our schools control now any advice how to get inside my subtle can
drop you nearby but that’s about all I can do ever doesn’t want to make enemies
of the row car and let me have two we’ll keep a low profile of course is a rotten Forge be quiet
de better go filter broke my best ready let’s do this ja you sure you want me here bringing an
outsider would give the role car just blew my lead will get my family back move carefully we don’t want to alert
their Oh car any easier if we knew where to find your family the most high brings
all of us children’s to reforge I know my way around
Raghava turn a Welcome Center is a but it’s deserted me go Vuitton is usually
filled with travelers after said no traffic in around doesn’t explain
everyone where are the who car absolute ordered a
total entity talk to us about the Milky Way myth dehydrated no one’s worth it
for a while these were taken from the forge they would have been given the
utmost care arrivals were studying to a week ago
most unger come here at least once in their
lives either for the tradition Oh – Shen you know it’s got juice
but everything’s offline should i reestablish cons let’s leave it for now
my tip of fear Oh car wherever they are wherever the in-car went they left a lot
of supply as bar stuff you’d want to take with you aya and the resistance
provides – found something looks like a journal everyone saw enamored with axel
you think he was the most shy I told rocket to make it indeed but she
said that all Angora welcome at the forge
especially one tries to protect our culture protection is that what he
promised looks like someone tossed it they left
in a hurry oh we’re forced out don’t you said
you’ve got them all but it big mustard are you kill it no one heard that they
shot first we had to defend ourselves accountable was that me right Arnold so
much for going it quiet didn’t get us a choice surrender is not an option with
your car take seven powers tell us bring that body go fuck off I don’t give them an opening it’s not over yet keep fighting damn this tough bastard
Volga chopsticks area clear any sign of your
family no the real car no we’re here maybe that will flush them out the aliens strophic I don’t either but
he is not play absolutely believes everything is dead guess we interrupted
dinner it’s locked Sam any suggestions I detect electrical
wiring underground Pathfinder you can use the scanner to follow the wire there there’s a bridge to the rodents beyond
those doors my family should be there I think the rokar didn’t want us going
that way how are we gonna get to them now we’ll have to jump down now what up to you we got company
jump shooters we need to get higher ground a fool must’ve sent
reinforcements got the advantage my focus even broke our can’t ruin this view
beautiful up that ledge intruders have reached Annette I count three quick I
know those wishes last to go for Becca hey hey what step it’s John John is that
you Viraj Oh mother sent me all of them did
our mother send its human – I’m Ryder Pathfinder with the initiative I should
kill you right now Kevin please why’d they send you because we’ve lost
him after the kid they were afraid to lose you for this insane cause but John
want you to meet my friend so you can see that a fool is wrong trust me we
have as much to give you as you have to give us we all win who cares
the and guard don’t want anything you don’t need you
chow our mothers want us to live truth is because I love my mother die who died
for the skulls going to blow this pleasure
oh that’s why I sent the researchers away stop he has ball hockey stolen from
your people those bombs go off it’ll look like the initiative did it we have
to disarm them give me another the bombs in a forge I’m
okay job I’ll do first if he pins this explosion on the initiative this gets
bad really really bad I should exude don’t let him order you
got it I’m glad you’re here to find those bones
if Axel’s willing to blow up the forge there’s nothing he won’t do writer if he
shows up I know follow your lead folks are over six how look we have come on down and
music drink water maybe doesn’t matter now what’s the penis for the fourth time to
see stay lost okay all the flowers gone now to the
golf cart Arriba don’t go easy on them John John I kill that thought I killed
him I’m so sorry he’s not dead you’re joking
I lost my mind job I want to go home but the cause I joined because of you I
should our brother don’t Lee let her go I only want soldiers who are committed
to our cause not weaklings who stand by and watch the destruction of our people
the hands of aliens blowing up your sacred birth place seems
pretty drastic your cause is falling apart like you I speak the power people
and I say your daughter Eunice Martin Lee please I dare you
I don’t kill unarmed crazy people they move on to our planets they take
our resources make us weak I watched Ryder make planets habitable
exactly and they’ll never let us forget it rescued your beloved more sign I know
saved hair life I know stop defending them a messiah
trusts Ryder and stop we’ve been fighting the wrong enemy maybe the enemy
is this traitor easy job don’t you the Masai trusts Ryder you become a
danger to your own people walk away or I kill you and reveal the resistance for
the traitors they are he is not the monster here I’m not my
people come on let’s get you home
you okay yeah drinks are so adorable I never couldn’t even kill me at short
range they are here let’s give them a minute
thank you for trusting me killing axel would have made the trocar stronger he
shot you I’m glad he did it exposed how far he’d fallen axel walked away but
what stops him from coming back his pride will keep him in the shadows you
have done my people and me a great service thank you right up you’ve been practicing how little we
should get back I want to say goodbye before my family heads home you’ll be okay oh really
we were supposed to clean out this site before you got here but there were too
many damn BOTS outfit doesn’t care a lick about any of us tell me about done just joined so I
can’t tell you much The Crow goons name is crank or crank it or something he
runs the field crews that’s all I know here take the choice feeds from this
site I’m officially retired baby piece number two secured yes I could kiss you
last one turned up on Ghidorah sending coordinates get out laws hope the peace of REM Tech
PV needs is still here che Guevara register Spellbinder are fighting their home this whole time
hey Ryder got an encrypted message from Syd she has news wanted to talk to us
both connecting the call now finally I’ve
been waiting for hours so you want to tell us what this is all about I was
listening to outpost updates and caught a message about settlers going missing
what do you mean they’re missing they didn’t leave voluntarily no work
assignments no mining expeditions kidnapped I dug around and I think I
know where they’ve been taken a cave on a moon and the remov system originally
in an Garen mine I think but they abandoned it I don’t believe the planet
you’re talking about isn’t there whatever what did I tell you about
getting involved I couldn’t just do nothing how do we
know your Intel is even reliable it’s reliable we’ll need more than your
assurances who’s behind this why target settlers Oh does it matter are you gonna
not save them if you don’t like why they’re in trouble
Syd just give us everything you have on this already done could I come along I
want to help you know the answer to that right of course stay away from bad
people guns bombs Croghan beer you did good I just want you to be safe
okay yeah yeah hey can I see you in the medbay hey Joe
hmm didn’t mean to scare you what I’m I’m not scared
one second what’s going on in here you look busy if I’m busy my mind is
occupied with whatever I’m working on rather than worrying I can see how that
help I’d like your advice on something I’m making gifts for everyone I have a
list gifts hmm don’t Koreans like poetry Pavitra I’m writing a poem and engraving
it on well I’m not sure yet who doesn’t like personalize power great maybe I
could just recite it for her make sure I’m there for that Liam it seems to like
my rough chin I might show him one he does do cookin like knives I could craft
a ceremonial and garen dagger black who wouldn’t want that
it’s mainly decorative would you like one
ja this is a lot of work what’s really going on I’m sure that I seem confident
and skilled to you but I’m not or I don’t feel like I am I think most people
feel like that I want to fit in I want to make a difference and most people
probably think the same thing my family is well-known our lineage is respected
and many of my kin have achieved great things I’ve never been one of
so many older siblings and cousins who succeeded at everything I stopped trying
to keep up right thanks for listening you’re one of us now ja you

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