Master Russian Literature in 10 Minutes (UGC NET English)

everyone thinks of changing the world but no one thinks of changing himself hi welcome to my childhood and I was just reading a codes by Leo Tolstoy and by this court so relevant in today's scenario as well and that's what the beauty of literature is all about even though the other things are being written 500 years back they are still so much relevant in today's context okay so in this video we are going to talk about five major Russian writers that you must read if you're preparing a UGC net English literature okay so let's start the first important right there is Fyodor Dostoevsky now you don't know stavisky has written crime in punishment which is a very very important work from their point of view you must read this summary what is important in crime and punishment and that you must remember that nihilism and Christian symbolism are the major themes also at the same time you find that you know there are being references about Napoleon so much in this work at the same time if we look at the second important work back you know those two BC we would find that it is brother permissive now it's it the Nast normal so it is also important just because it was the last world by Fyodor Dostoevsky at the same time the plot of brother Karl is obvious that this this father was being murdered by two sounds okay so two brothers got together to murder their own father other important works like your daughter of the whiskey is Egypt and demons so you must remember them now let's move on to the second important Reuter my favorite here Tolstoy now Leo Tolstoy Anna Karenina is very very important now when you look at advocated you must remember that you know portrays the policy of the Russian society the double standards that they have for man and woman at the same time we find that you know there is this very very important work war and peace in the epitome of warranties you'll find or description about determinism and people so you must be keep this in mind this was a question in UGC net exam that in which of the works by Leo Tolstoy is a description about free will and determinism so that was war and peace other than that he has written this non fictional work kingdom of God is within us this work has inspired Mahatma Gandhi okay and that is why somewhere down the line will you look at mahogany you find that several times he has referred to yo girls toy in his works in his autobiography other than that your Tolstoy is quite well known for his short stories to many prominent short stories are one is family happiness and the other is how much time does man need how much land does my needle to just a two page story and I would recommend that even if it is not so important who net point of view you must go and read it it's a beautiful beautiful short story and at the end you don't be realized give me money give are actually order to tell you so we just need that six feet tall coffin that's it whose cannot maybe tease a good teacher Martin I want this materialistic things that we look for that in that so you having no purpose in our life third important writer is Alexander push in now and example Pushkin has written these two important works one is Yugi on eg now your this is basically over which has Bionic hero in it so it becomes important also this work is this play is written in words okay and the verse is known as push inwards okay so that is important you must keep that in mind also do go and read a summary of this work if you are not so much interested from different places you can subscribe to my online classes we give you detailed notes about all the important points that are relevant for that answer or that writer or the summaries aren't important all important questions that have been asked in previous year related to that writer so we make notes keeping all these things in mind and all relevant points from that point of view so coming back to Alexander Pushkin we've already discussed one book that is you mean only Jean the second important work is boris godunov now boris godunov is basically it might be a question in next net exam that you know which of the Alexander Pushkin's play is written is a closed play okay so you must know that it is boris godunov now moving on to the fourth important writin is Anton Chekhov now Anton Chekhov has famously said this thing that medicine is my lawful wife but literature is my mistress she was basically a doctor and then he used to write as because he was so much passionate about but I think so he has written this code and just was a question in UGC net exam so must keep this thing in mind there are three very important plays written by Anton Chekhov the first beam Cherry Orchard there have been questions about Cherry Orchard every year since 2014 so it is a very important play never ask about which character dies at the end of the plates adapter the name of the character is Spurs at the same time is written these two important work one is Uncle Vanya and the other is three sisters so the play three sisters it revolves around these three sisters and their name so that is also very important so at least if you're not able to read the other plays through read Anthony cause Cherry Orchard very important to UGC net points of view the fifth important writer is Maxim Gorky now Maxim Gorky is very important for us in literature because kind of the maxim gorky was inspired by other he was using their references they are taught in his own work okay so if we look at maxim gorky for major was that you must study is the first green 26 been had a good so it is basically about 26 prisoners who are being visited by a girl every week okay at the conversation at least people have with a good the second important day is children of the Sun the third important play that you must master deed is mother it is the play which it has closely with were told bread from mother okay so but old bitch cut off the influence up taking a maxim gorky pit also at the same time you had written this beautiful beautiful work which was inspired by Anton Chekhov okay because Anton Chekhov died in the same year when he wrote some of books summer folk is a play or which is inspired by Anton Chekhov and is written by Maxim Gorky so you must read these works so I have tried to make these five important Russian writers cured and I have tried that you know you are I am able to give you a blueprint about how you can study if you want to know about all other Russian writers which are important from net point of view you can go to my website and you can find the list of all important writers on the website at the same time do subscribe to my youtube channel because every Saturday in every Sunday I post new videos you can like my Facebook page because every day I post bondage quiz ok questions to help you keep yourself on tour then questions that might be asked in the next exam so do like my Facebook page for that you can also drop a whatsapp message on the number displayed below so that we can keep you updated about the recent changes in the UGC net pattern hand we can keep you updated about the videos that we are posting on YouTube at the same time if you like share this video with other net aspirants because everyone is looking for guidance to comment or if you have any questions any doubt or you want to me to make videos on any other topic okay so till the time I post my next video buh-bye happy learning happy blogging literature you

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