Masters Vlog 43 Organizing a Literature Review and Beginning the Summary

hello everyone Danny Hager here masters vlog number 43 and I'm gonna talk about organizing a literacy review for your action research I am student earning my Masters of Arts degree online from San Diego Christian college and this is sponsored content but all the thoughts and opinions and processes are my own as I go through the experience to learning so this morning I was trying to figure out how can I get ahead and stay ahead in my master's program I've been consistently three to four weeks ahead of schedule and then stopping back in to discuss with my classmates as they reached the thresholds and conversations of each week and I wanted to get ahead on my final project which is the capstone action research project and thinking about how can I do this how can I accomplish for this and I realized I needed to reach out for some support so I did that I wrote to my professor yesterday and I wanted to inquire about ways to get ahead in the program as you can see here in my notes and here's what I got back generally you have three themes where you report on research related to your project each theme should be approximately three pages there is a format for the final report sheet pledge to get that to me shortly and getting the lit review done would be huge so that's the track that I started out with this morning here is the literature review and one of the things that I thought I needed to do before I began writing and composing and synthesizing because I had already annotated 40-plus academic sources was to organize and I was thinking about my research project which is does podcasting relate or correlate to any kind of change in assessment performance does it help students review and retain information so I decided to focus on three areas school environment and impact what are all the things that relate to how students achieve and how students work hard in the drive and motivation of students in regards to comparing their environment so that was one thing I wanted to focus on next I focused on a second section which was effects of podcasting on education now clearly this is the central theme and I thought about putting it first but somehow context and location and setting seemed like the way you would start out any story so I decided to organize that first and in my second section here I'm going to be analyzing podcasting and Effects of podcast on final product so I have information here about the origins of podcasting and different sources that I've been looking through and I'm putting together piece by piece the background for the educational research that precedes my own and as you can see I have a few paragraphs completed here and I'm organizing ideas based on themes and each source is representing a different paragraph and see here I haven't written about video podcast yet but that's the next section I'm going to be working on for the third section I went to Effects of homework on student energy and performance because I want to know what is the correlation in past studies about podcasting we're leading into performance and how is mine going to fit in so once I organized an ABC and made them subtitles in Google Docs that way they would be able to be indexed in my table of contents I have been going through my sources and my annotations and in a general order classifying where each source is going to go placing them into structured paragraphs so it's a bit like brainstorming and then I'm gonna be filling in details with more and more references and that's how I was able to in the last two hours from right now break down what my literacy review is going and from this morning where I had nothing I have from page 12 to page 16 so I've got a four page jump on what will probably be close to 10 pages and I was able to do that in about two hours after I finished grading for my own high school students so as you can see organizing is probably a big step so put your action research into components in categories then start filling in categories and it breaks down a 10-page task into smaller more manageable pieces I hope that's very helpful for you because honestly it's been helpful for me this morning and hopefully that this process is getting new insights into what it's like being a master's degree student at San Diego Christian College for more information you can visit SDCC edu it's been a pleasure to document all the process you can ask me questions in the comment section I check them back weekly and you can also listen to my show inspiring teachers on iTunes or YouTube to see me interview outstanding educators from around the country and explore the why of teaching for now this is Danny Hager and saying goodbye and headed back to more research here at my computer hoping you're doing well today thanks so much for listening and for now class is dismissed

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