Mateus Asato's 20 Licks: Poetic Soloing

25 thoughts on “Mateus Asato's 20 Licks: Poetic Soloing

  1. Does anyone know how or what software Mateus uses to make his backing tracks? I’d like to know how to make similar ones.

  2. I’m gonna punch this guy in da face when I get him – he pinched all my ideas – and talent – at birth !

  3. He plays so nice, still he has sort of evil face. villain sort. Like the ones who say curses to their mothers or mistreat their cats.
    Joking, but some serious face he has.

  4. how do you record the audio video? What equipment do you use? It sounds so crisp

  5. I am thinking about getting this lesson. Could anyone that has purchased this – or the channel creators – perhaps explain me how much theory is in this lesson? I would like to know the theory behind these licks so I can apply these ideas on other stuff as well. I've seen him talk about the way he practices which is really interesting.

  6. This guy always playing like he is in love or someone is breaking his heart really bad!
    My god what a beautiful playing that is!

  7. I am so excited because I bought this Jamtrack! I bought it but I cant download it to my iPhone. Can someone please tell me how I can somehow download this?

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