Math & Science Poems

Gold a hot surface 900 degrees nothing can live there no creatures no trees poisonous cons of acid above why was it named for the goddess of love class bye happy sidorovich straight up and jacob buddha famous trial is particularly too but which is we cannot tell you he says there lying on the ground just staring up at all those clouds we ponder and our minds of wonder but we still cannot tell who is him the heights the textures the shapes Oh poo we still can't tell who is who until that fatal day at class I thought my brain had turned to glass and then it shattered when I thought that knowing all the class on till my new year is this even for subtract the smell then add some more agrees about a breeze a whispering behind the trees and here funny the range of – orange poppies multiply how there are people in the garden what say what if we – she insisted could stick together he resisted their north cold jitterbug and may have touched but quickly pushed away and so they tried to make a start from south to south still far apart turning around and facing north she threw a little metal for Chris womp those two engaging chips were stuck like barnacles to ships scientific method at the back by John Cheska my outlook wasn't brilliant for my experiment that day the only way to graduate was come up with the night so when my lab exploded and turned their back this trunk my chairs are popping on if they went Titanic you know some I shot and Sally watch the cop cursed to be alive it would take a miracle no make that two that means 25 but then I having a brainstorm an idea is so terrific I just had to use those words from the method scientific I grab my pen and get to work you should see my book a slowly right hypothesis observation in my book and now the class bell rings and now a loser win with one mighty plop I hand my lab with them Oh somewhere in science class hypotheses that are made conclude and experiments are conducted kids move up a grade Oh somewhere evolution are concluded without a bit of doubt but learns there's no boy in the class my results got me flunked out Danny's head is pounding Sammy's in pain a long division problem got stuck in his brain come locksmith call the engineers come from this suck out of here call the brain so did you try out the mess call it the Cusco Xon because of the enemy's head is pounding Sammy's Akane a long division problem got stuck in his brain what is science so many things is ready start Saturn's rings Betty Rock isn't done of dinosaur fossils and no Chiba the steadiest oil oil and gas a fans died at eating grass of wind and hurricane at blow of winds and tornadoes first plane snow what is science the study chief of butterflies and killer bee fishes and divers claims am the mighty mountains the holy land the power of trains by that's our thanks to this and so much more so into the earth and this is that the question is uh how where when and why asleep asleep its science class I'm asleep mr. Newton's points are the blackboard and that my side is near the solar system that there are on the planet class dismissed awake awake I'm awake I'm thinking irregular sentences my science bus is cured you you the black hole not things black as a black hole not black ink or lumps of coal some are small and sound quite wide gravity pulls off things inside like a giant company crude wish I had learned in my room this poem was performed by Ellen I love Elizabeth what's the first grade how snapping well I heard a scary happened frightful words were stood in a slapping worse than 20 retros said our teacher heartless feature my class you know oh it's as far as 10 full weeks of dinosaurs of course I love my Therese Lipton bars no more we bag she ignores she smiles they were wrapped up blocks the windows bolted doors don't you just love marvelous man how fast is the New York taxi girl what's the size of Grandpa's attic how old is the oldest dinosaur the answers mathematics how many seconds in an hour how many in a day the planning subscribe bars the Milky Way have a fast as lightning travel have slowed betters fall to Istanbul mathematics no salt cellar cool blue on blue ten thousand ships goodbyes a shattered marriage the city of the strange the country of the deep would first practice bury the secrets evil scheme but home to very pills would finish before the vampire that will go borders on a shore it's an ocean

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