MATRIX BREAKDOWN! Secret Easter Eggs, Visual Analysis & Deeper Meaning!

Hi, I’m Eric Voss and The Matrix, the Wachowski cyberpunk masterpiece, has for the past 20 yrs inspired a revolution in the philosophy and the aesthetic of Hollywood films and we mainly go to Blue Ray of every annoying college roommate ever. And AS one of those annoying college roommates- myself I decided to take a break from the usual deep dives into superheroes, dragons and droids as philosophical many of them are, to examine The Matrix scene by scene. To explore it’s influences, how IT influenced nearly everything that came after it and all the hidden visual secrets in this movie that you might have missed the first your friend’s older brother who wore sunglasses a lot showed it to you. The film opens from the point of view of the matrix itself. In the form of this raining green code. The color green was chosen to reflect the green tint of early monochrome computer monitors and and throughout this movie the color green filters every scene that takes place inside the matrix. In order to show it’s artificiality compared to the REAL world which is tinted in the color blue. This imagery was inspired by the opening credits of the famous 1995 anime Ghost In The Shell. A HUGELY influential manga and film series, Ghost In The Shell is set in the future where humans are cybernetically enhanced and their brains can be hacked. It explores the philosophy of artificial intelligence and detached identity.

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  1. I would really love to see you guys break down Fight Club. There are so many deep and hidden messages that many people do not see or know about. I watch it all the time since it came out and I'm still coming across different meanings and teachings.

  2. NOT similar to Isaac Asimov's _I, Robot_. Similar to the movie, _I, Robot_. They were extremely different.

  3. Good work from a good eye. While the sequels were garbage, at least the original still stands a excellent production with its cinematography and armchair philosophy.

  4. Probably the most times I've reversed a video just to absorb what I just heard.

  5. This is not a break down and you can't even do a real break down of 'The Matrix' within 27mins. 80% of those 3 movies are pure metaphysics which means your break down must be a decode (you might need 6 to 10 hrs per movie). To be fair I would say this was a type of a movie presentation with neutral critics and some background telling. But you've done it well ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. "Copper top" Thank You! lol my mind can now rest. I've been wondering what the hell that meant since 1999. Also Trinity has a butt that simply refuses to quit.

  7. You people are wonderful taking the time to explain to @Banjo pink. But he is clearly an antagonist and troll

  8. since there were people in the real world, outside the matrix, with technology equal to the matrix system , why they didnt make a strong virus to break down the matrix? the only explanation for this inperfection, is the possibility that if a virus would destroy the matrix, then all the people connected to it would die too! any idea about it?

  9. A work of art. Definitely my favourite movie ever. Just came back from 20th Anniversary cinema screening and the plot is more relevant than ever.

    "Because as soon as we started thinking for you, it really has become OUR civilisation".

  10. I would really love it if you could break down the Blade series!!!

  11. Dirty machines fail… they would be clean as a whistle if sentient machines were in charge.

  12. what happen about the only true way to get unplugged…..


    and all those ideas, come to you after…… going "there"… just watched to see if you'd mention it

  13. The pronunciation of "manga" and "Savate" bothered me, but other than that, this was an awesome video!

  14. I think people who like the more philosophical side of the matrix would like the lore in The Elder Scrolls series about "Achieving CHIM". Basically it's about how the universe is actually all just a god dreaming. People who "achieve CHIM" (basically become aware that they are just imaginary beings inside of a dream) either become gods inside of the dream or cease to exist. That's just a really really quick explanation of it. It's a pretty big rabbit hole if you're looking for something interesting to watch.

  15. The trailer for the movie did a great job of not telling you what the movie was about — just really cool images of people dodging bullets, that kind of thing. So when Neo wakes up in robot world, it was as big a surprise for us as it was for him — never imagined that a movie would do that!!!
    The problem with living after the Matrix is that it will be so difficult to be surprised the same way…

  16. The green tint wasn't added in the original film until later on, so that it matched the next two movies.

  17. i love the introduction ascending chord change you pointed out! ๐Ÿ™‚ and shout out chicago ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. I gave you a thumbs down because you called that horrid film Issac's work. That was not the film he wrote. His was much deeper. Oh, Spooner is not a cop!

  19. The I, Robot movie has nothing to do with how Isaac Asimov imagined robots. Asimov's robots were bound by the three laws of robotics and could never harm a human under any circumstance, esp. not out of self-preservation.

  20. One thing has always bothered me since the release of the sequels. In the first movie it seems the Matrix simulates our world as it was in 1999. Countries, states (Cypher even references The Wizard of Oz and Kansas), cities, cultures (Neo's computer shows news and documents from around the world, mentioning real world locations like Heathrow Airport) etc. But in the two next chapters it seems that the Matrix is a made up world, with no references to real geographic locations and a weird mix of everything in just one city. So now it's not as Agent Smith said it was in the first movie, it's just Mega City and the simulation that the Matrix depicts seems to be limited to it… So, what happened? Where did the rest of the world go? I mean, can't people that are plugged travel? In which country is Mega City located? Do countries even exist? That just doesn't sit right with me.

  21. Kant was an interesting figure regarding mans desire to live in the world of chaos but I believe the credit would best be aligned with fyodor Dostoyevsky whose short but powerful book notes from underground really drove home this perspective

  22. Wait – you mean it was supposed to be a green pill, and not a red pill?

  23. You are AWESOME! what a great movie break down! How about, The Big Blue, pretty please!

  24. @aarondoughty ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ

  25. Thats where we are all in, u might think ur on a spinning ball while in reality Earth is LEVEL aka FLAT like water and the Earth doesnt move. welcome to the actual matrix wake the fk up.

  26. Hold on – from the first ten seconds how dare you suggest it influenced GITS??

  27. A movie sucking you so deep into his narrative, that it even makes you question your own reality. Insane piece of art!

  28. Not sure if anyone mentioned it but the matrix is based off a book called โ€œthe third Eyeโ€

  29. maybe it's just me but the part right before seeing the cop, i seen neo's face in the 0. i think i was too high or something that night lmao.

  30. Please, you have to explain the world what is the meaning of CLOUD ATLAS!!

  31. The Wachowskis need to make another movie, with philosophy, maybe something like the alchemist loll ๐Ÿ˜€

  32. I always thought Agent Smith – "Why do you persist?" speech was the best of all. Those are worthy of delivering in front of a class.

  33. Disneys castle was btw mainly inspired by Castle Neuschwanstein which itself was little more than a Fantasy fairytale castle. Albeit a VERY expensive one.

  34. Wait a minute, if the machines and the agents were tipped off by cypher that neo was their next target, then how come the red pill that was a tracer used to trick the machines into thinking he was dead so they would flush his body, worked? If they knew neo was the next target, wouldnt they get suspicious when he was showing up as dead, and not flush his body?

  35. The Matrix was stupid everything about it was ridiculously moronic and based on no real scientific fact and then there was the tried-and-true Socialist philosophy at promoted about control while everyone is always under control what was hilarious is there was no winning in the first place even the real world was actually a part even the real world that they perceived was actually a part of The Matrix how do you think that Neo had the ability to do all those amazing things when he wasn't in The Matrix also the premise was a false sense of rebellion award that they could not win sets the goal of the one was actually to return to the source and everything would begin all over again

  36. I'm not reading 5,000+ comments but if you haven't already broke down Dark City, or no one requested it yet, (I know I'm not the only one), that would be cool.

  37. when I first saw the matrix, all I could say was how it was a cheap ripoff of books like Greg Bear's "eon" series, Greg Egan's permutation city and diaspora, and also titles from Verner Vinge. I would like to see your critiques expand to cover more books, rather than just movies, where the real ideas come 30 years ahead of movies in general. It was a reasonable, yet simple exploration of downloaded consciousness, that had been in the literature already for a long time.

  38. Youtube is a kind of Matrix nowadays, where we spend a more entertaining life

  39. This prison place is no doubt a comprehensive and carefully constructed illusion. At best, it is a partial truth.

  40. Are there bathrooms in the Matrix? If you had to sh*t and you did, would you sh*t your pants back in real life?!?!

  41. Who believes we are living in a computer simulation and why do you think we are?

  42. Did you forget the expiry date of Neo's passport of september 11, 2001? No, but it's so easy to just call it coincidence and a conspiracy theory…

  43. I never heard that the names trinity, neo, etc. were given to them by the maschines ???

  44. people go and watch the matrix trilogy decoded by mark passio. its the single best video about the matrix other than the films that youll ever see.

  45. Please do Reloaded and Revolutions!! The movies are packed with symbols and eastern philosophy.

  46. i watched all of the matrix movies = 5h
    i read and watched information about the movies = 100000000h

  47. tons of work for pointless minutia, i hope you find real truth, and substance. BTW 303 means nothing in gods eternally living Word

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