Matthew Santoro – FACTS (Official Music Video) f. Ellevan & Humble the Poet

beep-beep-beep beep-beep-beep coming through like a fax oh jeez ma TT lost a temp at 11:00 on a track I'm Paki I'm not packing our mats wrap it now wrap packing now and I'm Sammy and I'm tipsy I'm blacking out I'm just acting out what you asking now think that I'm a dictionary with the answers pal I've just been giving good vibes and following signs go to your Instagram and make sure you're following my yeah repping it fam yo respect to the man he saw the effect that I had extended a hand they used me as the weapon that youtubers try and end up disrespecting the crap what the fuck is with that bro but a makeover fam so but I can't do an expose in the pan wait that was a lie this right here with a freestyle guy no take two yeah this is the truth I'm just being an authentically me you should try to sing for you one day you do it for fun the next we doing it for fun is essential I ain't hating get your paper baby miserable millionaires competing for that trending page maybe I want attention to go show some boobies in my thumbnails for the clicks and views problem get my fancy cyberbully uy got a Twitter army but I'm lonely Betty over give me double constantly please tell me that you love me Oh tell me that you love me the algorithm loves it when you screwed up the algorithm loves it when you boot up so please be mine and I will vlog in every everyday and even if we break up we can make it fake and Channel dominate mystery me nominate it supposed to 2018 masturbation a self-proclaimed plagiarist LaBeouf ain't got shit on this I still passed the grade ain't got paid in fact it made me rich all fashion extra bitter like sweetness flavorless y'all actin so sour you probably make a freeze like this love my life me too audited I got it Lynn I think it's time that we tossed the list of standoffish nests and got a grip like you're not with it Namie fans after your stuff up I think that you about to trip just an everyday bro being corny your lyrics leave me empty like a rice sized bond me you and the hoes in your video is for me bloated mind with facts and expose you as a phony little crate cheap unfriendly your fan me yo baby but never mes mbm pause got 11 what a lucky roll 7 got talent to France so humble we never stumble online the body strong now guru spot you on the head like that little rabbit foo-foo never heard this town from me nah that's that new new about to get that honest Aubrey Graham head sends true I just need my just pancha I mean what step backs what's there right what's that what's there you

29 thoughts on “Matthew Santoro – FACTS (Official Music Video) f. Ellevan & Humble the Poet

  1. Holy cow I did not know Matt did a music video. It was kind of weird at first but, got to love it. They clearly expressed themselves. How they started and where they went. Thumbs up love ya Matt.

  2. This is a the song you make with your friends that wanna hype you up after taking a bunch of L's but the song ends up being one huge L as well

  3. this was legit good,its under rated and despite me following mathew for so long it was never recommended to me.good one mate keep it up,hope to see you back soon!

  4. yo he look like a downgrade from Pitbull .hello…mr….world wide?

  5. That first verse was god awful. The second dude was the best Matt’s wasn’t bad. Hard to take seriously cuz it’s Matt but not bad all.

  6. I don't get why all the dislikes. This isn't bad.

  7. Why am I now just seeing this🤣🤣🤣 blew me away 👏 Matt! Didn't know you had this kind if sauce lol

  8. the haters are afraid to show up in the comment because they don't have a FACTS to back up their claim…..


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