May – Kids’ Poems and Stories With Michael Rosen

May – a woman called May used to look after us sometimes. Her husband was a bus conductor, and he could wink with both eyes Fantastic! We used to meet him on the bus And when we got our tickets off him, if we were lucky, he’d wink one eye, then wink the other eye, again and again really fast Fantastic! But best was May: when she came over after tea, we played games. My favourite was “Raisins”. This is how we played “raisins” we tipped the raisins out of the raisins’ jar and we each guessed how many raisins there were: 148 I’d say 231 May’d say, then we took one raisin each counting I take one, 1, put it in my mouth, May takes one, 2, she puts it in her mouth I take one, 3, into my mouth, May takes one, 4, in her mouth, and so it went on 131, in my mouth, 132, in her mouth. I love raisins, all chewy and sweet 201, in my mouth, 202, in May’s mouth 203, last one, in my mouth. May had guessed best. She had guessed 231 But now we’d eaten all the raisins. They were all gone, the jar was empty, could be trouble. Anyway then it was bedtime. At tea time, the next day, we were having fruit salad and my brother said “I’ll have raisins on this”, he went to the cupboard and he saw the empty jar, and he goes “where have all the raisins gone? The jar was full yesterday. Mum he has eaten them all, look at his face. You can see he has eaten them. Tell him off mum tell him off”. And mum says to me “did you eat them?” and I say “Me and May did”. My brother says “see? I told you, it’s not fair, mum he’s a greedy little pig!”. And then a picture came into my mind of the night before of me and May Counting the raisins into our mouths all chewy and sweet mmm So I said “I’m not a greedy little pig”, and mum said to my brother “Raisins don’t last all week you know”. But I didn’t tell anyone about our game “Raisins” 203 mmmm

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