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hi everyone welcome back I'm die and today I'm bringing you my April and May wrap-up for the novels that I read I didn't do a wrap-up in April because I only read one novel in April so I've been heavily focused on my manga reading lately I've really been enjoying all the titles that I've been reading and Kanna was prompted by the low Holly 3430 challenge where we were challenged to read one volume of manga a day in April and so I focused most of my reading time on that plus if you watched my last wrap-up for March mystery madness you know that I had a change in location for my occupation and so that kind of hindered filming a little bit and because I was working from home I didn't listen to audio books as much and so I really didn't get much reading time and other than the manga volumes I was reading for April so anyway I did manage to read four novels in the month of May and so I will combine the one volume that I read in April in this wrap-up and yeah let's just get into it so the first novel that I want to talk about is rogue this is the second book and the talon series by julie kagawa this series is about an organization of human shifting dragons there is organization of these dragons who are alike ready to take over the world they've been hunted down by another organization called st. George for Dragon Slayers and have basically decimated their numbers and so now talon is raising their young and trying to assimilate them into human society so in the first book of the series which is called talon we follow one of those young dragons who's being assimilated into society and her name is amber and she actually has a twin and twins in the dragon species in this series is very rare but both her and her twin are like with a foster family and they're learning how to be human so they can assimilate well in to our society as she is assimilating into our society she means another dragon who doesn't belong to tell him and most of the dragons in this world do belong to Talon and so those that are not a part of telling are considered like rogue dragons and so they're like seen as being against the organization and need to be taken care of but she meets this rogue dragon and he kind of changes her view on what Talon stands for what their objectives actually are now her changing views on Talon differ greatly from her twins and so we kind of get to see that affect the relationship a bit in the first book now in the second book which is the one that I read in April we follow amber as she's come to a realization of how she feels about Tallinn and her relationship with this rogue dragon but we also follow her relationship with a member of st. George who also has kind of had his views changed about his organization I read Tallinn in 2015 and I really enjoyed it but at the time I realized that there were going to be more books out in this series and I think only the third book had come out by then and so I took a break from it because I really dislike having to wait for it's so secret installments and so I decided to finally get back into it because I believe this series is now close to completion if not complete and I have to say that I didn't enjoy rope as much as I enjoyed telling or at least not as much as I remember enjoying telling in this second installment the there is a love triangle that's featured heavily and I still dislike love triangles to some extent this one particularly bothered me because I do feel like she definitely has feelings for one more than the other especially in the way that she acts with both of them it's kind of the same issue I have with the Hannah Swensen books by Joanne fluke if you know what I'm talking about I just that kind of thing kind of grates on my nerves especially when I can see that she definitely acts more like she likes one of them over the other yet she's still has feelings for both of them I don't like that too much this installment did lag for me a bit more as second installments unit Li do there was a lot more things happening in this one but we also get a lot of backstory on one of the characters so we're having a jump from present to past present to past and I truly really wasn't interested in the backstory we were getting and I'm not sure like why it so much of it was relevant to where we are in the story right now I did listen to this mostly on audiobook and they do a really good job about having a different narrator for each of our main characters which I appreciate it because I believe this book does not have chapter numbers this has chapters that has each of the characters names at the beginning so you know whose point of view we are in during that section and usually when I read those types of novels physically I have a hard time remembering whose point of view I'm in at that time so being able to listen to a different voice and knowing right off the bat whose point of view we're in at that time I really appreciate it I do still plan on continuing with this series and like I said second books usually are leggy for me and even though I disliked how much they focused on the love triangle portion of the story as well as the constantly flipping between present and past I do want to see where this story goes in the next one because we're kind of left ah not really a cliffhanger but a decision point at the end of the second installment and so I'm really interested to see how the next part of this is going to play out the next book I read was an arc which was given to me by the first to read program from penguin Random House thank you to that program for providing me with this arc in exchange for my honest video so I was attracted to this book because it's the bit synopsis sounded like it was going to be a supernatural or fantastical mystery – you know I really enjoy my mysteries and so I applied for this arc and was accepted to give a review on it now this book is unraveling it is by Karen Lord and it should have been released on June 4th at least I think it was this book I had a really hard time with it it was very confusing I'm not even sure that I can give you a good synopsis on it this book follows a forensic therapist she has just completed a trial of a serial killer and so she's kind of feeling good about it they convicted somebody but there's just this feeling inside that they didn't catch the right person and then she meets chance who happens to be an immortal and he takes her into this world where there's a labyrinth and she can apparently go through her mind and what she knows about this case by walking the labyrinth so it's kind of like a delve into your subconscious kind of thing things that you know but don't present themselves you can't recall or little pieces aren't like present enough where you can find them relevant I don't know that I'm explaining that right but it's really that really just shows you how confused I was with this book but basically chance and not only chance other like immortal beings and they're not like vampires they're more like gods they have an interest in this case and she doesn't know why but the only way for them to figure out who the real killer is the mortals need her to figure it out by walking this labyrinth basically there's a lot that happens in this book and even though I did keep wanting to read it when I sat down and read it I thought I understood what I was reading but then in hindsight I didn't really like I would read it it would be fine but if you ask me about it I was confused like I don't know what it was about this book that didn't sit well with me I understood what was going on in that moment in time but if I look back on the story as a whole I'm still struggling to figure out what this story really was about it seemed to beer in two different storylines a whole lot of the time and I feel like that is why the labyrinth was used but I think this story would have been better suited to like a miniseries or maybe a movie where you could visually see what was going on because in my mind this story didn't work for me very well this is my first read of a caring Lord book and I kind of want to read something else that she's written just to see if maybe it's her writing style but another thing that really confused me was that you don't know where you are in this book when we are in the real world you're not once told specifically what country or city the story takes place in and I found that very difficult I think the synopsis on Goodreads says something about it being in the Caribbean but I'm just unsure it really could have taken place anywhere besides the names that were mentioned the names of other characters those were definitely like ethnic but I couldn't tell you where those names would be from so I guess that added to my confusion on this book unfortunately because I'm having such a difficult time even like trying to tell you what the story was about I can't say that I enjoyed this story it was definitely different from what I expected going in it wasn't a bad story like it was interesting as I was reading it but even now it's been like a month since I've read it and I'm still having trouble even being able to tell you what this story was about so yeah I definitely try something else from this author but this book just didn't sit well with me unfortunately the next book I read was the midnight witness which is the first book in the Luiz Rick mystery series by Sara blable I read The Forgotten girls a couple years ago it was through Barnes & Noble's serial reads program where you can read a book in chapters every month they have a new book which happened to be the eighth book in this series and I normally don't mean series out of order but I had no idea at the time that it was the eighth book in a series but thankfully that book read kind of like a standalone and I didn't have a confusion about what may have played out in the past and I really enjoyed that one so I wanted to start over from the beginning and thankfully my friend Tim over at the world of sleuths he has a Goodreads group and I'll link it down in the description box below in case you're interested but he decided that he wanted to do mysteries of the world read as his kind of monthly read he also does series read but this was made selection for his world of sleaze read along and so I thought what better way to start the beginning with this series this one wasn't as good as the killing girls but again it is the first book in the series I was already familiar with Louise and her friend Camila and their dharmic dynamic from my read Louise is a homicide detective and Camila is her best friend who happens to be a reporter at a newspaper I think and in this book we follow Louise investigating not only the murder of a young woman who strangled in a park but also the murder of a journalist friend of Camilla's Camila kinda gets too involved in the investigation of this because she's personally because she personally knows the victim now had I read this book first this had been my first read of the series I probably would have been hesitant to continue I really disliked how Louise treated kamila I dislike how Louise treated her significant other I just Louise isn't a very likeable character in this book I am glad that I read The Killing Girls first because I know that she changes and based on the character that I read in that book but yeah I really just liked how she treated people around her it actually really amazed me that Louise and kamila were friends not only with the way Louise treated kamila but kind of the way kamila treated Louise as well not only personally but professionally the investigation of these murders was interesting and this series does take place in Denmark I believe so the scenery was also very interesting and how they mentioned that murder is not very common there so having two big murders like this roughly around the same time was kind of shocking to the community unfortunately I did figure out who the killer was on one of the murders rather quickly and that I can't even tell you how I figured it out but I do feel like I was spoiled for it and if you read this book you'll know what I mean so that was kind of disappointing but like I said I will be continuing this series because I did enjoy the Forgotten girls a lot and even though that is the eighth book in this series I do still need to read books 2 through 7 I have been slowly collecting these novels but I don't have this first one I did end up borrowing it from the library and I did listen to a good portion of it on audiobook but yeah I enjoyed this one and we'll definitely be continuing on to the next installment the last two books I read in May were a duology and that is the girl from the Wilder ology the first book is the girl from the well the second book is the suffering both by Renji Pico Marin Shapiro is the author of the bone which trilogy which I have also been reading over the last couple years the last book on that one came out this year and I'm gonna try to get to it in the next couple months but we'll see about that anyway girl from the well I really wanted to read something Asian in the month of May because it was Asian Pacific Heritage Month and the girl from the well is based on a Japanese legend you probably would know the character that is portrayed in this book more if you have watched the movie the ring the character in that movie was also based off the same Japanese legend and the well is also prevalent in the that movie as well but this story follows that spirit and in this book her name is o'kiku and she basically hunts down serial killer of children so when she's roaming around the earth and she's not centralized to Japan now she's in the United States in this book or in this series and she roams and she sees people she can see the spirits of children who were murdered by people in a way where it kinda is like they are chained to that person it's back and so if she looks at somebody and they are a murderer of children you can she can see like their spirits on their back so she basically kills them to release the spirits of these children this book also follows a teenager named Tarquin and he is half Japanese half Caucasian I believe and in this first book o'kiku kind of sees that he has something in him not he's not a serial killer but he's different and so it kind of follows her I guess getting to know him and what his secret is I think that's really all I can tell you about this series without giving like major stuff away but I really enjoyed this geology I listened to all of the second book the suffering on audiobook and the first book the girl from the well I read and listened to I thought the first book was really interesting it really caught my attention it was definitely gruesome as far as how Keighley deals with these serial killers and Tarquin seeker was interesting as well the second book takes place mostly in Japan in a low-key Kihara or it's better known as the suicide forest I thought it was a really great setting for that story I probably liked them both equally though and at the end of the second story the way that it wrapped up doesn't make like realistic sense to me and even though I can see why the author would want the story to go that way it just wasn't feasible for me I also noticed that while I was listening to it some of the pronunciation of Japanese terms was not correct it was very Americanized and I don't understand why when other words were pronounced correctly why this particular one or one particular one stood out to me and most obviously and hit like greeted on my nerves I was like why didn't you catch that while you were recording it but that that's beyond the point or besides the point other than that I thought the narration was done well I like I said really enjoyed this duology and I do enjoy ranch Pecos writing quite a bit and yeah I really enjoyed the Stu ology and you definitely recommend it if you're looking for a creepy read anyway those are all of the novels that I read in the months of April and May let me know if you've read any of these I do have written reviews for all of these books on Goodreads or my blog so if you're interested and seeing what else I might have thought of these books I don't always cover everything that I have written on my reviews there and these video reviews so if you'd like to see what I thought of those right after reading them please feel free to go take a look there all of the links are down in the description box below and yeah I hope you're all doing great and until next time take care and smile a always bye you

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  1. The Ring is one of my absolute favorite movies. The Girl from the Well sounds really interesting. I’m going to have to keep my eye out for that one.

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